My booth at WorldBex





This experience has been incredible. And I still don’t know what the outcome will be.

Ever since I agreed to put up a booth at World Bex (Building and Construction Expo), my life has never been the same. I’ve increased my involvement with my product development. Last week I was at the factory of my furniture line, choosing colours and developing new shapes. Last night I was sanding some inexpensive black frames and spray-painting them metallic silver. It was a success. But now I can’t breathe well and I have cuts in my hands.

My booth is being put together by a professional contractor. Interior designer Nina Santamaria of Gruppo Santamaria helped me with my booth design. The Purpose Store created my wall paper. My UZ team prepared a nice AVP that’ll loop in my booth. Isabel Gatuslao created my print collaterals for me to handout. It all looks great in concept. But I won’t know how it’ll come together until tomorrow. I won’t post the perspective drawings just yet. I’ll do that once the booth is up.

Oh I wish I found a baker who could do mini cupcakes or cookies with little Daphne chairs. I wanted to have them on March 14 to give to media and on the weekend to give to Urbanistas and Daphne readers. But I didn’t get to do that.

I hope to see you this weekend, March 17 and 18. It’s open to the public then and admission is free. Anyone who’s planning to build or redecorate should come to WorldBex. I’d go even if I didn’t have a booth. We have a leaky roof and we really need to get that all fixed. Plus my kitchen. That renovation has been of epic proportions… I need to source more suppliers.

See you this weekend! Come say hi to me at the DAPHNE® booth.



House of Gene Flancia, Architect



I was the UST Architecture department yesterday. They invited me for a talk-show format speech. I love speaking with students. I get so wide-eyed as they do. Yesterday’s event was particularly overwhelming. We had a full house. So many UZ fans! Thank you.

One of the UST professors, architect Gene Flancia, was at the event. And I remembered that his house was one of those that I loved. It was streamlined, modern, “successfully” tropical (not all tropical homes are created equal) and beautiful. He built on 1/3 of the property and left the rest open and green. I also loved how he used the existing surroundings to his advantage like the leafy canopy of the tree across the street. And most importantly, he built a glass house that wasn’t a heat trap.

I love conversing with architects. It would be a shame to paraphrase their thoughts, so I will publish our email exchange in quotes. Here are some photos from that Urban Zone shoot last year.


House of/by Gene Flancia (architect)
Mr. Flancia built his house on the edge of the property to allow green open space in 2/3 of his land. “It’s cool that you take interest in my house. They say that one of the most challenging design projects for an architect is his own home. I found this to be partially true because a lot of people are expecting much from what you are going to produce, based on what they have seen as you design for others. It is more challenging if you have a strict budget and you will be spending your own money.”


House of/by Gene Flancia (architect)
“So with a tight budget at hand, I started constructing the house three years ago and finished it within a year, I went for the simplest lines that will exhibit a lot of design character, tropical, easy to maintain despite its sculpture white color.”


House of/by Gene Flancia (architect)
“I actually was flattered when you told me you can discern its sophistication in its design simplicity, despite its predominantly glass walls. I did that so I can appreciate my tropical garden. I am able to enjoy tons of natural light and use its shades and shadows as a design tool. You noticed that it’s not so hot either despite all the glass, it is because of the generous eaves that I have on the south west solar exposure and a lot of sliding glass doors and awning windows.”


House of/by Gene Flancia (architect)
Living room


Click “More…” to see this elegant tropical home.


UST Architecture



I’ve never been busier in my whole life. And I love it. Everyday my creativity is challenged. And there are days when I actually convert those creative juices into tangible products. I feel exhilarated. The past week was insane. Traveled to China. Got back and prioritized my eldest daughter’s theatre activity at school. Planned my booth at World Bex. Juggled my two younger daughters’ play activities. This week is pretty much the same minus the musical theatre. We are approaching exam week. My World Bex booth needs to be finalized. The two young ones will have pre-school moving up day programmes. I’m getting back into my first medium – video production. So excited about that. In the middle of it all I managed to get a facial at Belo and a new haircut at Alex Carbonell’s Studio Fix salon.

