“Bladeless” LASIK at American Eye Center




American Eye Center in Greenbelt 5


Last Wednesday I attend the American Eye Center’s unveiling of the most advanced laser technology — the Wavelight Refractive Suite or all-Laser or bladeless LASIK surgery. I had done LASIK surgery in 2005 and I’ve written and spoken about this many times. I admit, it was one of the scariest things I’ve ever done, but it was also one of the best decisions I’ve made. It completely changed my life. Having bad vision for decades was a major disability for me and it became a hindrance. I remember taking crazy risks like scuba diving with contacts on, only to have my contacts fly out of my eye while riding the boat, leaving me half blind while diving. Grr! And all these crazy lightweight titanium glare-free glasses that weren’t actually glare-free on TV (those made me look too serious anyway). And my baby Sophia grabbing and breaking three eyeglasses. It marked the end of needing specs just to function. Best thing I’ve ever done.


Sharing my experience about LASIK with RJ Ledesma. I wonder if he’s going to get LASIK done. (I wish there was a similar procedure that could LASIK my arms. But I’m an all-natural kind of girl, except with this eye surgery which was necessary.)


American Eye Center had invited me to participate in the press conference by sharing my own experience with LASIK. The media, and I’m sure many of you readers, wanted to know if it hurt. It was completely painless. The worst thing about it was my fear. But the procedure was fast and painless – and I was completely awake. I got perfect vision immediately – after about a 3 hour nap at home. And my vision is still perfect — no, more than perfect — up to now.

The new machine is also LASIK except that it uses an all-laser technology. The one I had still used a blade. But like I said, it was also completely painless and fast. Let me quote from their press kit because it’s highly technical…


The all Laser or bladeless LASIK surgery via the WaveLight Refractive Suite.


The first of its kind in the Philippines, this new equipment is very much in demand in all premier eye centers around the world. Its acquisition by American Eye Center reinforces the latter’s commitment to be at par with global standards of quality and excellence in ophthalmic laser treatment.

The WaveLight Refractive Suite is known as the world’s fastest refractive platform .  It combines two of the most advanced lasers currently available for performing LASIK surgery—the  WaveLight EX500, a 500 Hz repetition excimer laser; and the WaveLight FS200, a 200 kHz Femtosecond laser.

The FS200 femtosecond laser is impressive because of its speed and ability to make the flap that is needed for LASIK surgery.  There is no need for blades.  The surgeon is given the freedom of choice with regard to diameter, shape, thickness, depth, angle and location of the flap according to the individual needs of the patient. Integrating seamlessly with the FS200 is the EX500, the fastest excimer laser in the market operating at 1.4 seconds per diopter of treatment.  It can perform a wide range of customized treatments.

Source: American Eye Center


Dr Alnette Tan, during actual surgery


American Eye doctors with host RJ Ledesma and Magic 89.9 TM DJ Jessica Mendoza, who actually underwent the new all-laser LASIK during the presscon! We all watched live as it happened. And she went on stage minutes after surgery.


Here I am with Dr. Tan and Dr. Cabrera. It was Dr. Tan who performed my surgery in 2005.


The doctors of American Eye Center.


As mentioned in Twitter, American Eye Center is giving away ONE FREE LASIK SURGERY to one of my readers. This giveaway is completely transferrable. So you can give the gift of seeing to someone you care about. I honestly am bogged down with birthday party issues and details, so I haven’t figured out how to do this contest. Should we do it completely at random? Or should you share your stories and leave it up to me to choose. I have no idea. Let me put my kids to bed first and I’ll be back with the contest details.

In the meantime, let me know your thoughts.


EDIT: August 1, 2011 6:51 PM. Contest is now closed. All comments posted after this time won’t be counted. Thank you.


Winners of Kor Aura water bottles


I apologize for the delay in announcing the winners. We were invited to Varekai last night. I had already seen Varekai on premier night. I brought my mom then. It was wonderful. I wanted to bring my daughters too. Then the universe heard me and MAC (makeup) sent me two Tapis Rouge tickets for last night. I brought my eldest, Sophia. Now Patrick wants to take Lily but it’ll have to be on a matinee show. It’ll be hard for my kids to stay up past bedtime.

Meanwhile, back in the ranch…  I had trouble. I don’t think everyone followed the instructions of the giveaway promo. Based on the new Facebook likes of The Purple Tag, there were 558 new entries. But in the comment section of my blog, there were only 434 entries. Plus I found lots of duplicates, so after editing them out, we had 412 entries. I may have missed one or two duplicates, so instead of starting over, I will just disqualify them if they end up winning (they didn’t). The facebook wall had a few duplicates, and since I’m not an administrator of the site, I couldn’t edit them out. So I based the total number on the qualified entries in my blog – 412.

All winners were generated by Random.org – see winning numbers below. The numbers stand for the order the comments appeared.




