I love it when my friend Carlo Tadiar, editor in chief of Metro Home magazine, invites us to dinner at his house. He always hosts the most interesting dinner parties with the most engaging guests. Unlike most hosts (myself included), Carlo doesn’t have his food catered. He cooks everything himself. I always leave with a beautiful impression of a life of good taste and great style.

On Easter night, we had dinner at Carlo’s place. He had outdone himself again. The food was perfect – gazpacho, braised pork ribs, steamed fish, perfectly cooked shrimps and my favourite, “sosyal” na pinakbet.  Unfortunately I don’t have good food photos because I was too focused on eating. Here are some of the photos I managed to take.


Carlo’s living room with flash. I don’t like flash. So the rest of the photos are of the low-light, no-flash kinds. Pardon my unsteady hands. Blame it on the wine.


Carlo and me without flash


I saw this wall grow from being empty to the way it is now. And he says, he’s still not fished filling it up.


I love his throw pillows.


In my dream life I would want a wall full of curiosities like this. But it would be a battle with Patrick. He doesn’t like objects.


Carlo’s collection of photographs. Each has story. I love how stylishly undecorated his house is. Everything speaks of his own personal taste and not of a professional decorator’s. Never mind the fact that he is the Editor of a home design mag.


After dinner talks with writer and ballet instructor Cherish Garcia, furniture designer Gabby Lichauco, Ito Kish of Kish, Patrick.


SC Vizcarra’s Rita Nazareno and stylist Michael Salientes.


Carlo, fresh from the kitchen.


Another part of his collection – naked Ken doll.


I love bar carts. I’m still looking for the perfect one for our house.


I loved the way he filled this table with… stuff! It was perfectly cluttered. When I texted Carlo a question about the method to his way of decorating, he said “Wala lang.” (Just nothing.)


Matte porcelain little lamb (or is it a deer?).


Beside the lamb, a bunch of glass terrariums. One of them had three birds perched on its rim.


A garden gnome and brass lamp base.


I will never look at candy jars the same way again.





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