S&R Members’ Treat 2017



Teaser Reveal


It’s that time of year again. The S&R Members’ Treat is happening this Wednesday, March 29 to Sunday, April 02, 2017 in all S&R branches nationwide.

S&R Members will get five whole days of big value and even bigger savings, with Buy 1 Take 1 deals and price reductions of up to 50% off on lots and lots of S&R picks – grocery staples like fresh produce, yummy baked goodies, and imported treats. There are also gift items, housewares, towels and linens, and even select appliances.

Here, we are giving you a sneak peek at some products that will be on sale. There are so much more, so make sure you plan your strategy. Some people make this event a family affair. Or others keep the kids away from the frenzy and just go solo. Or some meet up with friends so they cover all bases. Very, very exciting.










The S&R Members’ Treat will take place in all 12 clubs: BGC (Taguig City), Aseana (Pasay City), Congressional (Quezon City), Alabang (Muntinlupa City), Shaw (Mandaluyong City), Cebu, Pampanga, Imus (Cavite), Nuvali (Laguna), Iloilo, Cagayan de Oro, and Davao.


My personal wish list: 01 BALCONI Wafers Cubi Cacao gr. 250 – stand up bag, 02 OXICLEAN Stain Remover 11.7lb 252ld, 03 EMBORG Cream Cheese Classic 200g, 04 MARTINELLI Apple Cider 50.7Z, 05 TGIF Mozzarella Sticks 30oz, 06 MERBA Brownie Cookies 200g,  07 ECOS Plus with Enzymes 210HE lds  (Items shown in photo may have different packaging in reality).
Aside from low prices matched with a world-class shopping experience, another awesome perk for S&R members is POWER FUEL SAVERS, a partnership with Unioil, the pioneer of high-quality clean fuels in the country. Fuel savings will get even bigger at Php4.00 off per liter of gasoline or Php3.00 off per liter of diesel at any of the 50 participating Unioil branches, only on the dates of the S&R Members’ Treat from March 29, 2017 until April 02, 2017.

Good luck and happy shopping!



My Dyson Pure Cool Link



The Dyson Pure Cool Link has made our home healthier and safer.


Last November, I got a phone call from the doctor in my daughters’ school. She asked me to pick up my daughter (I won’t identify which one, to respect her privacy) because she was wheezing and having difficulty breathing. We had been warned by the pediatrician that she could develop asthma, there were already telling signs but it was too soon to diagnose. I quickly went to the school and brought her medication. We have been on asthma alert ever since.

Any parent of a child with asthma or severe allergies can tell you that we do whatever we can to prevent episodes and attacks. The most common intervention is to get rid of dust. This involves constant cleaning of your home environment. But there are so many allergens that are invisible to the eye. These can aggravate allergies or worse, can even enter your bloodstream.

Last Christmas, I received the Dyson Pure Cool Link purifier fan. As the name suggests it is a fan and air purifier in one. This is the first Dyson product in our home. And I can’t tell you enough how excited I am to finally own a Dyson – their products are not just technological breakthroughs, but also major triumphs in design.

I just love that the Dyson Pure Cool Link automatically removes 99.95% of indoor allergens and pollutants as small as 0.1 microns from the air. Just to give you an idea of what 0.1 microns means – these are particles that are 1,000 times smaller than a single strand of human hair. These particles are so small it can penetrate the bloodstream and cause respiratory diseases.

The Pure Cool Link is a well-designed vertical bladeless fan with a sleek cylindrical air purifier at the base. It has a small footprint – not bulky at all. Its sleek design goes well with any style of interiors. We’ve seen them usually in new, modern homes. But as you will see, it looks great even beside our antiques and tropical furniture.


Stella was amazed at the fan. Finally she won’t be risking hurting her little fingers. The air she breathes from the Pure Cool Link has been removed of toxic fumes and odours.


The remote control has the simplest and easiest buttons. Nothing frustrates me more than a remote control that I don’t understand. With the Pure Cool Link, you simply turn on the power button and control the strength and circulation. It has 10 airflow settings and an automatic night-time mode for the lightest sleepers.


