Buwan ng Wika



This week is Filipino Week (Linggo ng Wika) at school. Love that our culture is so diverse and it is reflected in our dialects, food and regional costumes. Soph chose to be a Muslim/Sulu princess from Mindanao while Lily chose Baro't Saya (Blouse & Skirt)


Like most schools in the Philippines, my daughters’ school is celebrating Buwan ng Wika. They were asked to wear Filipiniana this week. Sophia chose to wear Muslim/Sulu princess and Lily got a Tagalog Maria Clara (or is this Baro’t Saya?).

A day before the event, Sophia told me that when the teacher suggested that some may choose to wear Muslim costume, a few of the classmates snickered and some even said “yuck”. My girl was very disturbed and upset. She was even more adamant about wearing Muslim dress.

I asked her if she’d be ok knowing some of the girls didn’t like the idea. She said, “Of course. The Muslims are Filipinos too. And I want to have peace in our country.” She knew about the bombing in Cotabato early this week. She knows that I go to Mindanao for my UNICEF work. I was in Cotabato and Maguindanao last year.

I don’t know why I’m sharing this story. When I posted it in my personal Facebook account, I didn’t realize my friends from all over the world would be so touched by it.

We often joke about “world peace” as the typical beauty queen answer. I think now more than ever, we all really just have to believe it and live it.

Peace to all. Love. Light.




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