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FA Belo Pamper Day


I have been going to Belo religiously for over ten years. By that I mean, regular facials every 2 to 3 weeks. I have the simplest maintenance routine — Honey Almond Cleaning and Power Peel. No chemicals, no ointments, no creams, no lasers. Two times I tried laser, Picosure, for research purposes. I love the results, but I feel like I don’t need lasers just yet. This is because I am so happy and satisfied with the quality of my skin.

To give you some examples I am posting some shameless selfies here — with no filters, no make up, just woken up face, and one photo shows what I look like with my everyday makeup. With all objectivity and humility I can say I have very little visible pores on my face. Because of my treatments at Belo, I’ve also reduced the need for other skincare. I don’t use masks or creams. Once in a while, I’ll use eye cream, only because I’m jealous of my friends who buy fancy creams.


A few years ago the night before I turned 40.


My every day makeup involves no actual foundation makeup. I only wear foundation if I have to go on stage. For real life and events, I just dust some powder on my skin. I wear concealer to mask some dark circles under my eyes and redness around my nose. Then I focus on the yes and lips. This was in 2013 in Toronto.


Breakfast at home, 2014.


Another “woke up like this” shameless photo. At the beach in 2014, during our early morning walk.


I’m not claiming to be perfect. But whatever imperfection there is, I’ve accepted completely. I have a huge scar across my forehead due to a bicycle accident when I was 8. I have red veins that show through my skin — which I actually love, because one side spells the letter “M” in red veins. My kids think it is my mark – M for mom. I have a mole in my lip. Speaking of, I know I have thin lips but I will not get fillers, not me. Too scared of injections. My nose is funny; it points down when I smile. Laugh lines and fine wrinkles are there too. I used to obsess over my teeth as a teenager because they were huge. My parents got me braces in my late teens when my jaw reached maturity. I had to wear a headgear at night. There is no such thing as effortless beauty. Haha.

I am raising three daughters who I hope will not be obsessed by their looks. I know that consciousness about beauty and body image is part of growing up. My role as their real role model is to show them that these things are temporary and what matters most is what they have inside – their good heart, intelligence, compassion, faith, drive — these are what will give them inner strength and peace. But of course, being beautiful helps a bit up to a certain point. And by this I mean, just care for what you have and be the best version of yourself. I tell them not to worry because that’s a given. They have beauty in their genes (my mom and Patrick’s mom). So now they just have to just focus on working on their inner selves and taking good care of their skin and body.

So before you go on throwing pie in my regularly scrubbed face, let me tell you that the reason I’m blabbing about this is because you may have a chance to win my treatments too! Thanks to Belo Medical Group, they are sponsoring a very special giveaway once a week for three weeks! And on the fourth week there is a grand prize! Scroll below to see mechanics.


Belo beauty Dinner event LPG
Belo and I go way back. I am so grateful to Dr Vicki Belo for taking good care of my skin for over a decade.


With some of the Belo Babies.


Before treatment.


My Power Peel bed.


Fairest of them all! Just yesterday at Belo Shangrila Plaza where I had a simple body scrub. (I’m into wearing loose clothing these days).


In celebration of Belo Medical Group’s 26th anniversary, they have meticulously designed each of their 12 clinics to make all the patients feel like royalty. Their fairytale-like clinics have various unique decorations but definitely support the main theme “Fairest of Them All”.

As part of the #DaphnexBelo giveaway, I am inviting you to visit one of the 12 Belo clinics to personally see the creative set-up for this 26th anniversary. And then you guessed it, please upload photos and/or a video to qualify to win a weekly prize and/or the grand prize. Visit any Belo Medical Group Clinic. See list of branches here.

For complete mechanics for the giveaway, please scroll down.


Belo at Tomas Morato, Quezon City


Belo at Shangrila Plaza, 5th floor





In celebration of Belo’s 26th anniversary, Belo is giving away the following prizes during the period of August 16 to September 12, 2016 for you, my awesome readers:

1st winner – August 22 – Glycopeel cleaning/Honey Almond cleaning and Power peel
2nd winner- August 29 – Glycopeel cleaning /Honey Almond cleaning and Power peel
3rd winner- September 5 – Glycopeel cleaning/Honey Almond cleaning and Power peel
Grand winner- September 12 – Wet and Dry Dermabrasion and Revlite on the face


Mechanics of the contest:

1. Post a video or photo greeting for Belo’s 26th Anniversary on Instagram and tell us why Belo is the fairest of them all. The video must be no longer than 30 seconds. Video taken inside the Belo clinic is a plus but not required.