I love that you can rest the remote control on the fan, and it becomes one with the silhouette. That magnetized surface is perfect for storing the remote control.


The Dyson Link app can automatically monitor the air quality of the room. You can use it to control the air purifier and fan from a remote location.


I downloaded the Dyson Link app so we can see the air quality and purify the air in the room even before we get back home.


Of course I had to try it from outside the house.


The app monitors indoor and outdoor air quality. You can also check your usage and air quality history.


Patrick sent me a screenshot of the app while he was at his office.


Since indoor air pollution can be up to five times worse than outside (due to trapped air), we maximize the use of the Pure Cool Link by moving it around the house. Here it is in our bedroom.


My tiny desk in our bedroom. Yes I have succumbed to working from the bedroom. But we will change this in 2017. I believe the bedroom should be just for resting. The Dyson Pure Cool Link has such a small footprint that it can stand anywhere a letter sized paper can fit.


This uses a Dyson 360 Glass HEPA filter. It has a layer of activated carbon granules that captures odours and harmful toxins like paint fumes. The Glass HEPA filter is the reason it can stop even 0.1 microns of pollutants, as it has borosilicate fibres that are densely compacted and woven together. The filter lasts one year if you use the machine 12 hours a day.


My kids are crazy into art and books. This afternoon I kept the Pure Cool Link on in the family room, so when they come home from school, the air is purified. The sensors inside the machine detects changes in home conditions. So every time I move it to a different location, it analyzes the air quality first, then cleans it.


In the kids’ bedroom. The Pure Cool Link removes pollen and allergens, bacteria and mold, industrial and auto emissions, odours and fumes, ultra fine particles, and pet dander.


The simplest and easiest interface on a remote control.


It looks great in our family room. It can be damp in this part of the house. The machine can detect high levels of humidity and prevent poorly ventilated areas from accumulating excessive mould.


Even scented candles, anti-perspirant, and household cleansers can contribute to poor air quality. We don’t have furry pets, but for those who do, the Dyson Pure Cool Link can get rid of pet dander to prevent allergies on humans.


For more information on Dyson Pure Cool Link, visit the Dyson concept store in Greenbelt 5 and in Century City Mall, Rustan’s Makati, and SM Mall of Asia.



Baby Foot





Our site partners at Beauty Box Corporation sent me some samples of Baby Foot, Japan’s revolutionary foot peeling kit. As the name suggests, it promises to leave your feet as smooth and soft as a baby’s. It has a unique formula of 17 types of natural extract that will allow your feet to exfoliate naturally, leaving them moisturized. I was curious. But before trying it out, I needed to read up on it. In the brand’s main website and Instagram, I saw photos of feet peeling. I nearly lost my appetite. Haha.

So I read up some more. Baby Foot contains natural extracts like Apple, Orange, Lemon and Grapefruit citrus oils, Calendula, Clematis leaf and Chamomile. These have high moisturizing power and astringency, leaving the sole smooth after peeling dead skin layers. The main ingredient of Baby Foot is Fruit Acid or Alpha Hydroxy Acid (AHA) which has been used as a remedy for the elimination of bacteria, inflammation and psoriasis for several hundreds of years. These days, it is commonly formulated for facial cleansing and peeling to support the texture of the skin by removing the dead skin layers and beautifying and improving the skin. (Source.)

The product doesn’t work instantly. You basically have to soak your feet in wet socks loaded with peeling extracts for 30 minutes. Then you can start seeing your dead skin peel off from three to seven days. The peeling process takes up to 2 weeks. If you want to see foot peeling photos, go here.

Baby Foot has won numerous awards from beauty authorities around the world. It was recently featured and reviewed in Vogue, Today, and Refinery 29, all giving this product rave reviews.


