Beauty review: K-Palette



Over the holidays I received some samples of K Palette (1 Day Tattoo) Real Lasting eye liner and eyebrow liner from the exclusive distributors. It took me a while to try it because the word “tattoo” scared me. I did a bit of research first and found some very positive reviews of this Japanese product. So I tried it and loved it. I even made my own amateur video demo below.


Both eyeliner and eyebrow liners come with a micro fiber brush applicator that allows full control and ease in application. The claim to fame of this product – and what makes it the “holy grail” of many makeup artists is that it stays put for 24 hours! Even if you cry, sweat or get rained on, your 1 Day Tattoo liners will stay on. And don’t fret about removing the product because all it takes is soap and water. No need for eye makeup remover.


I did further research and found that the waterproof eyeliner has been rated consistently as one of the top selling eyeliners in Japan, with 10 million pieces sold since its inception in the market a few years ago. It has also won  several best selling eyeliner awards year after year since its launch in Singapore. The eyebrow liner works so well. It has translucent ink so that you don’t get over-darkened eyebrows. It stays on all day even if you sweat. It is also smudge-proof. No need to retouch all day.


I was very intrigued with the product so I asked my makeup artist friend Xeng Zulueta if she’s heard of K-Palette. Her answer, “Ofcourse! I’ve been using it on you for years.” She discovered K-Palette years ago during her Shu Uemura makeup training days in Japan. I told her that the product is now available in the Philippines, exclusively at Beauty Bar. Each liner retails for P895.


xeng zulueta
Xeng Zulueta


I asked Xeng to share some tips for my readers. This is a product that many makeup professionals swear by. But it is also very popular among regular folk and novices. Here are Xeng’s tips.

Eyebrow liner:
1. Use the darker eyebrow pen when eyes are bare. Have an eyebrow brush handy and brush in the direction of the growth of the hair when blending.
2. For made up eyes/smokey eyes, opt for the lighter eyebrow pen to soften the over all look
3. W a light misting of hairspray, brush eyebrows into place to set

1. If your eyes are prone to veins and redness, opt for the black instead of the brown
2. Have a pointed q-tip handy to correct mistakes and smudge the liner
3. Try my anti-droopy eyeline technique: start lining the upper lash line outward going inward, using the 3rd to the last eyelash as starting point.
4. Wipe the eyeliner on a damp tissue to avoid clumping of powder/eyeshadow/concealer on the brush tip.


Here’s the little demo-slash-review of K-Palette Eyebrow liner. Don’t laugh.


The good news is, we are giving away six of these award-winning KPalette liners (3 eyebrow and 3 eyeliners). Open to anyone with a Philippine address.  Just join the raffle through my rafflecopter program. All steps are mandatory. You increase your chances of winning if you log-in everyday and Tweet about the contest through rafflecopter.

Winners will be chosen at random by rafflecopter on Monday January 30. I’ll be announcing the winners on January 31st.

If you’re curious about KPalette, check them out at any Beauty Bar outlets nationwide.


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Some thank yous



Here are some of the new things I received from brands/companies over the holidays. There were many more but I wasn’t able to photograph every single gift. I will try to post them in the future. So to everyone who sent goodies, thank you so much.


I wasn’t able to photograph all the beautiful wrapping. Why are the Holidays like that? Everything is just magnified and overloaded, it’s hard to focus and give attention to one thing. Every single item was wrapped with so much care.


My sister in law Isabelle sent the most original wrapping. She printed photos from our last family vacation and taped them on to kraft paper. Then she tied gold string around them (I bought the string for her in Market Market and sent them to NYC). I love these thoughtful personal touches.


The Estee Lauder team sent me this set from their Michael Kors collaboration. I love it! Perfect palette for everyday makeup. And the little pouch is so glam!


Curl enhancing products, gift from Alex Carbonel of Studio Fix Greenbelt. My favourite is APE. I spray it mid-day or in between events or places. It gives my hair a natural-looking bouncy wave. The label says “after-party spray.” The Moroccan Oil is very good too. Just use a little bit. It’s good for any hair, whether permed or not. Potion K is like a curl-enhancing lotion to be applied on wet hair.


VMV sent me this gift pack, for babies. They do everything so well – from merchandising to graphics and packaging. I have yet to try their products.


This LAMY fountain pen was a gift from Bong Rojales and Rossy Yabut of Heima. I love fountain pens! And this one’s so light.


You know me and tote bags. This was sent to me by Amina Aranaz. I love the mix of material she used – leather, shell, hardware. You can find this bag in Aranaz stores in Greenbelt and Rockwell.


Evita Peroni
Evita Peroni sent me this hair elastic with a leather flower. It works as a ponytail holder or headband. Or a bracelet.


This wasn’t a Christmas present. It was something we earned. But we only got the cards over the holidays.


