Cocktales with Kenneth Cobonpue



Tonight 10:00pm in Aksyon TV, Kenneth Cobonpue joins us in Cocktales.


In addition to his success story in the field of design, Kenneth talked about the attempt to help out with the airport renovations/reconstruction. Back story here. We also talk about the gazillion copy cats who reproduce his award-winning designs.




Jimmy Fallon and Mariah Carey




I know I should just be tweeting a link to this. But it’s too cute. And I want some Christmas cheer on this site. It’s been crazy busy for me, I feel like I’m neglecting you. Sorry!

Hope this brings more holiday cheer!!



Leading Ladies



Leading Ladies Title Card


I was featured in Leading Ladies, a new show on the Lifestyle Network, hosted by Lucy Torres-Gomez. We spent the morning talking about my work, my family life, this blog and the products created under the DAPHNE label. We filmed at the old Dimensione building at Bonifacio High Street. The store has since moved to One Parkade still within the High Street compound.

Lucy was as lovely as ever. She’s just perfection! It was such a pleasure to be interviewed by her. And to have a whole episode focusing on me. What an honour. I hope you can catch the show on Wednesday, 9pm Lifestyle Network.


Daphne Osena 5


Daphne Osena 2


Daphne Osena 6




Please watch Leading Ladies (tomorrow) Wednesday November 28, 2012 at 9PM on the Lifestyle Network.



Urban Zone: Modern Contemporary by Jason Buensalido



Last night I went to the birthday celebration of ABS-CBN executive Deo Endrinal. There I met up with old colleagues and celebrities I usually only get to see on TV. Many exciting exchanges happen. But one thing left a smile on my face as I went to bed. Every single person I talked to expressed their love and longing for Urban Zone. It was very touching and encouraging.

I can proudly say that UZ really made a huge impact and influenced many people’s lives. It helped move the design and construction industry. It was a source of inspiration for many. I’m so proud of my core team – Manny Segunto, Denmark Alejandro, Maila Cuevas, Stanley Castro, Dave Bola and Princess Fulgar – for doing so much with so little resources. Hoping to work my awesome team again.

As you know, I’m producing Urban Zone® webisodes for now. With the help of my friend Marty Ilagan, we made this webisode last month featuring Jason Buensalido. Many of you may have already seen it. I’m now posting photos I took during the shoot.

If you love UZ and would like to support our little creative enterprise, please, please, please repost/share on Facebook, Twitter and embed the video in your blogs. Thanks and lots of UZ love.



A few months ago we drove by this house that stood out in a new subdivision. It was completely out of the box. I didn’t know who the architect was, but I had some inkling it could be Jason Buensalido. So I asked him, “By any chance did you design and build this house in XX Subdivision?”


I described it to him. He described it to me. But we were not sure we were talking about the same thing. Until he showed me photos.


This house has never been shown in any magazine or TV show. It took some convincing and a lot of trust. Thankfully, the owners agreed.


The entrance was lined from floor to ceiling with cedar wood.


More than just describing the style, Jason said this was about honesty of material, showing them in their most pure form, unadorned. The main common area is one open space that flows into the courtyard/deck. This living room, dining and kitchen area appears sunken from the external lanai.


Thank you Marty Ilagan for shooting and editing the video! Awesome team!


One bonus of having a sunken living room is the built in sofas which are made of the continuous concrete ledge surrounding the sunken area. It felt very mid-century modern America.


Cantilevered wooden steps to the second floor. The pattern on the wooden ceiling corresponds to the lines on the concrete floor.


Honesty of material. Concrete is shown as concrete.


Second floor hallway.


No need for huge windows in this hallway. This wall acts as a total barrier from the outside world and the one enveloped in wood and concrete inside.


All rooms upstairs have clerestory windows to benefit from natural light from both sides of the house.


The deck in the courtyard with reflectorized sliding glass doors.


Concrete ledge built into one wall of the deck.


The view into the house from the courtyard. I love the transparency of it all. Yet there is a level of privacy because the living space is “sunken” and the exterior wall and lanai is actually raised above ground level.


The exterior details – concrete, glass, steel and wood.


The exterior wall. This is the same wall that envelops the slanted hallway upstairs. Can I just say that I am so loving how they used the humble Santan as landscaping? This is how it’s done.


Again, santan love.


The house is branded. Here is the Buensalido logo. You can see more of Jason’s work here.



Pantene Bounce and Sway x DAPHNE®



I’ve been meaning to share this exciting bit of news for some time. I’ve got the most awesome collaboration with Pantene Nature Care. A few months ago, they tapped me as a creative partner and digital ambassador.

Here is the first video series I came up with – featuring creative women I look up to and luckily, I work with. We talk about our work, design process and our fashion and haircare choices.

It was like a collision of three worlds all with distinct visions and products, but with similar style ethics. The series features Katherine Cheng of K&Company and Isabel Gatuslao, my graphic designer. Coincidentally, Katherine also got Isabel to redesign her packaging and bags.

The videos were shot and edited by the team of Marty Ilagan. Here is the first part, me.



Well, my hair has a mind of its own. And I like that I can make it go bouncy or make it sway. But it really helps that Pantene Nature Care has two sets of hair care that can suit whatever look I’m going for. I want it either full but not frizzy or shiny but not too limp.

Let me know what you think of the videos. They kind of remind me of my F days. Haha.

The next videos feature Katherine and Isabel.