Win one of five Samsung Digital Vacuum Cleaners



Samsung Digital Vacuum Cleaner
Samsung Bagged 2.1L Dust Capacity, 1,400W (model# SC3310). 1,400W max power, 360W suction power, 260 cleaning width, Bag 2.1L dust capacity


I haven’t done a blog giveaway in a while. And this is exciting. SAMSUNG Digital Home Appliances is giving away 5 digital vacuum cleaners through my blog! I think it’s awesome!

If you’ve been following me on Instagram you might have noticed that I’ve gone DIGITAL with my appliances at home. Going digital makes a big difference. Yes for now maybe the cost of the appliances are higher than non-digital. But in the long run we save more in energy consumption. Samsung Digital Home Appliances are energy efficient, environmentally friendlier, and a lot more powerful. And they are good looking. So if you’re design conscious, this is the way to go.


This is the week we start turning on the new Samsung inverter fridge. Can't wait. #samsungdigitalappliances
Here is my awesome Samsung Inverter Refrigerator, still bubble-wrapped. Will do full reveal soon.


My epic kitchen renovation is still on going. Epic. All delays are self-inflicted. My suppliers were wonderful. It was my last minute sink switch that caused all this. But we are doing the electrical stuff this week. So pretty soon my refrigerator and Samsung Digital Rose Inverter aircon will be functional. I also just got our windows installed last week. This means we may soon be able to activate the wall-mounted inverter aircon in the kitchen. Yes gasp! I put an aircon in the kitchen. It is, after all my dream kitchen.

Like I said, going digital with home appliances is so worth it. If you are in the market for upgrades or your building a new house, consider Samsung Digital Home Appliances. It makes a big difference.

And now the GIVEAWAY. Just follow the easy steps in Rafflecopter. The mandatory steps are easy (Like the FB pages of Samsung and DAPHNE®, leave a comment below in this entry, tweet about it). The bonus steps are fun. You can access it in my Facebook page which I assume you’ve liked already. If not, the link to the direct app is in the bottom of this post.


Corner of our home
INSTAGRAM BONUS sample caption: “A corner of our home. @DaphneOP #Samsung DigitalAppliances”


The Instagram bonus will give you 10 raffle entries. You may do this once a day. Just post a photo of your own space/corner of your home or your dream space, attributed to an online photo or store window or anywhere you find inspiration. The photo should show why you want a clean home. Tag @DaphneOP plus use the hashtag #SamsungDigitalAppliances. (NOTE: You won’t be judged based on your photo. This is just a bonus. So we can all see what inspires each other. I will post some of your photos later).


Here’s how to join:

1. Join the SAMSUNG Digital Home Appliances giveaway here. All instructions are listed in this Facebook app. But to make things clearer, I’m listing them below.

2. Follow the Rafflecopter app in my Facebook page. The mandatory options will give you automatic raffle chances. The mandatory options are – leave a blog post comment, like my FB page, like Samsung Philippines’ FB page. You have to click through the app so your raffle chances get monitored.

3. There are some bonus options. You don’t have to do it. But if you do it daily, you will increase your chances of winning. Enter the app daily and do the bonus options so your raffle chances get monitored (5 points each). The bonus options include tasks in Twitter, Facebook and Instagram/Photos. For Facebook, please post “I want a cleaner home with #SamsungPhilippinesDigitalAppliances and @Daphne Osena Paez. Join me @tagfriend1 ?” in your status. For Twitter, something similar, “I want to have a cleaner home with @DaphneOP and #SamsungDigitalAppliances ”

4. The Instagram bonus is just for fun, as mentioned above. Your photos won’t be judged in anyway. But please tag @DaphneOP and use #SamsungDigitalAppliances hashtag. I’m curious to see corners of your home or your design inspiration. Some of the photos will be posted here in this site. Instagram bonus gives you extra raffle points. You can do this daily. If you don’t have Instagram, posting a photo via Twitter will work the same. Just make sure you use the hashtag and tag.

5. Giveaway starts now and ends on Friday November 23. Winners will be randomly chosen by Rafflecopter. Winners will be announced through this site and Facebook on November 24th.

Good luck!!