As regular clients of CIBO, I can’t tell you enough how wonderful it is for our kids to be members of Club Bimbi. There are so many freebies and fun stuff. One time they had “make your own pizza” for kids! And it had spinach which the kids ate. Ask any CIBO branch about applying for a Bimbi card. It’s open to all kids under 13.







Beautiful but…


Over the holidays, I discovered this rare French fragrance company in Rustan’s Makati. They have a beautififul fragrance section where the old cafe used to be. It’s so pretty there you’ll be convinced to buy a special non-commercial scent. I was.

While searching for a scent for Patrick (he doesn’t like commercial scents), I ended up in the feminine side. I found Eau De La Couronne by Rue Rance 1765 in a small shelf. I was initially attracted to the “oldness” of the display. Not old as in forgotten and decrepit. It was very old world and luxurious. The bottles were engraved and decorated with grosgrain ribbons. Everything seemed very exclusive. I took a whiff of Eau De La Courronne and instantly fell in love. It was the perfect scent. Nothing too deep like a French old lady’s perfume (which I also like). It was a mix of fruity and floral. And the scent was unrecognizable. The price tag was hefty. Almost P6,000. Gasp! It was their last bottle. And I went for it.

The other scents from the same Rue Rance line were heavier and muskier. I liked them all, especially the one called Josephine. Apparently it was commissioned by Emperor Napoleon Bonaparte for Josephine. Can you imagine?! I was tempted to go for it, same price as Eau de la Couronne, but they had a lot of Josephine bottles left and the Couronne was standing alone. So I went for Couronne because of my “first love” instinct.

A review from Fragrantica – Rue Rance Eau De La Couronne is constructed as a fragrance with accentuated fruity accords above floral heart and hot amber. It features red orange, lemon, melon, black currant, apple, jasmine, violet, freesia, lily of the valley, sandalwood, iris, musk mahogany and amber. Its flacon is also made of glass and decorated with gold.


Too precious.


I was in a buying mood. And I thought I deserved a gift to self. So I didn’t do my usual method – spraying the scent and letting it sit and develop after a few hours. Because, like I said, they had only one bottle left and it was the height of the Christmas rush. So I bought it instantly.

Here’s my verdict. It may be the most beautiful scent I own (next to Daphne [Guinness]). But sadly, the scent dissipates into thin air after an hour. Leaving no trace! My baby’s water-based cologne from Mustela even has longer staying power. I feel so gypped. Maybe I should have gotten the Josephine or the Laetitia. But still. For a French perfume company with pedigree that goes back to Emperor Napoleon, I think something went wrong with the Couronne mixture. It’s just… too weak.




Soft Set curls



I went in to Studio Fix yesterday to get a haircut. I texted Alex Carbonell for an appointment, saying I needed a change. I’d never had my hair this long before. And though I love the length I have to say that it hasn’t been easy to maintain. I don’t have time to get my hair blown out and set everyday. So I’d been relying on my hair accessories – spin pins, forks, clamps and clips to get my hair somewhat presentable.

Alex gave me options – a shoulder-length bob, new colour or maintain the length ala JLo. Can’t say JLo was ever my style peg but she is very beautiful and her hair is gorgeous. I knew I couldn’t maintain JLo hair on a daily basis. So that conversation didn’t last long. Then one thing led to another and I ended up getting Soft Set – Alex’s version of the digital perm. Its the newest digital perm process using Nano technology and ceramic rods. Alex said the results are texture and soft bounce, not the usual frizzy big permed waves of the last decade.

Remember that my hair has never gone through any chemical treatments before. I’ve never even tried rebonding. The most I’d done is get deep conditioning treatments. I actually surprised myself that I said yes instantly when Alex showed me the brochure that said “Soft Set. Seductive soft curls and romantic ringlets.” To me it meant the end of curling irons.


The whole process took almost 4 hours. It started with shampoo, then Alex trimmed my hair.


They gave me a treatment to soften the hair which took about an hour. Then they placed some sort of setting lotion for half an hour. After, they wrapped the hair in curlers. This had to be done with careful precision so that the curls would be soft and big. And each rod was attached to a wire that eventually heated up. The heating process only took 20 minutes.


We waited for the rods to cool down. They applied another treatment to “neutralize”. Then we washed my hair, applied a leave-in conditioner and curl enhancer.


Soft Set
And this is what my curls looked like when I left the salon! I love it!!!


Digital perm
And here’s what my hair looked like this morning straight out of bed. Soft and bouncy. Note, I just got out of bed then.


photo 5
It’s exactly what I wanted. Soft Set rocks! I love it!


Here are the FAQs from Twitter –

How long will it last?
It promises to be soft and with waves for 6 to 8 months.