The winners are:

130 Toni Tadeo

128 Reejane/Joanne Randiej

117 Clara Garcia Ocampo

257 Len Perilla-Jardenil

394 Lulu Eugenio


I have notified the winners via Disqus.  Congratulations. I hope you enjoy your new Kor Aura water bottles.



Blog Giveaway: Kor Aura water bottles



Kor Delta 500


Remember my Kor Delta 500ml water bottle? I bring my own water everyday instead of buying bottled water and adding to the garbage problem. Whenever I’m stuck without my water “baon” but dying of thirst and have to end up buying a disposable bottle of water, I feel really guilty. So as much as possible, I bring my own water. I’ve been doing this for many years.


Robert Downey Jr as Ironman and David Beckham both with the Kor One.


I wasn’t really picky with my water bottle. I had used an insulated thermos and it served me well. But all that changed when I discovered Kor through samples sent by The Purple Tag. I became very appreciative of design and function. It started with the Kor One (P1,700) which David Beckham and Ironman both used. It was a very good looking bottle. And it had all those environmental message gimmicks in its bottle cap. The smooth spout was the one that got me sold.

Then the Kor Delta (P1,350) came out which was similar to Kor One, but had a slanted handle and a lock. It came in a smaller 500ml size. I loved it. This is what I use. It feels good to hold it and feels even more comfortable to drink from it. So smooth! This is the one in the photo above.

Now they came up with another version. One that’s more affordable, but equally beautiful in design and function.


KOR Aura

The new KOR Aura® Hydration Vessel is a simple and sleek reusable bottle that puts the spotlight on water. Aura features a tapered, obelisk profile and delivers incredible ergonomics with KOR’s patent-pending Perfect Spout™ and hallmark spoiler handle. Made from BPA-free Eastman Tritan™, the Aura marks the fourth salvo in KOR’s design-centric hydration line.
“We love a challenge,” says KOR Water CEO and Co-Founder, J. Eric Barnes. “While our KOR ONE and KOR Delta sought to deliver sophisticated features in a high-end vessel, we wanted to bring understated elegance to a mid-priced reusable bottle that didn’t look so utilitarian. The Aura has an illuminating personality with simple elegance.” — Source: Press Kit

The Aura stands to appeal to every age and gender. Its two-toned cap provides a comfortable carrying handle while serving to completely protect the bottle’s spout from outside germs and dirt – a feature found on every KOR vessel. — Source: Press Kit


KOR products are available at Alessi/Conlins Elements Greenbelt 5 and Trinoma, all Cutting Edge Stores, Tripologie Stores Eastwood and Alabang and soon in Rustan’s. Or online through The Purple Tag.


KOR is giving away 5 Kor Aura Hydration Vessels through Daphne.ph. Here’s how:

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Good luck!

Win a Phil & Ted’s Sport Buggy from Mothercare




Have you joined this contest yet? Anyone can join. Not just mothers. Up for grabs is a Phil & Ted’s Sport Buggy with a doubles kit – perfect for toddler siblings. The set is worth P45,000+.

Phil & Ted’s Sport Buggy in Green Apple with doubles kit


Here’s Gwyneth Paltrow and Madonna with their kiddies in a Phil & Ted’s.


Liev Shrieber and Naomi Watts


This is a really awesome giveaway exclusive through my blog. It is open to everyone – whether you’re a parent or not. You can be an aunt, uncle, sibling, friend. Here’s what you have to do –

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Win a Phil & Ted’s Sport Buggy

How’s this for a housewarming promo? Mothercare Philippines is giving away one Phil & Ted’s Sport Buggy worth P45,598 through www.daphne.ph.


Phil & Ted's Sport Buggy


I am a stroller mama. I love the strollers we chose. My criteria – easy to use, easy to fold, lightweight. We travel with our kids. I have to admit, now that Stella is turning 2 in the end of July (gasp!) she prefers to run freely rather than ride her stroller through the mall. But she enjoys riding her strollers outdoors though, with the wind against her face.

This is one stroller I wish we had – a Phil & Teds Sport Buggy. I can imagine myself jogging or speed-walking with Stella in it. You can use it even off road. And I like the idea that you can attach a second seat for another sibling if you get the extra.

This is a really awesome giveaway through my blog. It is open to everyone. Here’s what you have to do –
1. “Like” Mothercare Philippines in Facebook
2. Answer this question: Where will you bring your baby with your new Phil and Ted’s stroller?
3. Post your answer at the Mothercare Philippines Facebook wall.
4. Leave a comment here in this blog saying that you joined Mothercare Philippines’ contest.
5. Tweet this link and mention me @DaphneOP and share it also in your Facebook wall.
5. Promo period is from July 1 to July 7, 2011
6. One winner will be selected randomly and announced on July 8 via this blog.

Good luck everyone! While you’re at it, please “like” my FB page as well.