I did some styling for Metro Home



A few weeks ago, I spent an afternoon at Ito Kish’ store in Nicanor Garcia St, Makati. Our friend, Carlo Tadiar asked us to do a spread for his magazine, Metro Home. The idea was to ask three designers to set up the same exact table and corner. Carlo invited me, Ito and Miguel Rosales. I tried to say no and stalled as long as I can. Busy was an understatement. But eventually it pushed thru and we had fun while doing it.


Metro Home1
And how the opening spread looks like. Yes, I included a Daphne chair in the background.


I chose to do a tea party setting – something young, playful and feminine. I was thinking of my kids while choosing my items. These photos were taken using my Olympus PEN EP3. I was playing with the art filters.


It all started with this set of stackable square plates. I found them in Dimensione. Loved the Palladian architecture details printed on them.


Then I saw the grass-like place mats. So instead of doing something ultra modern and architectural, I went the playful route.


And I couldn’t not have these. Fell in love with the print and packaging of these precious soaps in Dimensione. I had to have them in the photo. So I set them up like little petit fours on a cheese plate from Alessi (I couldn’t find a cute cake plate).


These bears are actually nylon eco bags. I thought they’d be good party favours. Here they are leaning on my whimsical teapot from home.


And I was running out of ideas and needed some colour so I picked up these playful glasses also from Dimensione. The napkins are actually waffle fabric tea towels from Ito Kish store. I just folded them to make them look like napkins.


Then I thought it needed more softness – so I brought out my Cath Kidston tea set.


And to pull everything together, I placed little bolster pillows on the back of each chair. Luckily Ito had some floral pillows in his store.


Here’s the current Metro Home issue. It’s also available digitally on Zinio. Support, support! It’s a great issue. Lovely country homes.



St. Francis Shangri-La Place Grand Penthouses




I had the privilege of hosting the unveiling of St. Francis Shangri-La Grand Penthouses a few weeks ago. This photo shows me standing in the corner of one of the bare units. Check out the height!


I’ve been very curious about St. Francis Shangri-La Place in Ortigas. I know a few people who’ve bought units there. But I’d never been inside before until I hosted the event. I actually have a side story that goes with this. Those who follow me on Twitter may remember the day I had to get off my car and take the MRT during rush hour because EDSA was in a standstill. This was the event I had to go to. Luckily, St. Francis is connected to Shangri-La Plaza mall which is also connected to the MRT Shaw station.


photo 1
This was the view from the penthouse, I snapped from my iPhone. That’s EDSA – the traffic I left behind.


St. Francis Shangri-La Place is a good looking building – clad in glass with 61 storeys, it is one of the tallest residential developments in the Philippines. The units that were unveiled were up in the penthouse. There are 8 penthouses – three have already been sold. They’re pretty spectacular. Floor areas range from 510 to 650 square metres, all with three levels – 59th, 60th, 61st. The top-most level is the private infinity pool. Incredible!

After the brief program, I took the guests on a tour of a beautifully designed 547 sqm unit by renowned interior designer Manny Samson and Associates. No expense was spared when Manny Samson designed the space – it “exuded elegance, comfort, and world-class luxury, showcasing that which has always been friendly and familiar —Filipino ingenuity.”


Upon entering, one can instantaneously experience the unit’s bright and airy feel.


This sparkling Capiz shell chandelier is individually etched with various patterns creating a lattice- like effect


“Casual elegance and modernism with floor-to-ceiling glass windows offer amazing cityscape views of the metro.”


This chandelier is the pièce de résistance! It measures 5.1 metres and further emphasizes the double volume ceiling.


It wasn’t easy capturing the magnitude of the space. Just imagine a very high space, floor to ceiling windows on both sides, all set in a backdrop of polished chrome, silver gilding and high end fabrics.


Click “More…” to see the rest of this spectacular penthouse in St Francis Shangri-la Place


Tuscan modern in Cebu



This is the house we featured in Cebu last week. It’s a gorgeous home with Tuscan-style architecture and modern interiors. It was designed by the homeowner herself, Nia Aldeguer – an architect. She was inspired by her family’s home in the US but adjusted the details to suit tropical conditions – lots of sliding doors and huge windows. Oh, and the two gorgeous cars (vintage Lotus something…. ) are housed in what was supposed to be a guest room converted into a pseudo-garage.




