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While I’m trying to figure out how to move to another webhost, I’m doing a little giveaway in my Facebook page. If you want to participate, please click here and “Like” my page.


Up for grabs is this package from Goody. They saw my video tutorial and were very grateful for the mention. So I’m sharing this wih you. Join in my FB page.



Holy Carabao



It’s that time of the year again. I’m sure some, if not most, of you have started your Christmas shopping or at least have made the lists. Don’t look at me because I’m a procrastinator. I like sharing gift ideas though. Here’s something from Hindy Tantoco. Hindy, we’ve known as designer and creator of Culte Femme. She has since taken a sabbatical to focus on family and other creative pursuits while living in a beautiful farm. She really lives in a farm – cows, horses, chickens and all. I love her home.

This Christmas, again, Hindy is taking orders for her pro-Pinoy, pro-organic, pro-wellness, pro-yummy and pro-happy gift crates called Holy Carabao. These are great for friends, family, business colleagues and teachers on your Christmas list.


Bowl of Greens P995 + VAT
Salad is the new fruitcake. Show them how much you care with something healthy, revitalizing and not re-giftable. Fresh, scrumptious salad for two.
Includes: our signature Holy Carabao wooden crate; a wooden salad bowl; bamboo tongs; organic/biodynamic lettuce, micro greens, sprouts and cherry tomatoes — wrapped in a sealed bag with FreshPicks® ethylene absorber to ensure postharvest freshness for a longer period.


Flower Power Pots P695 + VAT
Flowers aren’t just for Valentine’s. Blooming gifts will bring love (not war) long after the 12 days of Christmas. Peace out.
Includes: our signature Holy Carabao wooden crate; two terracotta pots wrapped in cheerful farbic; two varieties of live, planted blooms in rich, living, organic soil.
You may substitute flowers with organic herbs like Tarragon, Basil, Oregano, and Dill for P875
You may also specify the flowers you prefer. For example: Poinsettias. Prices subject to change depending on flower variety.


Click, click to see MORE Holy Carabao options…


Blog giveaway: Girl Two Doors Down



From The Flatshop, the store that brought us Tkees a couple of months ago, here’s another giveaway for DAPHNE readers. It’s for a brand called Girl Two Doors Down. They’re basically rubber flip flops… with a twist. They’re embellished with crystal encrusted pendants and witty slogans.

When you slip on a pair of embellished Girl Two Doors Down flip flops, you’re not only putting on a stylish pair of summer shoes, you’re stepping into a state of mind. This edgy collection is dedicated to all the ladies who may not be the girl next door-even but the sexier… girl two doors down. Girl Two Doors Down flip flops feature witty slogans like, “If you have to ask you cannot afford me” and “I believe in a total body workout. Currently my finger benches 3 carats.” Once your toes are adorned with these lavishly decorated sandals, you’re confidence emerges-just as boldly as the statement you’re standing on. — Source: website

GTDD has been seen on celebs like Halle Berry, Eva Longoria, Jessica Alba, Jennifer Aniston, Nicole Richie, Marsha Cross, Kim Kardashian, Britney Spears, Christina Applegate, Cameron Diaz, Katherine Heigl and Rachel Bilson.


It’s Halle Berry’s staple summer footwear – the GTDD cross medallion.


She wears GTDD on her days off… but apparently at this red carpet event too.


Michelle Trachtenberg and Emmy Rossum.


Detail of Emmy and Michelle’s GTDD flip flops.


The Flat Shop sent me Halle Berry’s favourite style – the grey cross medallion. They’re basically rubber flip flops lined with a neoprene line material that makes the surface extra soft. I use this in between shoots and when I’m off to get my nails done at the salon. I like the extra “dress up” bling.


The Flat Shop carries the entire range of Girl Two Doors Down – a variety of colours and bling styles. This is the “brooch” in platform style. The base says “If you believe it’s excessive, you don’t deserve it.” All GTDD come in either flats P1,990 and platforms P2,090.


I got this style as well because I love the fleur de lis emblem, a stylized Lily.


The Flatshop at the Ground Floor, Connecticut Arcade, Greenhills Shopping Center

And just like before, The Flat Shop is sponsoring another giveaway for my readers. They’re raffling off Halle Berry’s personal favourite Girl Two Doors Down… the Cross Pendant. Yay!


You can win this pair of Girl Two Doors Down Cross Pendant by simply joining this giveaway promo.


1. Like my page on Facebook here. Leave this message on my Facebook wall, “I want to win a pair of Girl Two Doors Down.”

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3. Leave a comment in this entry, “I want to win a pair of Girl Two Doors Down.” If you haven’t registered with Disqus yet, please leave a way I can contact you in case you win.

4. Winner will be chosen randomly by computer lottery on Monday, September 26 5:00pm. Announced on Monday night or Tuesday morning.

