Valentines Day treats



I’ve barely packed away my Christmas loot, now we’re gearing up for Valentine’s Day. But no one is complaining. I love bath products especially ones that smell so yummy. I don’t think I’ll ever outgrow this love for scents.

Here are some bath and beauty products from The Body Shop that make great V-Day presents.


Chocolate scented body treats, perfect for pampering yourself and others.


Lip Glosses Group HR_INLIPRJ001
Juicy fruit lip glosses in various flavours, P595


Fruity and floral, with top notes of Fuji apple and Chinese magnolia alongside real Japanese cherry blossom.


Another all-occasion scent, strawberry. Yummy!




Shop Gliders at Serena & Lily



Anne Curtis for Belo Medical Group



Over the holidays one of my closest friends told me that her new year’s resolution was to have skin like mine. I laughed. I thought she was joking. But she was serious. She asked me what it was that I really do. It’s never been a secret. I go to Belo Medical Group every two or three weeks to get a simple facial and Power Peel. With that I address all my concerns – oiliness, potential breakouts, fine lines, pores. So the effect is that I appear poreless. Well, that’s what I’ve heard. I’ve been doing this for over four years. Belo has been taking good care of me.


Anne Curtis with Vicki Belo
This season, Belo Medical Group gets one of the biggest and brightest stars in show business — Anne Curtis. Her campaign focuses on the face, body and body hair. Don’t we all want to look like Anne, the Goddess?


“With her daily TV appearances, Anne doesn’t have the luxury of time to always put make-up on. She even admits that there were times when she goes on cam without make-up, just her signature stunning red lips. But that never seemed a problem with her. Anne regularly goes to Belo Medical Group for her facial cleaning and Powerpeel. Powerpeel by Belo uses corundum crystals to exfoliate dull and dead skin. This stimulates the production of new skin cells and collagen. The treatment improves age spots and fine lines. It also reduces the appearance of unwanted facial scars and gives one a stunning glow.” – Belo Medical Group.


“Anne’s perfectly-sculpted abs and curves were created with the help of Sculptor Plus by Belo. It is a non-invasive technology that improves cellulite and tightens skin by heating fat cells in both deep and superficial layers of the skin. It melts and burns fat, tones muscles and tightens skin.”


“Anne Curtis is known for consistently takings risks in surprising people with what she’s going to wear — just like her series of stunning peek-a-boo gowns. Anne always confidently parades these outfits because she has nothing to hide. She is well aware that plucking, shaving or waxing can lead to darkening of the armpits, chicken skin and folliculitis, and is only temporary. The best way to effectively remove hair is using lasers. Belo Medical Group has four different types of lasers for every skin type. The most popular is the Harmony laser, which is painless.”


You can find out more of Belo Medical Groups’s services by calling 819-BELO (2356) or visit



New hair day



The other day I was feeling the itch to get my hair cut. It’s the longest my hair’s ever been. And whenever it gets to this point I always end up seeking other alternatives. Last year, I did the Soft Set curls at Alex Carbonell’s Studio Fix. Now I want something lighter. I even contemplated on having my hair cut chin length again.


That urge to cut my hair short. Yay or nay?
This was while I was on the way to Studio Fix in Greenbelt 5. I asked my Instagram followers if I should have my hair cut short. Majority of the answer said Nay.


Silly selfie in a busy restaurant, all alone. Nay won. I kept the length. Alex Carbonell gave me a new cut and pastel brown colour. Happy.
This is Alex’s magic. He not only gave me a nice trim, he also gave me new colour — pastel brown. He also kept the length. He reminded me of the time I kept saying, “I miss my long hair,” when it was already shoulder length. So for 2013, we keep it long.


How about you? Do you have any hair or beauty makeover plans for the new year?



Camay Scents of Attraction



This was a big thrill for me. It was my first official event as P&G Beauty Ambassador. And we all had to keep the product top secret. Many of the guests thought I was launching a DAPHNE® fabric softener (nice, but no haha). The words “iconic brand” got them all stumped. I couldn’t even tell my friends what brand we were launching.


When the product was revealed, there was a collective gasp among the audience. It was amazing to witness. We all remember Camay.


Camay was first introduced in 1926 as a “white, pure soap for women.” Camay eventually became known as “the soap for beautiful women.” All around the world, Camay empowered women with confidence and promised them that with every bath “you will captivate him with this fragrance.”


Daphne walks the guests through each Camay scent
P&G Beauty asked me to walk the guests through each scent — vanilla, grapefruit and rose. This is the similar thing I do when Bench develops my home scent line.


Each table had samples of the scents.


Creme Vanilla Boudoir
Opus was converted into a boudoir-like setting. Once you entered you could smell the beautiful scents wafting through the air. This is the Creme Vanilla Boudoir. Incidentally all the vignettes were totally “me”. We even have a bed like this at home. Vanilla’s such a yummy scent.


Dynamique Camay Grapefruit Boudoir
Dynamique Camay Grapefruit Boudoir. A study shows that in the presence of the scent of grapefruit, a woman can be perceived to be 6 years younger than her actual age. This got a lot of reaction when I said this on stage.


The Camay Rose tub
And just as iconic as the brand itself, the bathtub has to be part of every Camay event or commercial. This was filled with rose petals.


The guests participated in the fragrance demo. Remember child actress Lindsay Custodio?


Patricia Prieto Laureen Uy and Camille Co
In the audience were bloggers Patricia Prieto, Laureen Uy and Camille Co



Media guests getting into the scent thing.


Rajo Laurel and Sabrina Artadi
Rajo Laurel and Sabrina Artadi, former Camay girl.


Event Host Daphne Osena-Paez

I wore a dress from Religioso in Greenbelt 5.


The event was hosted by Miss World First Runner-up Gwen Ruais and Mister World 2012 First Runner Up Andrew Wolff.


And I was introduced and interviewed by Andrew Wolfe


A week before this event we were in Bangkok together  – P&G’s Anna Legarda, Cosmopolitan’s Regina Belmonte, Tim Yap and Mega’s Suki Salvador.


Us again.


Camay Beauty Bar and Body Wash in Romantique Rose, Dynamique Grapefruit and Crème Vanilla variants will be available nationwide starting January 1, 2013.
Camay Beauty Bar       Php 14.00 (55g), Php25.00 (80g)
Camay Body Wash        Php70.00 (200ml)


Know more about Camay through Facebook.




P&G Beauty Ambassador



So excited to launch this iconic brand in the Philippines with P&G Beauty.


I know the word “ambassador” is a bit over used these days. But this is one is pretty serious.

I first worked with Procter & Gamble in 2006 as one of the ambassadors of Olay in its launch in the Philippines. This was a long and beautiful relationship. I shot a few commercials for Total Effects and Olay Body Soap. One of my TVCs was aired regionally. This year I take on a different role as ambassador of P&G Beauty.

Just last week I how P&G Beauty works globally at the P&G Vision House in Bangkok. I got to meet Liv Tyler, Pantene Clinicare’s global ambassador.

On Thursday P&G Beauty is launching an iconic brand we’ve all heard about when we were growing up. They’ve asked me to host the event. It’s going to be very beautiful and romantic.