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This was a big thrill for me. It was my first official event as P&G Beauty Ambassador. And we all had to keep the product top secret. Many of the guests thought I was launching a DAPHNE® fabric softener (nice, but no haha). The words “iconic brand” got them all stumped. I couldn’t even tell my friends what brand we were launching.


When the product was revealed, there was a collective gasp among the audience. It was amazing to witness. We all remember Camay.


Camay was first introduced in 1926 as a “white, pure soap for women.” Camay eventually became known as “the soap for beautiful women.” All around the world, Camay empowered women with confidence and promised them that with every bath “you will captivate him with this fragrance.”


Daphne walks the guests through each Camay scent
P&G Beauty asked me to walk the guests through each scent — vanilla, grapefruit and rose. This is the similar thing I do when Bench develops my home scent line.


Each table had samples of the scents.


Creme Vanilla Boudoir
Opus was converted into a boudoir-like setting. Once you entered you could smell the beautiful scents wafting through the air. This is the Creme Vanilla Boudoir. Incidentally all the vignettes were totally “me”. We even have a bed like this at home. Vanilla’s such a yummy scent.


Dynamique Camay Grapefruit Boudoir
Dynamique Camay Grapefruit Boudoir. A study shows that in the presence of the scent of grapefruit, a woman can be perceived to be 6 years younger than her actual age. This got a lot of reaction when I said this on stage.


The Camay Rose tub
And just as iconic as the brand itself, the bathtub has to be part of every Camay event or commercial. This was filled with rose petals.


The guests participated in the fragrance demo. Remember child actress Lindsay Custodio?


Patricia Prieto Laureen Uy and Camille Co
In the audience were bloggers Patricia Prieto, Laureen Uy and Camille Co



Media guests getting into the scent thing.


Rajo Laurel and Sabrina Artadi
Rajo Laurel and Sabrina Artadi, former Camay girl.


Event Host Daphne Osena-Paez

I wore a dress from Religioso in Greenbelt 5.


The event was hosted by Miss World First Runner-up Gwen Ruais and Mister World 2012 First Runner Up Andrew Wolff.


And I was introduced and interviewed by Andrew Wolfe


A week before this event we were in Bangkok together  – P&G’s Anna Legarda, Cosmopolitan’s Regina Belmonte, Tim Yap and Mega’s Suki Salvador.


Us again.


Camay Beauty Bar and Body Wash in Romantique Rose, Dynamique Grapefruit and Crème Vanilla variants will be available nationwide starting January 1, 2013.
Camay Beauty Bar       Php 14.00 (55g), Php25.00 (80g)
Camay Body Wash        Php70.00 (200ml)


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