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Chicken fingers


This is for those whose kids have gone back to school. I need your help please.

Every year I struggle with my kids’ lunch. They are not of the age where they can be left alone to buy food at the cafeteria. (My eldest may be capable of handling money, but I’m not ready to trust her with daily lunch choice, haha. And she prefers to bring lunch from home.)

Aside from chicken fingers, like the photo above, I need easy, quick ideas to add to our menu. We do our chicken fingers and fish fillet from scratch because the packaged ones come with artificial flavours. There are a few extra steps but everyone is used to it. Sometimes we do adobo, cooked the night before. We also do fried egg with cheese. It’s just been the third day of school and I’m already running out of ideas. Help, please. And feel free to add snack ideas.

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