How about maintenance?
Low maintenance. Just use moisture shampoo and light conditioner. Get a treatment once a month which you should be doing anyway even without a perm. Avoid combing harshly. Manipulate w fingers only and a styling product that can define curls such as curl definer hair balms or lotions.

How much is Soft Set?
The brochure listed prices – Medium Php 4,250. Long Php 6,450. Very Long Php 8,650.

Studio Fix by Alex Carbonell
Level 4, Greenbelt 5 Makati



Beauty schmeuty



Gave a talk to Rotary Gems San Juan today. Topic: Creating a Beautiful World.
I posted this on Instagram the other day after I gave a talk to the Rotary Club about “Creating a Beautiful World.” Then I got questions about make up instead of the talk.


I’ve been getting a few requests for a video tutorial on how I do my own makeup. My goodness. I don’t think I have enough guts to do that yet. I’m too shy to give you tips because I am not a pro at this. And I have so many make up artist friends that are better at giving you professional advice.

Most of the time, I do my own makeup. And most of the time, I do it in the car. So while I can’t give you a step by step how-to yet, let me share the basic makeup products I use. These are the same products I use for on-cam shoots for Urban Zone and for an afternoon shopping trip to the mall. I just vary the degree/depth of use. Like if I’m on cam, I add a bit of shadow contour on my eyes, a bit more concealer and more powder foundation for coverage and anti-shine. I apply lighter pigment when I’m not on cam.

None of these products are freebies or PR gifts, so please don’t ask me prices and where to buy etc. Because I don’t remember. I will tell you the brand and the shades and they are pretty much sold in the usual places. I will give you as much info as I can. But I don’t have press kits for accurate info.


I love this powder foundation. It’s the best thing ever. I love the consistency, so smooth. And the coverage can be controlled so easily, either light or heavy. I haven’t even tried using it with a wet sponge yet because a little dust of this using a brush gives me enough coverage. I found this in The Face Shop. The best thing about it is the price – around P900ish. The down side is that it only has a few shades. This NB25 is already the darkest and I think it’s pretty light, considering. So not much range there.

For daily use, I stick to black eyeliner pencils applied in varying degree of thickness. I apply a line in my upper lid. Sometimes I smudge a thin line in my lower lid. But I already have strong eyes by birth so I try not to over do the drama there. This is awesome because once you apply it, it becomes smudge free. It’s called Shadow Liner from Maybelline. And it was inexpensive – probably below P500.

The pencil below is an eyebrow pencil from The Face Shop. Its got an auto sharpened brown tip on one end and a brush on the other. Again, inexpensive.


For eyeshadow, I have no brand loyalty because I like to buy new ones every season – Chanel, Guerlain, Estee Lauder, Shu Uemura etc. I love the packaging of luxury brand cosmetics. I like palettes as opposed to singles. This is a quad from Chanel, the newest one. In the photo above I used the gray shadow and applied one coat of it across my eyelids using one finger. Seriously. It was a no brainer.

I use concealer in my under-eye area. Very lightly because anything thick would create creases where my wrinkles are. So I just use concealer to lighten up my dark circles. I apply it before brushing the powder foundation. Then I reapply if needed. I use my finger. This particular one is from La Mer, 02 Medium. But in my other makeup bag, I use an old MAC concealer.

That lipstick is Spitfire form the Wonder Woman collection of MAC. I like that its got a deep pink purple tone. I’m into dark lips now.


I’m not picky with powder blush. I have them in different brands. The past few months I’ve been using this MAC Mineralize Blush in Cheek & Cheerful. It was a gift from an aunt in Toronto. I don’t know if it’s a special colour or a regular one. For me, any colour of blush will do. Experts can give you better advice on which blush to use for your skin tone. I use blush sparingly.

I’m happy with this mascara. It’s from L’Oreal. It’s called Telescopic Clean. It could have been any brand though. The day I bought this I was looking for any black mascara that wasn’t waterproof. I really hate stressing over makeup removal. And waterproof mascara just makes my lashes so thin. Everytime I use it and remove it, I feel like I’m losing 5 strands of eye lashes. This is water soluble but it’s not like it runs when you sweat. It comes off as flakes.


So I go cheap with basic things like black liner and mascara but I don’t like scrimping on lip colour. My lips get so dry and chapped easily. I find that Chanel is good for me. The deep red on the left is La Fascinante. It’s got a velvety finish. It has tendency to dry because that’s the look they’re going for, somewhat matte. So I condition my lips with lipbalm before applying this. This is the shade I used at the LV party. On the right is Insolente, a really nice bright pink. But not too fluorescent. It’s a very pretty pink. In the photo above, it shows a very faded Insolente. Oh I get that way, I don’t reapply lipstick unless I’m at a schmoozing event or on-cam. I usually just let my lipstick fade. Bad habit.


Let me know what you think. Share your beauty finds too.