2. Follow the Official IG of Belo and my IG in order to qualify for this contest. Use the hashtags #Belo26 #FairestOfThemAll #DaphnexBelo and tag @belobeauty @victoria_belo @daphneop

3. Posts should be made public.

4. The contest will run for 4 weeks starting from August 16 to September 12. The best answer to the question “Why Belo is the fairest of them all?” will be chosen every week for the first three weeks. Announcement of weekly winners will be done every Monday- Aug 22, 29 and September 5. Each winner for the first 3 weeks will receive Belo items and gift certificates for my favourite maintenance treatments like Honey Almond cleaning/Glycopeel Cleaning and Power peel (Total Value: P4,000+)

5. On the 4th week, the most creative video throughout the whole contest period (may include the three past winners) will be declared as the grand winner on September 12. Prizes include Belo items and gift certificates for Wet and Dry Dermabrasion and Revlite on the face (Total Value: P22,400+)

6. The winning entries will be posted on @belobeauty, the official Instagram account of Belo Medical Group.


Contest starts August 16. But you can start making your video now.

Good luck, everyone!


Belo Pamper Day





I was supposed to post this early today but I have been glued to the TV and Facebook because of the Philippine national elections. Promise, no talk of politics here.

I posted my selfie after voting yesterday. And my friends shifted the discussion from the voting process to my skin. Ok ya, that photo is flattering. I think my phone has a natural filter. But I wasn’t really that fresh. I stood in line outside in the heat for almost two hours. I wore a hat and sunglasses and used an umbrella. I also had two fans, a manual and battery operated mini fan. My friends asked me about my beauty regimen. This is not to say that I am an authority in beauty. I’m not. It’s not something that I dwell on. But I do make an effort to take care of myself. My regimen is not complicated. But it takes a bit of commitment.

Last weekend I broadcasted live on Facebook. I was so amused at all the questions sent to me. I think 80% was about beauty. So I know that this is something important to you, my readers.

Like I always say, all I do is get a facial and a Power Peel at Belo every three weeks. I barely use any products on my face because I have tendency to be oily. I only use moisturizers when we are traveling in a cold climate. Here in Manila, my skin remains hydrated naturally, so I don’t add creams. I only spend on makeup remover and the occasional sunblock when I know I’ll be exposed.

I have been going to Belo for about eight years now. My regimen has remained the same. I like sticking to what works. I am happy with the quality of my skin. I can go out of the house, and even attend events, with no make up on. Seriously.

Fast forward to now, it is the month of Mother’s Day. I know most moms would love to get treats and pampering. So Belo Medical Group and I partnered to bring this amazing opportunity for you to get the same treatments I do. Most moms work too hard – in the office, on location, at home, and even just before going to bed. It seems like we are always “on” and never on break. Sometimes it feels like the entire house will fall apart if we were absent. But really, moms need to take a break regularly. Let everyone else pick up the slack. Take care of yourselves first before you can care for others.

So this week we are doing a major giveaway for one lucky mom. She will be getting a #BeloPamperDay. My lucky reader can have the chance to win a #BeloPamperDay gift certificate for herself or his/her mom. This amazing package includes –

  • 1 session of Glycopeel Cleaning/Honey Almond Cleaning — An aromatic honey almond scrub that gently exfoliates dead skin cells and is perfect for those with dry and sensitive skin.
  • 1 session of Body Scrub — The body scrub makes use of sea salt or sugar scrub to gently remove dead, dry, rough skin, leaving it soft and smooth.
  • 1 session of Exilis in the abdomen area — A new body contouring and skin tightening machine. This makes use of focused RF technology to treat jowling, loose skin on the neck and décolletage area. It can also help fat and flabby abdomen, back, arms, legs, and knees.


Me and my mom.


All you have to do is tell us why your mom deserves to have this amazing beauty treat from Belo. Here are the mechanics:

  1. Upload a photo of you and your mom on Instagram and tell us why do you want to treat your mom to a #BeloPamperDay.
  2. Use the hashtag #BeloPamperDay on the caption and tag @belobeauty
  3. Post should be made public
  4. There will be one winner who will get all three treatments. Winner will be notified in Instagram.
  5. Contest runs from May 10-13 up to 3pm Manila Time. Announcement of winners can be on May 13 shortly after contest ends. You may claim the prize from May 16-20. The GC is valid for 6 months.


