Olay Conversations: Crickette Tantoco



I woke up to this — a new webisode of Olay Conversations.

Refreshing! Beauty, brains, substance, values, confidence, strength.


Crickette Tantoco


Crickette is full of quotable quotes. All real. My favourite, “If mama aint happy, aint nobody happy.” And “No, I’m not simple.”



Crickette’s thoughts on aging are so powerful and empowering. I love when women embrace their true beauty as they age. I love her attitude about life, love, relationships and finding her own place in this world.

Go Crickette! Peg!!!

For more about Olay Conversations, check out their Facebook page.



MAC Spring Summer 2013



It is always a treat to be invited to the launch of MAC Cosmetics’ trend reports. I learn so much about makeup and beauty products. Last January, MAC’s Senior Artist Victor Cembellin gave a brief demo on the four major trends – Sig-Nature, Nu-Ance, Puri-Tan, and Sci-Chedelic. The names alone say it all. Here are some visuals + Q&A.


SS13 Trend Recap-5
Sig-Nature is about the “purity of perfectly pared back skin”.


SS13_NYFW_DAILY FACE CHART_SEPT 8_Prabal Gurung Signature
Prabal Gurung, NYFW SS 2013. Sig-Nature face chart.



SS13 Trend Recap-8
Nu-Ance shows a “languid wash of colour that takes in shades of highly pigmented pastels from turquoise and lemon to silver and translucently dark metallics.”


Nu-Ance at Francesco Scognamiglo, Milan SS 2013.


SS13_MFW_DAILY FACE CHART_Sept 19Francesco Scognamiglio.Nuance
The MAC face chart for Francesco Scognamiglio SS 2013


SS13 Trend Recap-11
Sci-Chedelic is an “easy graphicism of purist colour blocked on lids or lips as shown above.


SS13_PFW_Sept 29_Haider Ackermann, Sci-chidelic
Haider Ackermann, SS 2013 in Paris Fashion Week. Sci-chedelic face chart.


SS13 Trend Recap-14
Puri-Tan is like a “monochromatic Bedouin bronze, blurred on the eyes and bone structure.”


The Puritan face trend as seen on MSGM SS 2013, Milan Fashion Week.


Manila models wearing the spring summer 2013 looks interpreted by Victor Cembellin.


Me: Which of the four trends would work best on women in our region?

Victor Cembellin: Puri-Tan. I noticed from even being here for just three days it seems like skin is a big focus. What’s interesting about the puritan trend is that there is a brow in there. As far as street style, women are wearing laid back makeup but definitely with their eyebrows on and like a lip in that sort of earthy tone derived from nature and the elements. I feel like the palette is just simple to wear. It’s like the new version of monochromatic. So it becomes easy to wear.

Me: In light of the four trends you showed, what makeup product should we get to achieve an on-trend look?

Victor: The Beauty Balm Compact for me is a massive win and I’m kicking myself because they sent it to me a month ago and I haven’t even opened it. Now I’ve used it on three shoots. I love the Beauty Balm and I think people are going to go bananas about it.



Me: Do you use the Beauty Balm Compact as skincare or cosmetic?

Victor: I use it as a cosmetic. I’m using it actually as a concealer and highlighter. It’s got enough coverage where it transforms and covers. But it’s got enough sort of transparency where you’re seeing real skin coming through. So I find it to be that nice sort of “is it there, is it not there” but it’s not as obvious as the cream so you have more control over it. So you really enjoy creating that blasted out look underneath the eye and down the centre of the nose.