This contest is open to anyone who can pick up the prize at the Bridges PR Office in Makati. Prizes unclaimed within 6 months will be forfeited. Don’t forget the hashtag #SamsungDigitalAppliances



Links of London on Sale



I don’t think I’ll ever outgrow my love for charms and sterling silver. I love them as much as I love serious jewellery. Ok, maybe not. But I always find a reason to buy charms. Now my daughters’ caught the bug as well. Each one has her own charm collection. Triple the fun. Or quadruple, including me.

It’s that time of the year again. Links of London is on sale. Click, click.


Brit Lines Cuff
Brit Lines Cuff, was $470 now $329. I love how this incorporated both the chain link pattern and the cuff’s solid shape.


Ballet Bear Charm
Ballet Bear Charm, was $95 now $47.50. How can any Mama resist this ballet bear? Adorable.
Web Exclusive Festival Wellington Boot Charm
Web Exclusive Festival Wellington Boot Charm, was $85 now $42.50. If you haven’t had any or enough British fever, here’s a little way of showing joining the celebrations.


Bull and Bear Cufflinks
Bull and Bear Cufflinks was $215 now $107.50. If my man wore suits more often, I’d get these cufflinks.


Cloud Bead
Cloud Bead was $120 now $60.00. This, I must have. I don’t think a day passes by that I don’t talk about the weather. It’s storm season here and we’re always like, “Is it gonna flood? Are classes cancelled?” Must have this. (And oh, I was once and ABSCBN weather girl, haha.)


Love Note Multi Row Bracelet
Love Note Multi Row Bracelet was was $335 now $234.50. What an adorable bracelet! And there’s an option of hanging more charms in those links. I really like this!



Additional 25% off sale clothes at Anthropologie



My readers in the western world are so lucky. Shopping online for you is easy peasy. For us here, international online shopping is still a gamble. I actually just had an issue with the Bureau of Customs last week. Story will be shared in the future when I find the patience to recount it. What most people usually do is have the stuff sent to a third party shipper then they send it here at minimal cost.

This is a deal that’s too good to pass up. All Anthropologie clothing that’s already on sale will get an additional 25% off. How crazy is that? But the offer is for a very limited time only, probably just this weekend.

Here are the cute things I’ve picked out. I know you’ll find more… Have fun!


Laguna De Paca Dress
Laguna De Paca Dress was $194.00, now $99.95 plus additional 25% off.


Pernille Silk Dress
Pernille Silk Dress was $178.00 now $89.95 plus additional 25% off.


Seaborne Corset Top
Seaborne Corset Top was $118.00 Now $59.95 plus additional 25% off.


Changing Stripes Dress
Changing Stripes Dress was $158.00 Now $99.95 plus additional 25% off.


Anthro Floretum Cardigan
Floretum Cardigan was $98.00 now $49.95 plus additional 25% off.


For a very limited time only, all sale clothing will get an additional 25% off. Discount reflected at checkout.



Titania Raffle



Titania is raffling off 3 complete sets of Soft Touch products. Each set will contain what you see in the two photos below. Follow instructions on Rafflecopter to join. Winners will be chosen at random.


Founded nearly 60 years ago by Mr. Friedel Kotte, Titania is a proudly German brand of beauty implements. Because of its excellent quality, it has become one of the most trusted beauty brands in the market. It is currently available in 108 countries worldwide and here in the Philippines, we have 71 beauty implements available – ranging from the basic nail cleaning tools to pumice sponges and foot files to foot creams and even to lash curlers.

In continuing Titania’s legacy of excellence and innovation, the brand has launched a new and improved range of foot and nail tools called Soft Touch. This is a range of ergonomic tools with the unique Soft Touch coating. This coating allows for better grip, ensuring that you won’t have any slipping accidents when you’re using them. So they’re easier to use and helps ensure precise cutting and clipping. The range consists of nail cutters, cuticle nippers, foot files, cuticle cutters and corn cutters. They’re available in four bright colors.

The new Soft Touch range and other Titania products are available in selected Watsons, SM Department Store, Robinsons Department Store, Landmark Department Store and Metro Gaisano Department Store branches.






To join Titania’s raffle, click this to bring you to Rafflecopter. Very easy, just follow all the steps. You can join daily up to June 10th. Winners will be announed on June 11.

Good luck!



Anthropologie clearance sale



It only happens twice a year. Anthropologie Clearance Sale.


Rose & Gold Slip Dress


Trianon wedges
Trianon Wedges


Banho bathmat
Banho bathmat


Anthropologie Clearance Sale Twice a year, twice as big, online & in stores.