From my site partner, Titania – assorted and colour-coded nailcare products.


I had just recently blogged about my beauty routine and quickly mentioned that I get my pedicures done at the salon but not my manicure. I groom my nails myself with basic stuff like cut, file, push cuticles, moisturize my hands and when I have enough time I actually do nail lacquer. Most often though I skip the nail colour, unless I’m procrastinating or I have writer’s block. I think with nails what’s important is that you keep them clean always.

I’m glad my sponsor Titania sent me some samples of their new product line called Soft Touch. It has made nail and feet grooming a lot easier and more comfortable. These are tools that are ergonomically designed. And I like the variety of bright colours because it makes things easier to personalize. It is more hygienic to have your own tools. Consider bringing your own set to the salon/manicurist unless you completely trust that they sanitize each tool before use.


Assorted foot files, P269 to P299 each.


Soft Touch cuticle cutter and pusher, P159 each
Soft Touch cuticle nipper, P600 each


From the Titania press kit –

Founded nearly 60 years ago by Mr. Friedel Kotte, Titania is a proudly German brand of beauty implements. Because of its excellent quality, it has become one of the most trusted beauty brands in the market. It is currently available in 108 countries worldwide and here in the Philippines, we have 71 beauty implements available – ranging from the basic nail cleaning tools to pumice sponges and foot files to foot creams and even to lash curlers.

In continuing Titania’s legacy of excellence and innovation, the brand has launched a new and improved range of foot and nail tools called Soft Touch. This is a range of ergonomic tools with the unique Soft Touch coating. This coating allows for better grip, ensuring that you won’t have any slipping accidents when you’re using them. So they’re easier to use and helps ensure precise cutting and clipping. The range consists of nail cutters, cuticle nippers, foot files, cuticle cutters and corn cutters. They’re available in four bright colors.


The new Soft Touch range and other Titania products are available in selected Watsons, SM Department Store, Robinsons Department Store, Landmark Department Store and Metro Gaisano Department Store branches.

Just for my readers, I will be giving away some Titania complete sets next week. Please stay tuned for that. In the meantime, “Like”  TitaniaPH on Facebook.






I had this interesting conversation with some of my girlfriends about beauty maintenance. We all have our own routines – creams, treatments, facials. I would say there’s no formula for perfectly youthful skin. Each person is different. But a little help from dermatologists and special creams can definitely help. At some point though, you’ll have to either blame or thank your genes.

Since I moved to the Philippines in the mid-90’s I had gotten into the habit of being very conscious about skin care. I don’t know if its because of my line of work (on-cam) or if its because I’m in Manila and 90% of the women here have beautiful skin (peer pressure). In my 20’s, I went to a dermatologist at least once a month. I did the very basic – cleaning to remove whiteheads and blackheads. No bells and whistles. No facial massages. But I also abused my skin quite a lot. I was in the beach almost every weekend, scuba diving and all-out sun-tanning. The 30’s was all about oil-control for me. I didn’t want to break out anymore. So my doctor would let me use a toner with some clindamycin and other things. To keep the fine lines in check, I used a mild anti-aging moisturizer when needed. I was also very religious about eye cream.

Now my routine is a bit more sophisticated, but still unobtrusive. Here’s a complete list of things I do and products I use:


Mother's Day DPF


1. I go to Belo Medical Group once every two weeks. Religiously. I’ve been doing this for almost four years. They currently have this great Mother’s Day package. Please consider getting something from Belo for your Mom.

2. In Belo, I get a basic facial – cleaning, steam, facial massage every two weeks.

3. Then I get a quick Power Peel on my face and neck (at Belo). This is like a vacuum suction tube with a sandpaper-like edge. It gently exfoliates my skin. There is no downtime. I usually fall asleep at this part because it’s so relaxing.

Today was "love myself day" - had a Belo facial. I love the new Greenbelt branch.
Belo Greenbelt’s very chic waiting area


4. A few months ago I started to try Belo’s Sculptor Plus. I figured, I’ve been so good with the food that I eat. I exercise whenever I can (not much). But no matter what, my arms are always on the big side. Even when I was skinny, my arms were big. I think that’s the part I blame genetics. The Sculptor machine doesn’t hurt. It has these light pulses that initially shock you but then you get used to it. I’ve been doing it on my upper arms. They feel and look more firm now. (I refuse to exercise my triceps again because I blame that for making them larger than they were.  All those stupid weights I lifted when I was younger… once I stopped, my muscles turned to flab.) And no, I will not have liposuction. Simply because I’m too scared.