MAC Spring 2013 Mineralize Rich Lipstick Collection 4


Victor: Another product, I’m really loving the Mineralized Lipsticks. Colour is colour is colour. We’re all going to find our perfect shade but if you don’t have the right texture on your lip… it could be a great colour but if it’s dry and is not comfortable to wear and it clings to dry pieces of skin and just doesn’t look right, it’s not going to look healthy. I find the texture of the mineralized lipsticks is quite reminiscent of that really plush luxurious forties lip. Remember those war girls, the poster pin-up girls and it wasn’t a gloss that they’d draw but they’d draw a little bit of sheen. It just gives a little lustre to your lip that looks healthy and gorgeous.

mac InExtra Dimension


Victor: I’m liking the In Extra Dimension the technology that we’ve created. It’s got waves and says MAC all over it. Those products are so pretty. I think here in Manila I can’t consciously tell everyone put all this creme color base all over your face, it’s too hot here! I feel like its this country’s or this region of the world’s version of wearing creme colour. Because your skin will take care of the cream itself and we’re taking care of the sophisticated colour. It’s a very smart metallic. It’s very futuristic, it looks new. You haven’t seen it from any other line. It’s very true to MAC. It’s a very futuristic technology that we’re using. Frost that doesn’t look like chunky gross frost. It’s smarter, more chic.




Me: Now there are new technologies coming out of the beauty industry every month and every body still aims to have that no make up look, that perfect skin, virgin skin. What do you think of all that? Where are we headed?

Victor: I think photoshopping became the jumping off point, between adding filters on our instagram photos and photoshopping itself, we’re even on our iphones able to go “It’s an ok picture of me and my friend, but if I throw this filter in and rev up the contrast, then I look amazing!” So I think what it is, we’re almost trying to create that look in person. So where it leaves us in make up is things like the Beauty Balm Compact. Even for my own passport photo I had to renew my passport, I was bronzed in the back and bronzed up here and beauty balmed. It was like I’m doing some serious Beyonce blow out for my own passport photo. The street consumer is now wanting to learn photoshopping makeup cosmetic techniques. That’s why YouTube videos are becoming viral and everyone’s more interested the regular consumer is wanting to be the makeup artist themselves. They’re becoming the makeup artist at their house. So they’re looking for products and brushes and tools that give them that fountain of youth magical effect. So as far as where we’re going – the smoother more skin-like, the most maximum effect that people can get with the smoothest texture is where cosmetics is going. So beauty balms, it does a lot but it doesn’t look like you’ve done anything. These new micro blasted pigments that basically you can put a bunch of frost on your face but when you smile, you don’t look old. It’s like all those products that look like skin that give you tons of cool effects, that’s where everyone wants to be.


Me and Victor.


Me: Now that it’s 2013 what are you glad to see go in terms of cosmetics?

Victor: I think that the smokey eye has gone away. The smokey eye in the traditional sense of “let me put black around my whole eye”, yes it does make your eye look bigger and yes the false lashes make everything look bigger than that. Things just looked like everyone was going to a prom or everyone was looking like the real housewives of whatever city you want to name. It just started getting so contrived and tight. It just started to look like we’re desperate to look younger by wearing more, more, more. I’m going to hide my wrinkles by dragging my smokey eye this big. I’m going to wear this much gloss to make my lips look bigger. There’s this new feminine laidback sensibility about a woman. She sits well with her own skin. She shines in the right places. She’s got a little colour, and she might have put a little mascara. And that’s what makes her so beautiful as opposed to distracting and tacky. It’s like this bohemian sense of style that you see on your day off. It’s like when you go on vacation and you still want to look cute because you’re going to dinner but you’re going to dinner in the Bahamas so you put a little mascara, some cream on your cheeks, a little lip gloss will look cute and it’s like sitting confidently and comfortably in our own skin.


For more information, www.maccosmetics.com.ph




Olay Conversations



Here are some photos from the launch of Olay Conversations. It was an intimate gathering of media and P&G Beauty friends at Whitespace in Pasong Tamo Extension. Olay Conversations is a series of webisodes hosted by Boy Abunda focusing on women who’ve survived adversities and triumphed over life’s most difficult challenges. There are five versions. I’m sure you’ll be able to relate to one of if not all of them.

All photos from P&G Beauty.


Boy Abunda with the women featured in Olay Conversations – Priscilla Meirelles–Estrada, Mons Romulo, Bea Alonzo, Denise Laurel and Crickette Tantoco.


Boy with the subject of the first Olay Conversations, Mons Romulo. You may watch her story of heartbreak and survival here.


Denise Laurel’s webisode was shown at the event. I was most touched by her story of motherhood and her relationship with her family.


Bea Alonzo gives a different type of interview here – not the typical showbiz package.


