Childhood dreams



With the Kidzanians


I hosted an event for Kidzania yesterday. Kidzania doesnt open in Bonifacio High Street until February 2015 but as early as now they launched their Educator’s Pod. Since Kidzania is positioned as ‘edutainment’ or educational entertainment, they met with different schools and teachers. Kidzania is designed as a real-looking city  with the ultimate role-playing opportunities for kids from four to fourteen years old. Even I got to play dress up at the event.


With the Kidzania management team and Rightzkeepers mascots


So here I am as a vintage flight attendant. The outfit evolved from my hat. I searched all over for a pillbox hat but fell in love with this fascinator from Evita Peroni. Then I found this suit at The Black Shop. I used to have a gazillion suits when I was a newscaster and weather girl for ABSCBN. My scarf is Yves Saint Laurent. (I have all these gorgeous silk scarves that I never get to wear. Because, well, in real life who wears elegant scarves?). Black pumps are from Massimo Dutti from three years ago. Oh and my smallest Jewelmer pearl studs.


I had my makeup team groom me at home. So yes, I travelled mid-afternoon with high and hard hair. My makeup was done by Ria Aquino; hair by Eddie Mar. That Evita Peroni fascinator is love.  I want to wear it again!


My peg. Mom as a PAL #flightattendant in the early 1960's. Back then their uniforms were Italian tailoring. #vintageflightattendant #vintage #cabincrewstyle
Here is my peg. My own mother. She was a stewardess in the sixties, back when Philippine Airlines was the top airline in this region. It was the “golden age of travel” for Filipinos. That photo was taken in Sydney, Australia before she retired from flying to marry my Dad. I grew up fascinated by these photos of my mother in her glamorous uniforms. Her hair was always perfectly coiffed.


By the time we were born, Mom wasn’t flying anymore. Back they didn’t allow married women to be FAs. But aviation remained our world. My dad was a pilot and we lived in an air base. I have always loved vintage stewardess style. Come to think of it, maybe this era influenced me in my grown up style. Women were way more elegant in the 60’s.


More vintage PAL from my mom's flying days when PAL was Asia's best. She's second from left. Lol at the subhead of this article. #vintage #vintageflightattendant #aviation #aviationstyle #philippineairlines
Cover of Free Press. It was a dream job back then. My mom is second from left. She is still good friends with her FA friends. And even in their 70’s they are all still so beautiful.


From Free Press. Mom is on the left.


PAL flight attendants in 1963.


When they weren’t flying this is what they wore. Where did all the elegance and glamour go? Can’t we all look this polished again?


More vintage flight attendant fashion inspiration here…


What was your dream job when you were a kid?






IMG_6981 e
Photo by Paolo Feliciano.


Sorry for the absence. My computer crashed. I lost my internal hard drive and everything in it. I was good with backing up. But something went stuck with my Time Machine that my last successful back up was on May 2013. So everything else after that has been lost. I’ve been disconnected for over 10 days.

I have a new hard drive in my computer now. Just like Easter signifies new life for Christians, so does this new hard drive for my computer and my blog. I don’t mean to sound pretentious with these analogies. The crash happened before Holy Week. I’ve also been going through a personal journey since the new year that has made this Easter a lot more meaningful.

I will try to retrieve some of the photos that I think I’ve lost. I have backed up some of them online and in external drives. For some reason though, I am ok with a completely empty computer. Perhaps I’ll just start over. Meanwhile I’m trying hard to get back on the groove of normal life, whatever that means.

Something tells me though that maybe one is just supposed to go on and not restore what’s been lost. Is that possible?

How do you deal with being so disconnected from everything – hard drive, work, this blog, life? Anyone?


P.S. The photo has nothing to do with this entry. It’s an out take from an old shoot for my furniture line.



Garage Sale stories



With my mom


Our garage sale last weekend was a huge success — Not only because we were able to sell our pre-loved things but also because I got to meet so many of you, my dear readers. Thank you for coming by to say Hi and talk a bit. It was my first time to have a public event inviting you all. And I must say, I love it. I can’t want to have another “event” with you all.

I had been preparing for a garage sale for months, and it was a blessing to find out that my friend had been planning a big one. So grateful that I got to join their group. It was a really good exercise in letting go. Cue “Let It Go“. There were some dresses, that I have to admit, were sold accidentally. I was like, “How did that get in to the bin?” But I let them all go. It was very good for my psyche.