5. I have also tried six rounds of TiteFX on my wings once a week. Or what we crassly call back fat. TiteFX is more freaky than the Sculptor. But I hear it is also more potent. This one is a machine that feels warm and has a bit of a suction-effect. Then once your skin gets suctioned, what feels like a light electrical strobe shocks you in a ticklish way. It’s non-invasive. And it promises to melt surface fat and make skin tighter. It worked on the wing part… I wish they would do it all over my tummy as well. Haha.

6. At home, I use different types of eye cream – Olay, Estee Lauder, Chanel. I actually mix up my products. Sometimes I skip the eye cream and use those potent serums under my eye area. I find that I don’t need so much anti-aging stuff on my cheeks because I’m prone to break outs and I have nice skin anyway. Don’t hate me for saying that. Objectively, my skin’s been tested and scrutinized. I’m happy that I have little to almost invisible pores. Could be my derma commitment, could be my genes.

Got a quick hair treatment at Studio Fix w Alex Carbonel to revive shine. Happy.
One of my many hair treatments with Alex Carbonell


7. Hair care is also a big thing for me. Every couple of weeks I get a treatment at Alex Carbonell’s Studio Fix. I used to only need it once a month. But I found that after I did my Soft Set curls and hair colour, my hair got a bit dry. Nothing that a little conditioning treatment can’t address. My latest treatment was Kerastase Chronologiste – this mixture that had “caviar” pearls that burst into luxurious oils. It felt sooooo soft and smooth. It actually has been a week (and I wash my hair everyday) and my hair still feels and looks soft and shiny. I’m going to have to talk to Alex about this because I think I am addicted and dependent on this. Haha. (In case you are wondering what happened to my Soft Set, I had the curls cut off. They were still so beautiful except that my hair got way too long and heavy. And you know, summer heat and all. But I do miss my curled hair.)


Barre3 commitment

8. I recently signed up for one year of Barre 3 at The Spa. I have to be very careful and get clearance first from my doctor. My neck has been acting up for-like-ever. But the thing with Barre 3 is you can adjust the movements in accordance to your safety level. At my best I can do this twice a week.

Today was a parasol day. #India
Me, my parasol, sunnies and India.


9. I really do use a parasol if I have to walk under the sun even if it’s just crossing the parking lot from car to door. I really believe the sun can cause a lot of damage on the skin.

10. I try to squeeze in a pedicure in between shoots or while getting a hair treatment. No time for fancy foot spas. Just straightforward pedicure and nail polish. I do my own finger nails when the rest of the family is sleeping


With all these things I do you’re probably wondering when I have time for anything else. The Belo treatments take a total of 1.5 hours every two weeks. So it’s really not much time lost. And I consider it an investment. And my well-deserved alone time. Because I truly believe that when a woman looks and feels her best and she’s doing everything she loves doing – work, mothering and/or romance – the world will be a happier place. Don’t you agree?

Share your maintenance routine with me…






That F day



I meant to post this in the morning but my life took over and I forgot to press “publish”. I’m having a crazy week. Like I mentioned, April is all about new beginnings for me. I started a new job with the TV5 network, specifically a talkshow in AksyonTV. This week my collaboration with a big retail chain finally comes together after months of planning. We shoot the campaign in a few days. I can’t tell you how excited I am. And the re-release of Daphne Furniture® in my new retail partner is happening now as I type. I will announce when ready. Sigh.

My real life takes precedence over whatever work I’m trying to accomplish though. My kids started their summer activities. And any parent can tell you that summer activities and schedules are insane! Last year I had them all in a summer camp in one place. They did their singing, ballet, swimming and theatre while I ran the treadmill. None of that is happening this season. My kids and I have decided to step up the singing and theatre game by signing up in a more serious place. Unfortunately, little Stella isn’t included in the plans. So I have to find the time to get her some swimming lessons. Let’s not talk about the heat yet…

Anyway, here are some things of beauty. Photos and outtakes from our F reunion. Hard to believe it’s been three weeks. I can’t share the official photos yet until they’re published in print.

All photos taken using Olympus PEN EP3


I will never get tired of Jewelmer south sea pearls. Look at the rings we got to wear that day. Some styles I can identify – Lautitia Effloro, Margherita and Rosone.


Amanda’s Jimmy Choos were a gift from her husband, David. They’re so beautiful.


I wore Jewelmer’s Lautitia Ostrea ring.


MAC Cosmetics hair and makeup team groomed us all day.


One of my favourite photographers, Jake Versoza.


The four F girls and our shoes.


More Jewelmer candies worn by me and Cher.