Congratulations, the winner is @chloelgmn

The Terazi Spa at Discovery Primea





Our long weekend staycation at Discovery Primea was even made more special because of our couples massage experience at Terazi Spa. We hardly ever have a couples massage because frankly, who has the time? And when we are staying in hotels, it’s usually logistically impossible because who will watch the kids? This time was different because my mom and dad also had their own Business Flat room just beside our Primea Suite. So they babysat the three girls for a couple of hours.

I have never been to Turkey so I don’t know what an authentic Turkish bath is like. But I’ve been to a 5-star, 5-diamond waters spa in the US. And I can imagine that in Istanbul, Turkish baths are more exotic. Patrick and I were in for a surprise when we stepped into the Terazi Spa on the 3rd floor of Discovery Primea. The decor was warm and modern. Lots of wood panels and indirect lighting. There was nothing ethnic or exotic, just a quiet elegance. Here’s a rundown of what we experienced.


The lobby foyer of Terazi Spa.


I filled out a few forms.


They asked about our health situation. There are some medical conditions that contradict the treatments. So if you have some health concerns, please check with your physicians first as the Hammam involves steam and heat.


After filling out the forms, we sat in a little lounge where we were given a really refreshing cold tamarind drink.


Our shoes were taken away and we were given white rubber flip-flops.


Upon entering our therapy room, I see my new Melissa slides in this basket. I love these slides they are perfect for the summer and for pedicure days. This is from the newest Take Me To Rio collection.


And this is the Hammam. This traditional, marble-lined Turkish bath is the only one of its kind in Metro Manila.


The room was heated with steam. At one point I couldn’t see past my arms. Patrick and I were in opposite sides of the room. We were given cold citrus water and an ice pack in case we felt faint and dehydrated. We sat for 10 minutes soaking in all the steam. Then we were occasionally doused with water.

Then we were made to lie face down on the heated marble bed. Terazi’s therapist started us with a deep body exfoliation using a traditional ‘chess’ mitt and castile soap. This is where it gets TMI. But you have to just surrender. The therapist will scrub every nook and cranny of your body. (We kept our undies on, haha). And here is the most incredible part, when the therapist covers your body in a cloud of soap suds or bubbles to wash away dead skin cells. Imagine how that feels. The bubbles pop and slide down your skin. It’s a very gentle sensation. It was the most relaxed I’ve ever felt. I didn’t want it to end.

After the hammam we were escorted back to our massage room. They led us to the shower. And gave us another glass of cold drink.


The shower area.


And here is where we had our massages. There were three choices of oils. I chose the one with eucalyptus.


It was an amazing massage. I sort of fell asleep but not deeply. I don’t want to actually sleep for fear of missing the massage sensation. Patrick on the other hand totally conked out. Again, the service and ability of the the therapists were excellent.


After all the treatments, we sat at the little lounge up in front again. We were given another drink, warm ginger tea this time.


It was just so, so, lovely. I miss it already. That hammam experience was incredible. It’s definitely something to try. I’m already thinking of when I can go again next. It was that good!


Our couples massage was sponsored by Discovery Primea in partnership with Melissa Philippines. Watch this space for a chance to win a weekend staycation at Discovery Primea.

For inquiries about the Hammam Treatment and other spa treatments at Terazi Spa, call Discovery Primea at +632 955-8888 local 7310, or email for reservations.



Belo News: Thermilift



Belo Medical Group is proud to be the first and only to introduce the next big thing in aesthetic anti–aging trend. Known to be in the forefront of technological breakthroughs in dermatology Dr. Vicki Belo does it again. From the first ever skin laser in 1990, introducing Botox to bringing Picosure last year, the maven of a Doctor now brings The Thermilift : the real non surgical facelift.


Many machines have claimed to be able to do non-surgical facelifts but only the thermilift can substantiate its claim. Most of the other machines work only to the level of the skin, unfortunately, in order to truly create a facelift we need to affect the different layers of the face : skin, fat and muscle.