So while all this is happening, I added more by accepting the invitation to give a talk to UST Architecture students. This will be different. It’s interview-type. Not the usual talk for two hours. I’m looking forward to this. And hopefully I can make sense and impart some wisdom or at least useful information.

I love the promotional material the UST Architecture students made. (Don’t mind the photochopping. Not their fault. It’s a file photo).


UST Architecture invite


Daphne Oseña-Paez will Bare It All from Ian Dung on Vimeo.


The curious mind



Daphne Osena-Paez
When I became a National Geographic brand ambassador, no one was more thrilled about it than my daughters. Sophia was just 7 then; Lily was 5. They took the message to heart. That in order to change the world and make it a better place, you must “Live Curious”. And that they are. We are a factory of questions in this household. And I don’t have the answers to everything. Luckily we have books, trips, movies, shows and the park.


The Mind Museum
During the NatGeo launch, the kids discovered the Mind Museum. They have been watching out for its opening since. I have been watching its construction at the Fort. It looks like a landmark building. Gorgeous architecture. I haven’t been inside yet. Hopefully soon.


Excited about the Mind Museum
Dear Mind Museum, Sophia and Lily (and Stella) are your biggest fans. We can’t wait to see what you have in there. Please have some cool summer programs for kids. And don’t be too expensive so that more children, rich or poor, can afford to see the museum and be captivated by science.


She loves science and exploration so much, Soph’s asked for a science themed 7th birthday party.


Hosted the groundbreaking of Bonifacio High Street Central
A couple of years ago, I hosted the groundbreaking of Bonifacio High Street Central, which included the Mind Museum. Now these plans have come to fruition. It’s wonderful to have another place in Metro Manila where kids and families can go – a place that informs, challenges and entertains.


The kids can’t wait to see this new Mind Museum. I hope the kids enjoy it as much as they enjoyed the Ontario Science Centre which was built over 40 years ago in Toronto. To see some of our photos from that trip, click “More…”



About Urban Zone



OBB of Urban Zone


I owe many of you an explanation.

Since Friday, January 6, 2012 Urban Zone® hasn’t been airing in ABS-CBN Channel 2 and The Filipino Channel (TFC). I have read all your comments of support both here and in the UZ Fan Page. As much as I wanted to answer all your questions last month, please understand that I just couldn’t.

The pulling out of Urban Zone was purely a business decision by our producers. As you know, Bayan Productions was a block-timer on ABS-CBN.

Despite being a small independent production, UZ earned the respect and support the design, construction and real estate industries. UZ has become a very influential medium – for that I thank our loyal advertisers and viewers. Because of the continued support that UZ enjoys from the market, I am energized to keep working on the UZ brand. Though UZ as you knew it doesn’t exist anymore, it may be back in another form, another medium.

To the many loyal fans of the show, thank you for your support and appreciation of our work. Thank you for finding inspiration in the weekly stories my team and I did. Because of you, our creativity and quest for “scoop” homes never stopped.

I am grateful to Bayan Productions who trusted me with a concept that was new in a territory that was then uncharted. Thank you for trusting me and giving me the independence to produce this show.

To my team – Manny, Denmark, Stanley, Maila, Princess and all our technical crew, we had a great run! You are the best in the industry and I am looking forward to the day we can work together again. Thank you for the friendship and good times.

To ABSCBN and TFC, Maraming salamat! I will always be grateful that through your network, we were able to reach millions of Filipino viewers abroad – many of who are working hard, away from family, in order to give them a better life and a new home. Thank you for giving UZ the opportunity to inspire a huge market, promote Filipino design and to help drive an industry forward.

To all the Urbanistas, I hope you like the homes that I’ll be featuring in this blog in the meantime.

Thanks, all!