Now a week has passed and my closet actually has some white space. The same can’t be said for my daughters’ though. That’s a different story. So, there are still a lot of things in our home… stuff we don’t really need.

I stumbled on Design Sponge’s 30 day Minimalist Challenge inspired by The Minimalists. And I am inspired to keep unloading my excess stuff. This one is easy. You can start today since it’s the first day of February. On the first day, you must get rid of one thing. On the second, two things. Three items on the third. So forth, and so on. They have a hashtag in instagram #minimalistchallenge.

Are you game? Should we do this Minimalist Challenge together? Let me know…

Meanwhile here are some highlights from last week’s Garage Sale @ Tangile.


It was so nice to be out all day… during the cold spell! The night before we opened, we were at the yard and it was 19°C .


The shoe section was a huge hit. About 12 friends consolidated their pre-loved shoes on a long table. Imagine the gazillion choices!


The morning of Day 1 there was a long line at the exit.


We were surrounded by happy smiles! So nice! Bargain basement prices!


At one point we had to control the crowd. We stopped counting at 450 that morning. I am so sorry if anyone was inconvenienced by the lineup outside. Though there were no complaints.


My booth. Fun!


The fashion booth. I had to stop myself from buying from my friends. Internal mantra: “The goal is to unload…”


My friends organized a really efficient way of paying. The line was long but it moved fast.


Ok, I have the sweetest mom. She helped some of the shoppers. Oh it was hard to let this dress go. I loved this so much. But my backless days are over. And it’s made me happy to see my loved clothing go to people who loved them too.


EDIT: Adding the next four photos. My kids “sold” their Rainbow Loom creations for P20 each. Sophia was the creator, Lily was the accountant and Stella was the talker. Haha.


Sophia’s little fundraising project.


The girl upped her service. She now takes custom orders for rainbow loom bracelets. Haha. 10 minute waiting time. Garage Sale at Tangile. #tangilegaragesale
On Day 2, Sophia added a custom service. Haha.


Our team!


My friend Eliza’s baskets were a big hit! Each one was a beauty. And sold for a song!


Thank you, everyone who came to say hi. It was really nice to meet you. Can’t wait ’til the next one!!



Happy New Year



Thank you 2013.


How is it January 5th already? I haven’t written anything yet. Where did my first four days of 2014 go? All I’ve done so far was edit out the kids’ toys and clothes. I’ve also been cleaning up my computer and files that are backed up on hard drives, cloud, Flickr, Google, iPhoto, etc. It’s crazy. I miss my analog life. I have yet to write my little 2013 retrospective. Perhaps when the kids go back to school tomorrow.

We spent the days leading up to New Year’s Eve at the same Batangas beach we go to almost every year. We are so fortunate that my brother-in-law’s good friend lends us their beautiful rustic beach house. This has become one of my favourite places in the Philippines because it is so pristine. And no domestic flying involved.


Early morning low tide. Beautiful.


Starfish love.




Beautiful patterns. By afternoon, this is covered by the tide.


At sunset the tide comes in.


Sophia, the one who really loves the outdoors, clings to every moment she can being free in this wide open space. She loves standing on that breakwater.


I love this shot. Taken just before dusk. The water is so still. And my baby girl who loves the sea just couldn’t help but explore.




Stella’s sea shells by the sea shore.


Every year the children in the community give my kids sea critters. My kids keep them for a little while then release them back to sea.


Sophia saw this huge snail with a beautiful shell.




Sand castles.


Patrick and Stella


My brother in law celebrated Holy Mass at sunset on December 31st.


We visited the site where we got married over a decade ago. The mountains of Batulao was the view at our reception.


This is the little chapel of our wedding in Don Bosco Batulao.


I love that my children still indulge me with smiles even though the sun gets in their eyes.


We are family. Happy 2014.
With our only sibling and family in this part of the world.


2013 was full of extremes. Like many, I am glad it’s gone. But then I started worrying about 2014 and the next storms coming our way. I remembered the message at new year’s eve Mass. No matter how much we plan everything, we are not in the control. We should live through both joy and challenges with gratitude for all that it brings. It may be hard to do. But I sure will try it.


I spent last night creating this Flipagram of my 2013 year. Despite all the troubles in our country, all I could remember were the fun times with my family.

I don’t know how to post Flipagram on this website. I want to share it with you for a short while. It is the most I’ve revealed of my world — the perfectly imperfect one. The link to the video is here. It is also posted on my Facebook page.