Baby Foot comes in Medium and Large size. I used Medium (size 7.5) which retails for P830 in Beauty Bar. Each box comes with a vacuum sealed foil pack containing two plastic socks soaked with peeling formula. Instructions are mostly in Japanese, but the local distributor provides English translations.


The foil pack lists the ingredients.


Here is the plastic sock. It is sealed, so you must cut off the top end with a pair of scissors.


You must have clean feet. And it is advised that you pre-soak your feet in water for about 10 minutes. Or take a bath or shower before you do the treatment. Your feet will absorb the formula easier if it’s pre-soaked.


The gel is a bit cold. They recommend that you wear socks over it to keep the gel pack in place. If you really must walk from A to B, please do so with caution as the gel pack is slippery. I didn’t move.


I kept it on for 30 minutes. Then I rinsed it off completely. My feet were a bit tingly the rest of the day. But no visible peeling happened, as expected. The peeling took place 5 days later.


In the interest of protecting my future career and endorsements, I am not posting photos of my own peeling feet. Haha. Please. But it did happen gently. Mine was like a powdery peel. You will see in the website of Baby Foot that peeling occurs in different ways. Some dead skin really peel off in one whole chunk. You must avoid the temptation of peeling the skin yourself. Just wait patiently for the skin to fall off.

What happens after you use Baby Foot is exactly what the product claims. You will have the softest and smoothest feet – with all new skin. This sensation lasts for about three months. You must take care of your feet by putting moisturizer after. This beats any tough sloughing process using metal shavers of pumice stones.


This is not my foot. Photo is from Baby Foot Philippines’ files.


For more information, check out Baby Foot Philippines on Facebook and Instagram. Baby Foot is available exclusively at Beauty Bar.

Uniqlo comfort beauty





A couple of months ago, I stocked up on some new dresses and separates from our sponsor, Uniqlo. I have been editing down my closet because what I needed 10 years ago isn’t what I need now. I pretty much live in basic clothes every day except if I have a function to attend. I was pleased to find some finer fabrics for work clothes this season.

In addition to the new wardrobe, I stocked up on some new inner wear. Uniqlo’s Comfort Beauty line has become a staple in my closet. The bras are so well-made and comfortable. Big plus that they are wireless, yet they offer good support. And I especially appreciate the skin-tone because it gives a good foundation to whatever clothing you put on.

It took a while for me to put this blog post up because I didn’t do a conceptualized photoshoot. Instead I documented my everyday life wearing some of the Uniqlo pieces that I got. Needless to say, in all of them, I am wearing Uniqlo’s Comfort Beauty undergarments.


One of their best dresses this season (01). It comes with a separate camisole. Made of light rayon, it is so comfortable for our climate. This was taken at the lobby of the Raffles Makati.


It’s that same black dress (01) that I love so much, I’ve been wearing it often. This was at the reception area of Flame in Discovery Primea.


Daily life – messy hair, no make up, a loose dress (11) and Birkenstocks. This dress is so flexible you can wear it dressy or like me, for every day errands.


At a Happy Skin event, wearing that black shift dress (04).


These are Comfort Beauty bras that form the foundation of a good wardrobe.


I also love this blush pink pleated dress (06). It’s similar to the long sleeve black dress. I wore this at a Lego event that UNICEF supported.


Wore this (06) quite often. Here with best-selling author Anna Todd (who has over 1 billion reads in Wattpad) at the National Book Store writer’s fair.


And in a corner of my home, wearing a comfy dress with built in bra pads (05).


My favourite uniform – the white shirt (10). This was the day I got my hair cut by Alex Carbonell in Studio Fix Greenbelt 5.


With my friend, Divine Gil-Reyes, who just wrote an entertaining and attractive history book, A Lolong Time Ago. My blue shirt (13) is from Uniqlo.


This white eyelet dress is so comfy. It comes with a detachable camisole. Im thinking of getting it in black too. This was at Rockwell cinema.


This photo was sent to me by reader, Jill Ramirez. I was running an errand and she introduced herself. Lovely to meet you, Jill. So about my blush cotton top (09), it’s so comfy and chic I can live in it daily.