The Souq Organics – Raffle



It’s no secret that I’m a fan of argan oil. But not all “argan oil” labels and brands are created equal. Argan oil has become the it ingredient for most beauty and hair products now. Most are mixed with other active ingredients. The one that Souq Organics sells is 100% pure organic Argania Spinosa Kernel Oil from Morocco — the argan oil I blogged about. There are other brands that make 100% Moroccan Argan Oil like Josie Maran, John Masters and many more from Morocco. Just know that pure argan oil is unscented, gold-coloured, not cheap but it’s good for your skin, nails and hair. I also use other argan oil-based products in shampoos, lotions and creams – mixed with other additives. It is important to know what you’re buying – if its pure, organic or mixed.


Souq Organics
The Souq Organics set up its first boutique at the Ground Floor, Bellitudo Lifestyle Strip, 79 Katipunan Ext., White Plains, Quezon City.


Souq Organics
It feels and smells so peaceful in here – fresh, clean and minty.


Souq Organics
In addition to the Souq Organics Moroccan Argan Oil, the shop carries other premier organic brands like Pangea Organics from the US, Fushi from the UK, Mukti Botanicals from Australia, and Huiles & Baumes from France.


I have to explain that I am not a vegan nor am I totally into organic products & food. I’m not even vegetarian. I eat anything and everything except innards. But I do try to live a healthy life. I don’t smoke and I don’t party hard. I excercise occasionally (but I plan to improve this aspect of my life). I use various beauty products – from Chanel, Estee Lauder to Olay. Purists will frown that some of the products I use may have parabens and chemicals. But I am at a stage where I like trying everything. And the more I read and test organic products, I’m appreciating the fact that we have healthier options now. Unfortunately a lot of these pure organic products don’t come cheap. From my experience though, when a product is something like a pure oil, you only need to use a little bit. So you get value for money. And all the other environmental benefits – eco-friendly, safer for the planet etc. When you factor in carbon footprint as well, then you should actually try to stick to local products – perhaps try virgin coconut oil as well.


The Souq Organics sent me some products – Mukti Refreshing Hydrating Mist Toner P1650, Fushi Really Good Hair Oil P2300, Argan Oil 30ml P1500 and Argan Oil Soap P350. I did a hot oil treatment on myself at home (minus the heat or hot towel) using the Fushi bottle. It felt so thick and rich. It had everything organic from argan oil, sesame seed oil, avocado oil, coconut oil, sweet almond oil. I used a very small amount and my hair came out so thick and bouncy after the wash. The oils are scented with jasmine so our whole bedroom smelled like an Indian spa which freaked out my husband. But after the rinse, the smell was less floral. I’m convinced it works. And now I want to try their “Really Good Cellulite Oil”, haha.



Here’s some good news for you, my readers. The Souq Organics is sponsoring a nice raffle for Daphne readers. There will be 3 winners. It’s open to anyone with a local Philippine address. So if you live abroad, you can still join, just give me a relative’s address here in  the R.P. (I don’t like using P.I.). Just follow all the instructions in Rafflecopter. You may join once a day to increase your chances of winning, just enter through rafflecopter. Contest is open now, Sunday March 25 up to the evening of Wednesday March 28. Winners will be notified by email and will be announced here.

The prizes are:

One winner –  Fushi Really Good Hair Oil 100ml, P2300
Two winners – 100% Moroccan Argan Oil and Soap, P1850 each

Good luck!!



a Rafflecopter giveaway



The Souq Organics
Ground Floor, Bellitudo Lifestyle Strip
79 Katipunan Ext.
White Plains, Quezon City.
Tel 421-5745 / 0917-5576955



Hair day



I’m due to see Alex Carbonell of Studio Fix soon. My hair is so long. My curls are still alive but they’ve settled in to nice light waves. It has been a wonderful few months of Soft Set. It was the perfect hair for me. It was looked like beach curls. I’m still contemplating on whether I should maintain the length and the curls… or do something drastic. Let’s see. These things, though I carefully plan for them, usually happen on a whim. So it’ll all depend on how our meeting and consultation will go. Hair is serious business for me now. Haha.


Day 6 of my Soft Set digital perm. Happy happy.
My Soft Set digital perm from Studio Fix.


New from Evita Peroni
Even on not so good days, the waves always fell nicely. All I needed were pretty clamps like this from Evita Peroni.


Maintenance has been easy. I tried a lot of shampoos and conditioners. This set, so far, is my favourite. It has a bit of argan oil in it. And you all know how much I love argan oil. This is lightly scented. It almost smells like baby cologne, Denenes or something nostalgic like that. This is available at Studio Fix in Greenbelt 5.


Working on blogposts about Shanghai. I love that city. Very very charming. Missing it lots.

Have a great Monday!