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My brother is in town for a couple of weeks. Zobel school reuinion. So I’m playing hostess and tour guide.

Last Friday the rain didn’t stop. Visibility was so bad, we had to cancel our trip to Tagaytay.  Everything was rained out except Carlos Celdran‘s tours. He had Living La Vida Imelda scheduled that afternoon for a barter deal. I brought some Daphne Linens to cover me, my brother and my eldest daughter. And we met him at the CCP.

From Carlos’ website – “It’s a tour all about the Philippines in the 1970’s and the tumultous era of the Cold War, Martial Law, bell-bottom jeans, & Miss Universe. Its a little bit disco, a little bit New Society, and completely Imeldific. So come take a trippy trip through two of National Artist for Architecture Leandro Locsin’s finest buildings as we analyze one of the most controversial periods in Philippine history as seen through the life and ambitions of the lady who defined it, Imelda Romualdez Marcos.”

But first, we had to give up our cameras. No photos allowed in the CCP. I have no idea why. Imagine if landmark buildings in New York or Paris did that? None of us would have photos of the Paris Opera House or the Lincoln Center. Anyway, that didn’t stop me. I used my iPhone all throughout the tour. Here are a few Instagrams.


CCP staircase by Leandro V Locsin. #architecture @carlosceldran
Under the stairs of the Cultural Center of the Philippines, by National Artist for Architecture Leandro V. Locsin in 1969. Always breathtaking.


PICC by Leandro V Locsin. #imeldamarcos #architecture
The tour ends up at the Philippine International Convention Center after the CCP. The PICC was built in 1976 by Locsin when the country hosted the IMF-World Bank Meeting. This is one of my most favourite buildings in Manila. I love it even more when it’s empty during a non-event like this.


The part of @carlosceldran's Imelda tour where he whips out my photo. #imeldamarcos #ccp
The part of the tour where he whips out my photo. There’s a little trivia here.


Every Filipino must see @carlosceldran 's Livin La Vida Imelda tour.
I wish every Filipino could go on this tour. Very interesting perspective on a story that’s been told and retold many times. My daughter enjoyed the architecture part. She also loved Tito Carlos’ disco dancing moves. There were parts with adult content, but the words were not graphic anyway.

Carlos’ site warns, “Tour has slightly adult content (PG18). Children may join upon parental consent.”


For a complete listing of Carlos’ Walk This Way tours, visit his blog, email him at or text +63 920 9092021 to confirm reservations.



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