Unlike other machines that only treats the top layer of the skin and cannot penetrate the deeper layers Thermilift is an injectable RF (radio frequency). The very first and only machine that enters the skin through a thin probe. With this they can target the level of tissue they want to focus on. It can target the wrinkles on the skin, can also melt the fat on the jowling. It can also address the muscle that becomes sagging and long through time causes a double chin.

Sadly all the other machines don’t work well on the neck. While the Thermilift can melt fat and tighten it like no other machines before it can. This machine is the first FDA cleared aesthetic device that employs temperature controlled RF. Also perfect for Asian skin because there is no cutting of the skin therefore no scars.


First and only available in Belo Medical Group. Formally launched in the Philippines January 25, 2016 at the Rizal Ballroom of the Makati Shangrila.


Since ThermiLIFT is directly applied under the skin, it effectively heats the target areas, causing contraction (shrinking), tightening and lifting of the skin. The science behind it is skin collagen gets stimulated, which then reorganizes and tightens when heated up to a temperature of about 50-60C. This leads to the tightening of the skin as elasticity improves with new collagen formation. In addition, a minimal amount of stubborn fat deposits in the treatment area are melted away and the liquefied fat is then excreted out of the body naturally. The combination of skin tightening though improved skin elasticity and the reduction of fat in the treated area is what gives patients great results with minimal downtime, which improve over time.

It is described to be a “micro-invasive” procedure since it involves the use of a micro-fine needle probe inserted beneath the skin. This allows the delivery of the required thermal (radiofrequency) energy to the target area. It further uses a revolutionary Thermal Image Guidance?, which allows physicians to monitor actual epidermal skin temperatures to ensure precision of the heating effect while maintaining safe skin temperatures.

Lower face, jowls, neck, abdomen, love handles, arms, thighs

Approximately 1-3hours

It is ideal for people with sagging or loose skin.


The launch was hosted by Cristalle Belo Henares and actor Tom Rodriguez.


Highlighting Dr Vicki Belo’s passion for innovation is an award presented by Barry Rigby, VP for International Sales of Thermi Aesthetics, as the country’s first and only beauty clinic to have the revolutionary treatment, Thermilift.


Dr Vicki Belo was also celebrating her birthday that day. In photo with Belo Babies and her own baby, Quark Henares (far right).


For more info:

Source:  Belo Medical Group media kit



Hereditary cancer screening




Every October, the world comes together to celebrate Breast Cancer Awareness Month. We get surrounded by a sea of pink – beauty products, clothing, food, and even buildings that get lit up. There have been  advancement in medical research for breast cancer. And the message has always been clear – that early detection can save lives. And yet every year, someone I know gets breast cancer. And from December of last year, I had seven friends who died of cancer (two were male, and of the five females, four had breast cancer). Maybe it’s our age. Maybe I just know too many people.

When I was growing up, no one I knew had cancer. No one in my family had it. None of my parents’ friends had it — until I was a teenager in Toronto, and my mom’s close friend got it and fought it. Just yesterday, I found out two people I know have cancer – breast and esophagus. This is in addition to my long list of survivor friends.

I know way too many people with cancer. And despite how dreadful it is, knowing them gives me hope and strength. And walking them through their treatments has brought me closer to God and made me more aware of my own mortality. My friends who have had cancer are among the kindest and most giving people I know. Maybe its living with gratitude every day that makes them feel the grace of God. From them I learned that cancer isn’t always a death sentence — that early detection saves lives.

I looked through my files and found a lot of pink ribbon campaigns and breast cancer awareness events from the past. My best friend from childhood, Mel Lerma, is the country manager of Estee Lauder. And they are the leading organization in fund raising for breast cancer research. So I naturally supported Mel from Day 1. I also was given the gift of getting to know I Can Serve‘s Kara Magsanoc-Alipala really well. Kara is truly a blessing to so many. She is like a sister – so full of love and clarity. I Can Serve helps a lot of women via high impact information campaigns and community-based screening programs. Then there are prayer warriors outside the pink ribbon campaigns – my brother in law, my spiritual community at my kids’ school, and strangers I see when I sit in random chapels. People fight cancer with information, research, surgery, medicine, and faith.

Here are some photos from previous pink ribbon campaigns and events —


Mel Lerma and Daphne Oseña-Paez
With Mel in 2012, when Estee Lauder lit up the Ayala Museum in pink.