This is the reason Comfort Beauty bras are so, well…. comfy.


And this is how Uniqlo works with built-in bras in their tops and dresses.



The new Montero Sport





I am like a Mommy chauffeur. My daily schedule revolves around my girls’ school drop off and pick up times. I fix my work commitments so that I can pick up my kids every day. It isn’t as tedious as it sounds. It actually brings me a lot of joy seeing their faces light up when I’m the one picking them up in school. Usually the ride home from school is filled with chatter from all three girls competing for my attention — lots of stories.

In my other life, outside of mommying, I still have to attend to my work — meetings, design and deliver jewellery, attend product launches, host events, do interviews, appear as guest in TV features, have shoots — you get the picture. My September started with my amazing book launch for CHIC: Tips on Life, Style and Work. It has been crazy hectic. I need a vehicle that can take me to places in comfort and style. I usually bring extra bags containing a change of shoes and some make up. I love doing my make up in the car (because of the natural light), so I need a car that runs smoothly. Needless to say, someone drives for me 99% of the time.

The past couple of weeks we have been using the all-new Montero Sport. I was able to test drive this best-selling mid-size Sport Utility Vehicle which won the Top Gear Philippines Shakedown comparing it to all midsize SUVs. It boasts of better performance, comfort and safety. What I like most though, is that it’s a stunner I can take with me wherever.


We have three of these huge suitcase-like school bags that have to be loaded in the back of the car.


My siblings in Toronto are shocked that I can drive in Metro Manila with no hassle. In fact, I find it easier to drive here than in North America because I’m terrified of speed.


The back seats fold up completely flat, leaving a large space for cargo. Perfect for when I do grocery shopping like there’s no tomorrow.


The Montero Sport comes with luxurious black seats. I found the seats very comfortable. It had enough support for my picky back and neck, yet it wasn’t too firm. It was just right.


The seats have a multi-layer cushion with more rounded shoulder which supports the position of your upper torso comfortably. That’s a shameless selfie before going to pilates.


The Montero Sport is fitted with an array of active and passive safety features.


As a mom, I am very strict with seatbelts and carseats. My kids are beyond carseat sizes now. But they always wear seat belts.


20160823_094237 Admittedly, with all the errands that I have to do, having a driver is really a huge perk. I don’t have to worry about parking the car myself.


20160827_132728 This was the time we dropped off my brother-in-law at the airport. Stella sat comfortably at the back. Seatbelts!


I sat in the driver seat, passenger side, back seats. All comfortable.


We liked that there were different temperature controls for the aircon vents. I’m not a fan of super cold cars. While my husband and kids always want cold air blasting in their faces.


I love it when the Skyway is clear and not congested. It makes living in Metro Manila so much more pleasant.


The GPS was enjoyed by my driver. I didn’t have to share my phone/Waze anymore.


On weekends we find ourselves in our soon-to-be cottage (I hope) where we have a few vegetables planted. So we drove to the “farm” in the Montero Sport.


This little piece of heaven already feels like home for the kids.


Traffic was horrendous, as it was a long weekend. But the kids were so comfortable in the back seat. There is a third row for seats but that weekend we used it for cargo. So all three stayed in the second row. And they were more than fine.


We brought some special banana seedlings to the farm.


That pot is huge and it still left plenty of room in the back.


Montero Sport still looks bold and stylish while being sporty. We couldn’t drive it in to the property because we are still mapping out our vegetable patches.


While I am still sketching my site plan, we need to figure out where the driveway would be.


We dropped off our special banana and bamboo plants and brought home some harvest.


Back in the city, on days when I am not working as a host or speaking somewhere, I go about my errands in comfort.
And from my non-technical assessment, I would say that the comfort and ease of the Montero Sport fits my lifestyle – both urban and rural. It is CHIC!


For more information, visit the Mitsubishi Motors Philippines website and learn more about the Montero Sport. For price list, please click here. Like them on Facebook.