Urban Zone airs on ABS-CBN Channel 2 every Friday night after SOCO and internationally via TFC.



A well-dressed bed



I was quiet yesterday. We were busy working on a little creative project at home. It was an instant production with Xeng Zulueta doing my makeup. She brought Felicity Son to play with my curls. Then I coerced photographer Dix Perez to do the shots. It was a near impossibility to put this together but it all worked out. The creativity among my friends… just oozing! I love it. I can’t wait to share the final product.

Meanwhile, we put up our tree this weekend. We’ve been using the same artificial tree from our first Christmas together 9 years ago. I’m thinking of changing it one day. But the ornaments will always stay. And no, I will not buy a real tree (for safety reasons).


I bought these tin toys when I was pregnant with our first child, Sophia. I got sets of a train, a rocking horse, airplane (to symbolize my dad) and a boat. They are very special. Of course I didn’t know I was going to have 3 daughters. LOL. I tell the kids these symbolize their future life full of exciting travels.


I have a couple of these beautiful breakable-metallic vintage-looking Santas. My mom gave them to me.


Lily got this from her ballet teacher, Abby, last year. It goes well with the vintage feel.


Every year I think of re-doing our tree to make it more designer-looking. But I am so attached to our ornaments. And the kids love the stories behind each. So I think we’re not going the polished designer-look ever. Our tree will be home-made and naive-looking forever. Just like us.


Our bed has better outfits than we do. I'm happy with how my new line turned out. #daphne #linens #sm #ourhome
I got the newest style of Daphne Linens the other day. It now has my new logo and packaging. I love this style. It’s called Flair. I was thinking of Scandinavian crafts and ikat prints. And this is how our designers at the factory translated the inspiration. It turned out well with the deep blue, grey and white. Pardon the shameless plug, but if there’s a must-have for the new year, it should be new bed linens. You spend 1/3 of your life in bed. Think about it.


Stella, iPad, Cobonpue & the new Daphne Linens.
This is how it looks like at my home. I included the little add-on accessories like the bolster pillow, breakfast pillow, two pillow shams and Euro shams.


Daphne Linens are in SM Homeworld and Our Home. And only the ones with my name and logo fall under my brand. The rest… not.


Our bed changed outfits today. Here's a Daphne Linens from last year.
This morning we changed our sheets and used Daphne Linens from last year. This is called Couture. It has the loveliest ruching patterns. It comes in beige which is like the colour of clouds.


The husband’s comment this morning. “We have too many bed linens. We should edit.” But I know he’s just saying that because the linen closet is bigger than his. And our bed is better dressed than we are.




Ely Buendia’s house on UZ



Here are some outtakes from the Urban Zone feature of Ely Buendia’s house. Ofcourse, Murphy’s law. I forgot to charge my Olympus PEN, so my battery ran out after 6 shots. Most of the photos are from my iPhone. This is the first time Ely agreed to have his house shown on television. It has appeared in Homestyle magazine last year. And it is currently featured in Dwell Asia magazine. But TV… just me. I have to say a big thank you to Shawn Yao for helping me make this happen.

Ely designed his house himself. A frustrated architect, he taught himself by reading books on modern, industrial and brutalist architecture. He’s a big fan of Le Corbusier. His architect friend Mia Guererro helped him realize his concepts from drawings to plans to actual construction. Mia says there are parallels between Ely’s house, Le Corbusier’s idea of modern architecture and our bahay kubo. More on that later after the jump.



1997 MTV Music Award. I interviewed the E-heads for this in 1997. I produced the story for Teddy Boy Locsin’s Assignment in ABS-CBN.


His Man on the Moon is prominently displayed on this red shelf.


The red shelf slides sideways – it can be used to hide either the door to his son’s bedroom or the stairs.


Click “More…” to see the rest of Ely Buendia’s house.