Payless Shoes’ Crickette Tantoco has a future webisode of Olay Conversations about being a business woman, wife and mother. All webisodes will be aired in the Olay Philippines You Tube channel.


P&G Brand Communications Deirdre de Padua, P&G’s Country Purchasing Manager Shawie Sulit together with Priscilla Meirelles-Estrada and Priscilla’s gorgeous mom, Marcia Regina Meirelles.


Emcee Menchu Antigua-Macapagal and P&G Brand Communications Leader Ana Legarda


GHK's Kabbie Rodriguez and Cosmo's Regina Belmonte
Preview’s Anna Canlas and Cosmo’s Regina Belmonte


P&G Anna Legarda, Campaigns PR’s Romina Nañagas, P&G Beauty Brand Ambassador (me), model Annette Coronel and TV host Phoemela Barranda.


Olay Brand Manager Justin Lladoc


I wore a dress from Cos, that beautiful Ann Ong minaudière that won the Katha Award at Manila FAME last year, and Jewelmer’s Via Rosa earrings.



Belo at The Fort



I don’t know how I can write this without sounding like I’m bragging. Let me try to be scientific… I continue to get a lot of compliments about my skin — through random comments in social networks, emails from readers and most importantly from makeup artists. Patrick Rosas, after not having done my face in a while, said “You have good skin. What have you been doing?” When I said, “Nothing. Just regular facials.” He was in disbelief. I guess I can thank my genes for that.

It does take effort to appear poreless. I go to Belo every 2-3 weeks to get a facial and Power Peel. It just takes an hour and that’s it. No injections, no pills, no whitening, no fillers or lifts. Over the Holidays one of my closest friends said that her New Year’s resolution was to have skin like mine. So she asked for my specific regimen. Told her it was like a religious commitment. I never skip my appointments. I also minimize sun exposure. And if I have to be under the sun, it involves a hat, sunglasses and gel sunscreen (prescribed by Belo). I find that commercial sunscreens make me break out.

Just recently Belo Medical Group opened its 9th clinic at Bonifacio High Street Central aka Belo Fort. As with all Belo clinics, you get not only the greatest and most gentle service treatments, you also get a beautiful setting. Trust me, good interior design makes a big difference.

All photos from Belo Medical Group.


Cristalle Belo Henares and Dr Philip Bunag with Christian Bautista, Iza Calzado, Dingdong Dantes, Atticus King and Toni Gonzaga.


Toni Gonzaga hosted the brief program at the opening.


Dingdong Dantes


Atticus King, Bubbles Paraiso, Iza Calzado, Christian Bautista


Phoemela Baranda


Dr Jetti and Cristalle


Iza… lovely face.


Model Edward Mendez who is also a Sexy Solutions Fitness Instructor with Cristalle


To book an appointment, you may call 621-4030 or visit them at LG, 28th avenue, 7th st., Bonifacio High Street, Bonifacio Global City, Taguig, at the back of Jamba Juice. Or check out their Facebook page and website.



The new Camay girl



We first announced the new Camay Scents of Attraction last December, where, as P&G Beauty Ambassador I walked the guests through the three scents – Romantique Rose, Creme Vanilla and Dynamique Grapefruit. A couple of weeks ago, fellow P&G Beauty Ambassador Tim Yap hosted an amazing party at the Sky Garden in the beautiful new Zuellig Building. Angelica Panganiban is the new Camay Girl.

Here are some highlights from the event. Photos courtesty of P&G Beauty.


Co-hosts Victor Basa, Bianca Gonzales and Tim Yap, with Camay Girl Angelica Panganiban.




Doing my P&G Beauty Ambassador duties with P&G Country Marketing Communication Manager Clint Navales and Tessa Prieto Valdes


Karylle, event host Tim Yap, Iza Calzado and Kate Torralba.


Julia Sniegowski and Patti Grandidge of ETC.


Phoemela Baranda


Rajo Laurel, Tessa, and Divine Lee


Miriam Quiambao


Joey Mead with The Kitchen Musical co-stars and real life sweethearts Carla Dunareanu and Christian Bautista