Rustan's Anton Huang, Estee Lauder's Mel Lerma, Daphne Osena-Paez and Rovilson Fernandez 4
Supporting my friend’s advocacy with Rustan’s Anton Huang, Estee Lauder’s Mel Lerma, and Rovilson Fernandez back in 2012.


Rhoda Aldanese of Rustans, Arnold Vegafrea, Daphne Osena and
Another Estee Lauder event with Rhoda Aldanese of Rustans, Arnold Vegafrea and breast cancer survivor Maritoni Fernandez in 2008.


With Mel at Estee Lauder pink ribbon event in Peninsula Manila in 2014.


I Can Serve 2015
Just last month at the recent I Can Serve fundraiser with co-founder and breast cancer survivor Kara Magsanoc-Alikpala.


Me and Kara last July 2015 at St Luke’s Global City, where I moderated discussions on radiation therapy.


My super friend and awesome breast cancer survivor Alya Honasan of Philippine Daily Inquirer and St Luke’s radiation doctor.


Last 2014, I hosted a portion of I Can Serve’s annual party with Kara.


I volunteered to man the I Can Serve booth in Rockwell in 2014. I do not hold an official title with I Can Serve. I just volunteer my services.


With breast cancer survivor volunteers and I Can Serve’s co-founder Crissan Celdran (on far right). Crissan is a survivor of Stage 3 breast cancer from fifteen years ago. These are the bravest, kindest, and most generous women I know. They provide a community of support.


Recently I learned more about hereditary cancer while hosting an event for Philippine Medical Oncologists presented by Hi-Precision Diagnostics. Hi-Precision Diagnostics is a medical diagnostic clinic that exclusively carries the the Myriad myRisk™ test in the Philippines. About 10% of people afflicted with breast cancer acquired it because of genetics/hereditary.

The Myriad myRisk™ test is the same one that Angelina Jolie took which determined she was carrying a faulty gene known as the BRCA1. This meant she had an 87 percent risk of breast cancer and a 50 percent risk of ovarian cancer. This led to her decision to have a preventive double mastectomy and have her ovaries and fallopian tubes removed. There are many arguments for and against Angelina’s drastic move. You may read Angelina’s journal, “My Medical Choice”.

Though the Myriad myRisk™ Hereditary Cancer Test is a giant leap in detecting potential cancers, it is not a test that’s necessary for everybody. Only those who are at high risk, with family history of cancer, should consider doing this test under the care of an oncologist.

The process is quick and virtually painless. By utilizing blood and saliva samples for their advanced laboratory analysis, as well as a scientifically-proven Hereditary Cancer Quiz, Myriad myRisk™ calculates both physiological and historical risks of cancer leading to a more well-rounded diagnosis. Through this, Myriad myRisk™ provides clear direction for patients for treatment or prevention, through specific medical management recommendations.


hi_p 116
I moderated the discussion about Hereditary Cancer Risk Assessment at a recent convention for Philippine oncologists.


hi_p 005
Here are some of the tests offered by Hi-Precision — Myriad myRisk™, one of Myriad’s most effective cancer-detection diagnosis, utilizes a 25-gene panel that efficiently and expediently identifies the elevated risks of eight types of cancers, among them breast, ovarian, gastric, colorectal, pancreatic, melanoma, prostate, and endometrial. Providing clear insights into cancer risks among patients by blending genetic testing status with hereditary cancer history, Myriad myRisk™ assesses the possibilities of cancer occurrences in an individual, leading to clinically actionable diagnoses.


A few days ago, I visited Hi-Precision Diagnostics’ head office where their laboratory is located. Here with Hi-Precision’s Melissa Ongsue-Lee and Vanessa Ongsue.


Vanessa showed me around the very impressive diagnostic labs. All analysis and lab work for Myriad tests are flown abroad. Only the sample extraction is done locally.


hi_p 068
With Dr Mariano Atacador, Melissa Ongsue-Lee, Lionell Lee, Myriad’s Andrea Tesoriero, Vanessa Ongsue, Carewell’s Robert Suntay.


For more info on Myriad genetic cancer screening tests —

Facebook: hpdiagnostics
Twitter: @HP_Diagnostics
Instagram: @hiprecisiondiagnostics
Head Office Corporate Hotline: +63 2 863-9999