I’m hoping for the best for all my friends, relatives, you my readers and the thousands of people who suffered through 2013. I pray that you find the strength to face your challenges with grace and gratitude. I won’t stop at prayer either. I hope I can do stuff to make things better.

More to come…



Christmas 2013



Well, it’s over. The kids are all busy playing with their new toys. I’m busy cleaning up and preparing for a new year. This Christmas had been difficult for many of us. Weeks leading up to Christmas, all I wanted to do was just sleep it off.  Collectively as a nation, we felt so much loss amidst all the tragedies this year. But no one really knows how to cope with loss unless it happens to you. In my Facebook alone, at least five friends lost a loved one within the past few days. But Christmas went on. I felt the love. And I’d like to think I gave my love back.

I hope you and your families had a wonderful time. Sharing with you some snippets of the past season. I miss it already.


We kicked off the Christmas season in Singapore in early December. This was taken at the beautiful Gardens by the Bay.


Scan 2
The kids didn’t really ask for major things. Every night our prayers always include the children and families affected by the war, earthquake and storm. On November 6th when the storm warning was serious, Sophia prayed — “Dear Papa Jesus, You don’t have to give me anything. I don’t really need much. But please, I ask that you save the people from the storm.” Two days after, Haiyan/Yolanda happened. Lily also learned about the suffering and damage caused by Yolanda. Her letter to Santa above shows how she cares. Sigh.


Sister love. Thank you Santa. #frozen
Santa came. Since Sophia had already bought Lily that simple book she asked for, Santa figured it out and gave them what he knew they really wanted (but was sold out in every toy store). Frozen dolls! Lily received Elsa and Stella got Anna. Sophia got more furniture for their Sylvanian Family house(s).


Speaking of Frozen, there was a nasty ice storm in Toronto that looked so beautiful in pictures. Because icicles formed on branches, a lot of trees fell breaking some power lines. My sister lost power in her house two days before Christmas. She didn’t have power=heat til Christmas Day.


At Noche Buena with my cousins, it is tradition that kids perform. Sophia did the Cup Song.


Lily performed Olaf’s song from the movie Frozen. She prepared her own props and choreography. Stella fell asleep by then. Poor kiddie wasn’t able to perform her act.


So instead, let me post this photo of me and Stella at Noche Buena minutes before she fell asleep. Oh yes, Stella and Soph are wearing the same exact Gingersnaps dress. It was so beautiful, both girls wanted it. I wanted it in my size too. Haha. Photo by Koko Roura.


We put up our non-designed tree and used the same ornaments. Each one has meaning. The tin toys were from our first Christmas after we got married. The wooden toys are from my mom and dad’s recent trip to Germany. The paper and cellophane flowers were made by our helper. The kids also added a paper garland they made.


The kids were able to share some of their artistic talents with the kids of Yolanda. My very charitable friend Chary Mercado had been organizing relief work for Yolanda-stricken areas. She needed some Christmas cards to go with all the gifts they were sending. The kids and their friends got together with Chary’s daughter and did over 200 cards.


Olaf and Frozen again. My girls are so into this Disney movie.


I spent a lot of time in the kitchen these past weeks. But on the actual day of Christmas, I had turkey and pasta cooked by a restaurant. (Are we the only ones who are zombies on Christmas Day? This tradition of Noche Buena is taken seriously in my dad’s family. So on Christmas Eve we eat at midnight and get home by 3 or 4am.) Re: recipes, I promise to share some of my “experiments” soon.


Sophia’s lovely Christmas poem


Attended a lovely wedding at the Shangrila amidst this beautiful Christmas lobby. And OMG, the photos on my Samsung camera get automatically backed up in some cloud and some of them get saved as GIFs. Haha. I have no idea how it does this. But this GIF makes me smile because of Patrick’s serious non-smile. Haha. It reminds me of the flip book we had made at the wedding as a souvenir.


Looking back, I don’t know how we all did it. Going through the Christmas rush of shopping and making it to lunches and dinners with friends. It is always so lovely to see old friends. These are my friends from childhood.


And my girlfriends Mel, Ingrid and Fiona. We had too much fun talking, eating and drinking that we only took one lousy photo.


One thing I won’t miss is the crazy traffic. But who knows if it was seasonal or if it really is just that bad all the time. I hope not.


Wishing you more days of relaxation, reunions, detoxification and all that. And more importantly I pray for peace in our hearts and that includes the feeling of safety for all of us. Merry Christmas to you my dear readers and friends!