Xeng and Xander



Here are some of the photos we did a couple of months ago. We did this for fun and for art’s sake.  This is what happens when you play around with friends who are the industry’s top artists. Makeup by Xeng Zulueta and hair by Cats Del Rosario. Photography by Xander Angeles, Edge of Light Studios.

These images are raw and unedited. No photoshop at all.








I know. I know. I’m so lucky to have Xander and Xeng as friends. Please don’t hate me. Haha.

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Philippine Star Entertainment



Featured in Philippine Star yesterday


Thank you Tet Defensor for the lovely feature in Philippine Star Entertainment last Saturday. Here is the full story.





Good Housekeeping November 2011




Thank you so much Good Housekeeping! Your team is so amazing and professional! So fast too!!! Thanks for noticing me (again). This is my second GH cover. I truly appreciate it.

Folks, I hope you get a copy. Here I try to answer the question, “How do you do everything?” Funny, I just saw Sarah Jessica Parker’s movie “I don’t know how she does it” and I was in tears the whole time. Could relate. It’s really not easy being a mom who works. We always have to battle guilt and perceived failures in a few departments. But in the end of the day, it all settles itself. Then you know why you’re doing all that.

I’m working from home today and as I typed that paragraph, Stella was hanging off my back and pulling my right arm. It’s not like I can tell my 2 year-old to be serious because Mommy’s working.

I really don’t know how we do it. All moms are awesome – jugglers, multitaskers, superwomen, list-makers.

It’s Friday, long weekend again. Take it slow, enjoy the little moments. Try to squeeze in a pedicure (so cheap in Manila). Have a glass of wine with your S.O. tonight. Or by yourself! Pop in a movie. Read a book. You deserve it!





Thank yous



Thank you Dexter Matilla for interviewing me about my gadgets. It appears in this month’s issue of Tweak magazine. I have yet to get my hands on a copy.


Thank you BC Magazine. I love you guys so much! And thanks for loving me back. They mentioned my blog in this month’s issue of BC Mag. It says “Aside from being a mom and credible TV host, Daphne Osena Paez is also one of the country’s most trusted bloggers. Her engaging site tackles everything from stories about her three daughters, beauty tips, travel advice and more.”


Thank you Metro magazine. LONG OVERDUE thanks. This feature came out last year. They did this huge production photo shoot that was like a real party. I had won Most Stylish Female Celebrity TV Host in Star Studio Awards then that’s why I got invited to this shoot of epic proportions. (I suddenly got reminded of this because it was during this event that Randy Ortiz talked to me about a potential project with another group. And now, that project is about to happen! Thanks Randy.)


It was Thanksgiving Day yesterday (the real Thanksgiving, LOL) in Canada. My sister Hanni hosted lunch. Mom baked the turkey for over 6 hours. We were on FaceTime while they were waiting for the turkey. This is one of the hundred things I miss about being at home, my mom’s turkey. It sucks having two homes so far away from each other. I had a rough day yesterday. I allowed a hater to bother me. But thanks to my family, they reminded me that “our cup runneth over.” And none of it had to do with my public life. So thank you for the real things in my life. The ones that matter most … love, good health, peace, liking each other in our happy family.


And in keeping with Thanksgiving, this is certainly something to be grateful for. My best friend Mary’s grandfather is the oldest man alive in Canada. Mohammad Mohyeddin is 105 years old. I remember meeting him in Montreal when Mary, her sister Kathy and I did a road trip one weekend when we were in university. This is a family that truly values respect, education, togetherness and tradition. Really amazing. Some words of wisdom…

Always drink pure water, eat food that comes from the ground — not from a package — and chew carefully, he says. Actually, Mohyeddin is pretty specific about the food part: Don’t eat pickles or anything else brined in salt. Sausages are out too. Eat fruits and vegetables. He always eats an apple before breakfast. He doesn’t drink or smoke, and has no problem lecturing a stranger on quitting tobacco.

Exercise. Choose a spouse who will be a true companion. And take care of family first. “It’s the love of them that gives me power to live,” he says, gesturing to the clan crowded around him. — Toronto Star

Please read the rest of the article and watch this.