5. One entry per person. Anonymous entries won’t count.

6. Winner will have to show proof that he/she posted the comments in #1 Facebook and #2 Twitter by providing link or screen shot.

Good luck!




Contest is now closed.

Winner is Camille Quiambao



Shop Biofresh online


I think a lot of shoe lovers would relate with me. Not all shoes are created equal. I have a lot of beautiful pairs that are just that – beautiful… but not meant for walking. I call them my TV shoes. Sometimes while breaking-in new shoes I would individually wrap each toe in band-aids inside to avoid callouses in the corners of my toes. I have found, though, that there seems to be a correlation between the price of shoes and the comfort level. Quality really matters.

But enough about shoes. This is about my new finds. A few weeks ago, Burlington/BioFresh sent me some product samples. It took me a while to try them. I had a few of these products from an imported brand before. They were not cheap. So I saved them for special shoes only. Now that I found a more affordable option, I have them pretty much in most of my shoes.


Burlington Sofigel Forefoot Pads. These are great for high heels and wedges. They sort of add this “brake” mechanism so your feet don’t slide forward. It also relieves pressure from the balls of the feet. These are P200 only. All these products are available at their new online store.


Burlington Sofigel Heel Shields, P200. These are for the back of the heel. Because of it’s anti-slipping function, this is a good way to put pumps in place.


Various Burlington Sofigel products, all P200. Available here.


Also within the Burlington company is another brand called BioFresh. These are products with anti-microbial properties.


Biofresh Flex Gel Heel Protector with Vitamin E. “FlexGel” is an exclusive technology of the Burlington group for their Biofresh products. It is made of soft, stretchable gel-like material that acts like second skin. It absorbs shock and relieves pressure. It is hypoallergenic and treated with anti-microbial material to help eliminate bad odor. This is good for those with cracked heels as it is enriched with Vitamin E to help moisturize and repair dry skin. Available in most department stores nationwide. Or inquire through their website.


BioFresh FlexGel Toe Protector, P200. These are for those with corns, like a toe ring to reduce friction between toes. All FlexGel products are treated with anti-microbial properties.


BioFresh FlexGel Comfortable Insole, P280. This is good for those who stand and walk for long periods. It helps relieve forefoot pressure and heel pain. Look at how soft the product is.


I love toddlers’ toes. Well, I love baby toes better. But toddler toes are equally adorable. There comes a time in a parent’s life though, that you realize your toddler’s toes start smelling like little adults’ feet. Stella and Lily wear the cutest sneakers for play. But these things can look like heaven and smell like hell. We do wash them regularly. But now I’ve been sprinkling BioFresh Foot Powder, P100 in them before and after each wear.


I also use the BioFresh Foot Spray, P130 to keep their little shoe cabinet smelling prettier. For adults, these can be sprayed directly on feet. For my kiddies though, I haven’t tried. So I just spray the shoes and the cabinet.


Burlington and BioFresh have expanded beyond just socks. They have personal products for men, women and kids – like underwear, shirts and towels. BioFresh treated products “eliminate 99,9% odour-causing microbes and stay effective after more than 50 washings as tested in American laboratories.” Here’s the link to BioFresh womens products and towels.


Like I said, these products are available in most department stores. But in keeping with the times, BioFresh recently launched its online shop. This is perfect for those of you who would rather have these small items delivered to your home rather than making a trip to a department store just for a pair of socks. No searching, no parking, no long lines. It’ll also save you the hassle of searching for those foot protectors. Just go directly to their site here.

There’s FREE DELIVERY (in the Philippines) with a minimum order worth P800.

For a limited time, from now until October 7, all my readers get 15% off all BioFresh and Burlington purchases online. Just key in DAPHNE15 at the coupon code upon checkout.



The winner of LASIK from American Eye Center…




So we have a winner. I did everything on video using my iPhone. It gave me a bit of a headache because I had to email the video in cuts instead of a whole. I had to email it to myself then download, then upload it to my blog. Then I found out that the interface looks like this… Ugh, so ugly. There must be a better way to do post videos (not You Tube though).

So you have to click on these links, in consecutive order to see how I did the picking. I also did some overlaps just so you know I didn’t cheat or re-do.


Lasik 2

Lasik 3

Lasik 4


The winner of the all-laser LASIK from American Eye Center is… HAZEL T. Congratulations Hazel. I was feeling emotional when I found out who won. This was really meant for you. I hope you qualify for the surgery. Actually yesterday when I started reading, I asked Dr. Alnette Tan if cancer survivors can undergo LASIK. She said it’ll depend on your medical doctor’s advice and also on your screening at AEC. So good luck! I wish you the best. I sent you a message by Disqus.

To everyone who joined, thank you! I hope you read my blog with or without these gifts. Cheers!