Coach Rio on Cocktales



On Friday, April 12, Coach Rio de la Cruz joins us in Cocktales.


I have to admit, being the non-runner that I am, prior to this I didn’t know much about Coach Rio except that he’s big in the running world and he wears his hair in an afro. It turns out, his life story is truly inspiring. He came from humble beginnings and grew up running with no shoes. He put himself through university (UP, no less) through a running scholarship. Now he is a successful coach, entrepreneur and brand himself.


Coach Rio
At the time of our interview, Rio had just married his dream girl Nicole. This photo was from their pre-nup photoshoot with Pat Dy.


Please watch the wedding proposal! Totally sweet.


It is not so common to hear about sweet success stories from people who are completely self-made. I really admire this guy.

Cocktales is on every Friday at 10pm on Aksyon TV and TV5 International. With replays on Saturdays and Sundays.



Abby Asistio on Cocktales



On Friday April 5, 10pm in Aksyon TV, singer-songwriter Abby Asistio joins us for a very inspiring conversation in Cocktales. We talk about alopecia areata awareness.


Abby was born with Alopecia Areata. When she was 4 years old she lost all her hair. She used to cover up with scarves and wigs. Now Abby proudly wears her head bald and let her true beauty shine. And beautiful she is!


Cocktales, 10pm Fridays on Aksyon TV, TV5 International. With replays on Saturdays and Sundays.



Olay Conversations: Denise Laurel



I love this series of webisodes by P&G Beauty — Olay Conversations. They’ve chosen a group of women whose may stories inspire you in different ways. The women are so diverse that you are bound to relate to one if not all of them.


The women of Olay Conversations with Boy Abunda – Priscilla Mireilles-Estrada, Mons Romulo, Bea Alonzo, Denise Laurel, Crickette Tantoco.


This is Denise Laurel’s story. Denise, as we know, is a TV actress. At what seemed like the height of her career, she got pregnant. She tells her story about her fears, not just of losing the job she’s worked so hard for, but of disappointing her parents and family. Very touching.


Denise Laurel




Olay Conversations: Crickette Tantoco



I woke up to this — a new webisode of Olay Conversations.

Refreshing! Beauty, brains, substance, values, confidence, strength.


Crickette Tantoco


Crickette is full of quotable quotes. All real. My favourite, “If mama aint happy, aint nobody happy.” And “No, I’m not simple.”



Crickette’s thoughts on aging are so powerful and empowering. I love when women embrace their true beauty as they age. I love her attitude about life, love, relationships and finding her own place in this world.

Go Crickette! Peg!!!

For more about Olay Conversations, check out their Facebook page.



Cocktales with Kenneth Cobonpue



Tonight 10:00pm in Aksyon TV, Kenneth Cobonpue joins us in Cocktales.


In addition to his success story in the field of design, Kenneth talked about the attempt to help out with the airport renovations/reconstruction. Back story here. We also talk about the gazillion copy cats who reproduce his award-winning designs.