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This week has been full of surprises! It’s insane. I didn’t know that Bench would put up a billboard for me until Monday night. I was stuck in traffic on EDSA and Isabel texted me congratulating me on my billboard. “What billboard?” was my reply. Turns out there’s this huge one on EDSA southbound just after the Guadalupe bridge before turning into Rockwell. I haven’t seen it in person myself. But thanks to some friends and followers, I got these shots.


Photo from @joeyhowey’s Instagram


Wow! So there's this big @benchtm billboard on EDSA near Rockwell featuring the DAPHNE homescents. Thanks to my friend Richard Arboleda for this shot!
This one is from my friend @richardarboleda. Credit goes to my other friend @joelcruise for sending me the first shot.


Big thrill for me! My folks are even more thrilled. Just to put things in perspective, here are the other artists with collaborations and endorsements for Bench. Adam Levine? Coco Martin? Whee whee whee. I am so grateful to Ben Chan for even thinking of me for his first home scent line. Incredible. Never in my wildest dreams. Thank you.


A few weeks ago, I got the official word that my registered trademark has been approved. So these signs should now read DAPHNE® HOME SCENTS.  But I will never tire of this photo from the launch of my home scents with Bench.


I don’t want to hard-sell, but I will. Haha. They seriously make the best Christmas presents. Just P348 per bottle.


Currently we have three scents:  Acres of Lavender (relaxing), Homemade Lemon Tart (yummy and invigorating), and Mint Jasmine Infusion (refreshing).


For a complete list of Bench and Dimensione locations that carry my scents (locally and internationally), click here.



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