The dove drama

Right after I posted this story about a mourning dove hatching an egg in my parents’ porch, my dad sent me this photo yesterday afternoon.

Parents' house
His email said, “Paloma has left the nest.”

So we were all happy. After all, that’s what birds do. They fly. Paloma was healthy and she was free.

Well, the plot thickens. This morning my dad sent this email…

Parents' house
He wrote, “Today’s find.”

What a big mystery! There was no egg yesterday. It was an empty nest! Where did this egg come from?

This just in: “This is a new one, probably from another bird. They are all over the place. The young bird is gone and must be enjoying flight w/ other birds. Nature’s story is very interesting. Dad”

Wow, and it’s not like they live in the country. They’re in an urbanized area, near the city centre. Wow.

Blue from American Express®


Last Wednesday I put on my high heels and left suburbia to attend the launch of a new credit card — Blue from American Express®. I have to admit, it was my first time in Republiq. Okay laugh now. You all know I’m not a night owl. But I made an exception for this as I am always on the lookout for credit cards that give a little love in return (I like rewards, memberships, bonuses, benefits). I never imagined I’d care about credit card benefits, but as a consumer, credit cards rule my world.


Blue from American Express


Here I am with the women of BDO and Kate Torralba, who was feeling under the weather but you wouldn’t guess it by the way she looked (amazing). The bank execs were all wearing a touch of blue. I wish I had taken detail shots. Good thing I chose to wear that chambray dress in keeping with the theme.

So you’re wondering why the launch was held at a hip club when most credit cards and bank events take place in more subdued corporate settings… Well, this new card Blue from American Express is aimed at young consumers. I remember when I was younger, I was given an American Express card upon graduating from university. It’s one of those must have brands to make you feel that you’ve arrived. Or at least you’re on your way there. Blue from American Express is the card for the young and affluent crowd.

Here’s what makes Blue from American Express special and unique —

The new Card carries with it the American Express brand assets of prestige and exclusivity and comes with an innovative clear plastic design with a modern blue accent in the center and a full range of superior and exclusive benefits, perks, and web-based features tailored for fulfilling young and dynamic lifestyle needs.

The key benefits include:
Express Access to hotspots such as clubs, bars and events
Instant rewards and savings at restaurants and retail outlets through the Blue Treats program
Introductory Finance Charge of 0% up to October 31, 2011
Free membership for the first year and a low monthly fee thereafter for the Card
Payment convenience through BDO’s wide payment network.

In addition, Blue Cardmembers can enjoy safe, convenient and hassle-free online shopping at any of Blue’s online shopping partners such as globaleshop, My-ShoppingBox and other Social Buying and e-commerce websites. They can also enjoy savings and freebies exclusively offered to Blue Cardmembers and more perks from BDO, as well as an exceptional selection of year-round savings and offers in dining, shopping and accommodations at 270 merchants participating in American Express SelectsSM program in the Philippines and over 1,000 Selects merchants worldwide.

Source: Press kit


Blue from American Express
I can’t think of better celebrity endorsers than Phil and James Younghusband. They’re gorgeous, hip and they’ve definitely achieved so much in their young lives. Guys can relate to them and may want to be like them, and girls… well, we swoon.


Blue from American Express
Katrina Stuart (Vice President & Group General Manager, Global Network Services, Japan, Asia Pacific and Australia, American Express), Phil Younghusband and James Younghusband and Ma. Nannette R. Regala (First Vice President and Consumer Lending Group Marketing Head of BDO)


Blue from American Express
The plastic card itself is newsworthy. Just check out how it looks. It’s completely clear and transparent. This is a patented design exclusive to American Express.

In 2003, American Express announced that the U.S. Patent Office awarded the company a patent for the invention of clear card technology. This marked the first time a card issuer successfully developed transparent and translucent card products to be used with infrared-beaming machines, such as ATMs (transparency and translucence generally refer to the degree of card clarity, with transparent cards appearing close to the clarity of a glass window). Source: Press kit


Blue from American Express
The lovely Georgina Wilson was the host of the show. She joins the Younghusband brothers as an endorser.


Blue from American Express
Kate and I were floored when this gorgeous singer – Amber – came on stage the ledge. She had the face of Mandy Moore and the body of Katy Perry. And she can sing and dance. Who is this woman?


Blue from American Express
So how could I resist. They were at the next table beside ours. Hee hee. I small talked them about the futsal program in our club. They are coaching some kids this summer. Sadly neither of my girls want to learn futsal. They’d rather do ballet and Glee singing.


Blue from American Express
Kate and her wacky shots.


Blue from American Express
And here we are, getting cozy. Haha. Just kidding. We were talking about Blue from American Express, ofcourse!


In the Philippines, BDO is the sole issuer of American Express. The bank likewise dominates the credit card merchant acquiring business in the Philippines with BDO POS terminals being the only terminals in the industry to accept the most credit card brands and BancNet, MegaLink, Expressnet cards as well. For more information, visit