Cover from over ten years ago



When Patrick and I got married, we were both working in television. I was the host of “F” and he was a journalist covering war, disasters, and politics. He was the creator of “The Correspondents” and many award-winning shows in ABS-CBN. We decided from the start that we wouldn’t be playing the couple thing in magazines and features. That whatever press I got, I would just represent myself. And the same for him. So we never agreed to photographs as a couple or family.

Then in 2011, when we already had three daughters, I had gotten to know the editors of BC magazine. They proposed a three-cover feature in the theme “eat, pray, love.” The concept was amazing. And I was able to convince Patrick to appear in photos. We had no idea that the hugging photo would make it to one of the covers. We had a few good laughs.

It’s been over a decade since this epic shoot in our house. I guess it is pretty fair to post pages of the magazines here. I haven’t re-read the article/interview. I’m sure I’ll cringe. But the photos are lovely. The kids have grown up a lot. Looking at these photos makes me miss having little ones, with their toys scattered around the house. I remember during this shoot, Lily was feverish and coughing. And yet she didn’t want to miss it. So she woke up from her nap and posed for that cover pic. Then we went to the park, a picnic blanket was strewn on the grass, toys were brought to the playground, and Lily instantly felt better.

Thank you to Tom and Tanya Favis of BC Magazine. I’m so grateful for this and for our friendship.




















Christmas marks a time when many OFWs and balikbayans come home to be with family. And more often than not, they choose to fly with Philippine Airlines. I do, especially when I travel to and from Canada. Nothing beats Filipino hospitality on long haul flights, especially if you have small kids.

Before I go on, let me say that this is not a paid ad at all. I am not paid nor have I ever gotten a free flight from PAL except for the mileage I’ve earned through my credit cards. I am however, a legit PAL baby. Or I should say, a child of aviation — complete with stories of playing in the tarmac. Those of you who have already read my book CHIC: Tips on Life, Style, and Work will know that my mom was a flight attendant for PAL in the mid 60’s. My dad was a military pilot. I grew up in an air base.

This month, the iconic Mabuhay, PAL’s inflight magazine has featured me in a two-page spread. I love, love, love the way they do this section. Instead of a PR photo or glam shot, a hand-painted watercolour illustration fills up an entire page. I like the painting so much, I’ve put it on my Christmas wish list. If my husband pays attention, he would have gotten the original for me. I have yet to find out on Christmas morning.


Painting by Cheryl Owen.


The painting is based on this photograph, taken by Dix Perez back in late 2012. That’s my front door. Xeng Zulueta did my makeup. Felicity Son did my hair. I wore my own beaded dress and necklace I made for myself in 2006. This image made it to the Vogue Italia feature.


Vogue, People Are Talking About
Certainly one of my “blogging career” highlights. Vogue Italia featured my jewellery, furniture, and other products. So much has happened since then. And the Mabuhay article, as well as my own book and writing process, has given me a chance to look back, appreciate, and be grateful.


The chair that Vogue called “doll house furniture”


I no longer sell these chairs. We had a problem with copycats (ugh). My only authorized dealer was Dimensione. Last month, I took orders from my Instagram and FB followers, and was so surprised to still see so much interest in these chairs. Hmmm, ideas …


We had the chairs personally delivered by either me, my husband, or my driver. The rest were shipped via LBC (which is now my official courier). Hello, ecommerce made easy.


I continue to make my own fine jewellery for myself. Sometimes I can take in orders and commissions. I am aware that a few sellers have copied my concept. I don’t know how to feel about them. And I am sure I am not the only one who has to deal with this.


Daphne on F
I have been wearing my faith charm necklaces since 2005. I made them for me, as these were significant and meaningful. The opportunity to design and sell my work came after.


Then I took the work seriously and invested in my brand identity. Each of the pieces comes with handwritten notes and certificates. And just as my chairs have them, the jewellery also have engraved brass plates. Anyone interested in my jewellery can email me directly at




Back to the Mabuhay article. Thank you, Carlomar Daoana for your insights. It’s always hard to talk about oneself, and even harder to read what’s written about oneself. A big thank you also goes out to Mabuhay’s new EIC, James Ong, for taking interest in featuring my book and my work.

There is just one little thing that I have to clarify. I did spend my childhood in Metro Manila. It is true that my dad was the helicopter pilot of President Marcos – a fact about my dad’s work and character that I am very proud of.  However my family and I did not abruptly emigrate to Canada in 1986. There was no such “escape” after the EDSA Revolution. My family moved to Canada in 1983, not to be immigrants but to join my father who had been on an official assignment attached to the Philippine Consulate since 1982. In fact, during the actual EDSA Revolution, I was on a trip to Spain and Morocco organized by my high school. I celebrated my 16th birthday in southern Spain.



There was a bit of drama… ok, a lot. But definitely no abrupt leaving and no actual emigration. As for the real details, you’d have to read about it in my book.



Elle Decoration turns 1



Happy 1st anniversary to one of my favourite design magazines in the country – Elle Decoration Philippines.


The current, first anniversary issue.


Thank you Becky Kho and Chiara McDermott for putting our UNICEF Auction for Action in this issue. In this page are Elmer Borlongan’s Hari Sonik and Stanley Ruiz’ Wheelbarrow.


Auction goes live from October 21 to 27 at


So giddy to have a one page ad in this anniversary issue. I feel part of the journey of this prestigious magazine having hosted two of their major events including their launch.


A look back at the launch party at the Metropolitan Museum.


With this beautiful installation.


And last season’s Elle Decor Cafe at Manila FAME – with EIC Becky Kho and Summit Media Publisher Aurora Mangubat-Suarez.



BABY Magazine September 2013



Stella and I are on the cover of BABY magazine August-September 2013. Many thanks to Juana Manahan-Yupangco, Jacqui Salonga, Ana Gloria and the rest of the BABY team for this amazing cover story.

The cover was shot in our home. Stella has gotten used to “photoshoots” that the last time we needed to get her some ID photos she asked, “How do I smile, mom? Photoshoot smile?” So then I had to teach her how to do the passport smile (no teeth and no expression). I think she got confused and gave us a “passport smile” here. Haha. Seriously, the lipgloss made her freeze.

The spreads inside are so lovely. It made me wonder if that was really me in the photos and article. It’s surreal to be reading about one’s self and work. Thank you, Ana for helping me spread the messages of UNICEF and for allowing me to share stories of my journey with UNICEF.


Baby 2 scan


Photos were by Paolo Feliciano. My makeup was by Ria Aquino and hair by Avril, both my stylists the TV show.

BABY magazine is available at all leading bookstores and magazine shops.



Patrick in Esquire



This month in Esquire read about President Aquino’s personal State of the Nation address. Exerpts here.


Bragstagram. Patrick is in @esquireph issue of How To Be A Man with no less than the President in the cover. He's featured w Bamboo, @erwanjheussaf, Rudy Farinas etc. Totally astig @trikoy. So proud of my man!
And one of those “few great men” is Patrick. Wow (proud wifey). He is featured in the story, “How to be a man” together with men like Erwan Heussaff, Bamboo, Atom Henares, Congressman Rudy Farinas, Nonoy Froilan and no less than the President of the Philippines.


Esquire July 2013
Now available in all magazine stands and bookstores. Also on Zinio.