Shopbop video



Cute but somewhat long video showing Chris Benz, Rachel Zoe, Stacey Bendet, and many other Shopbop designers catapulted into the stratosphere, straight to the doors of happy fashionistas.



If you’re thinking this wouldn’t apply to us in the Philippines, you should look at the shipping options in the checkout of Shopbop. You can choose “Customs and Duties prepaid and added to your total.” This makes your shipment hassle free. Delivered right to your door.

In case anyone from Philippine Customs tries to charge extra, report it to the Bureau of Customs chief, whoever that’ll be during political season.

Fall items are coming in. Summer items are marked down as low as 70% on Top Brands at!



Urban Zone kitchens



Wow our kitchen cabinets are delivered and being installed.
This is exciting. Our kitchen cabinets from Kitchen Studio got delivered today. The contractor is starting to piece things together. I’m dying to share the step-by-step process. But I don’t have enough photos yet. And currently our Matwood wooden floors were mistakenly made too shiny – something to do with the sealant applied by the contractor. So I will wait til the right surface and texture is achieved. I’m also in a panic because I put off ordering my windows. I haven’t even found a supplier yet. Gosh. Who has the time? Haha.


Meanwhile let’s have a look back at some of the most memorable kitchens I featured in Urban Zone. This one is at Mitch and Shelley Shivers’ home. I love the stainless steel everything.


House of Mitch and Shelly Shivers
This house was small. They really used the space efficiently. The kitchen was visible from the entire house, so they kept everything in its place. In order to save on energy costs, they placed a generous skylight window over the back counter to provide natural light during the day.


This house in San Juan had a big square kitchen with a huge island counter in the middle. I’m a fan of natural light. And their clerestory windows provided lots of it.


The pantry was back lit and visible from the kitchen through the sliding glass doors.


The space was even lovelier because of the Vigan bricks that lined the outside walls. This walkout lanai was the perfect spot for a breakfast table.


Owner designed this kitchen
The owners of this kitchen are in the baking business so they knew exactly how they wanted their home kitchen to function. They raised all the drawers on legs for hygienic reasons so that they could have every corner of the floor cleaned every night.


Owner designed this kitchen
You can see the kitchen legs better here. I also liked that one of the sections of the stainless steel counter top opened to reveal a dish dryer beneath.


This is the kitchen of Mike Pena (architect). The kitchen island doubles up as their daily dining table.


Beautiful carpentry in this kitchen
Beautiful carpentry in this kitchen designed by Dominic Galicia (architect).


Charisse Tinio’s brand new kitchen.


A modern modular kitchen in an Alex Co home.


A small kitchen in a bungalow designed by Dan Lichauco (architect). Curious about your thoughts on induction cookers. Please share.


Here’s what it looks like from another view. I love that it’s not just for show!


Interesting wood-effect tiles in this kitchen designed by Tania Lichauco. I considered wood-looking tiles on my kitchen but I had concerns about weight because my kitchen is technically on stilts in the second floor.


A little bit country. Designed by Frenjick Quesada (interior designer).


This was at my cousin Joan’s condo. Space was an issue. So the designer, Tito Villanueva used tricks like transparent furniture to reduce the bulk. One side of the wall also converts into a folding bed for the helper.


Sorry for the blur. This was the perfect kitchen at that stunning house by Luigi Bernaro. It was the awesome because it was a real working kitchen. The appliances and fixtures were of industrial quality. (In case anyone wonders why I mention “working” kitchens, that’s because in the Philippines a lot of homes have a secondary kitchen called “dirty kitchen”.)


Benitez House
The Benitez house was patterned after a Spanish colonial home in Vigan. The kitchen reflects the same old world feel.


I have a gazillion more kitchen and rooms previously featured in Urban Zone. I shall try to group them in to a story. Meanwhile we are about six weeks into renovations. I still need to source some suppliers to complete this enormous task. The house continues to look like backstage..



As promised… Urban Zone®



Daphne Print Ad Good


As I mentioned in this print ad, we will be posting new Urban Zone webisodes in You Tube. Please subscribe to the Urban Zone TV channel here for immediate updates. Here is our first feature on the web. Interior designer Frenjick Quesada shows me this renovation project. Once a bungalow, now split level two storey home with a contemporary tropical look. Lots of ideas here.


Part One


Part Two


I don’t know how frequent we can do new webisodes. I’m sort of just having fun with this together with my friends and former UZ colleagues Manny Segunto, Denmark Alejandro and Maila Cuevas. I asked videographer Paulo Ruiz to shoot. Hope you like it.

Urbanistas, please spread the word. Retweet, repost, like, share and embed in your blogs. Thanks!!!



Cocktales: Mitos Magsaysay and Xandra Ramos Padilla



I shot Cocktales yesterday. After a whole week of hanging out at home, waiting for the storm to pass and monitoring school cancellations, I had the chance to get all dolled up with fancy hair and makeup. I love that my life is all about being a school mom with a part time job. Haha. Feels great. Especially since my little job gets me to hang out with fascinating people.


Our guest this Sunday (9:30pm on Aksyon TV), is Rep. Mitos Magsaysay. It was interesting seeing her sans-issues and without the “Dragon Lady” persona during hearings. Notice the short skirt and platform wedges!


After asking about her crying over not getting her pork barrel, we moved on to the lighter side. I chose this photo because I want to freak out my Dad. (Dad, look what I’m doing with my lips. Haha. Inside joke.)


In between takes, reviewing lines with Vic Agustin and Cita Revilla. Must mention my fashion choices. This dress is from K&Company. I must admit it took me a while to appreciate it when I first saw it on a hanger at the shop. It turned out to be so cute! I wore them with a black onyx necklace I made seven years ago. The cuff is Marni x H&M. Shoes from CMG. The dress comes in a few colours and prints.


We shot these two episodes at Jill’s at The Fort.


Watch out for next Sunday’s (August 12) episode, featuring Xandra Ramos-Padilla of National Book Store and Crossings Department Store.


We talked about her business of running the biggest bookstore/school supplies chain in the country, on top of managing The Ramp at Crossings. Must thank our executive producer Giselle Ordinario for taking behind the scenes photos with my Olympus OMD.


Xandra’s and my outfit seemed to have complemented each other. She wears The Ramp with Rock Coconut necklace from Missoni. I’m wearing a fluorescent dress (like a highlighter yellow green) from K&Company. It has peekaboo slits on the arms. Fun! My necklace is a simple fabric handicraft from India. Without thinking, I just wore my purple stacked heel shoes. It felt great wearing bright colors during a gloomy day.


Watch Cocktales, Sunday nights 9:30pm on Aksyon TV 41.


Perfect 10



It has been a few months since I was launched as Vaseline Perfect 10’s brand ambassador. With dermatologist Dr. Alto Bautista-Ocampo, Uniliver’s Jacqe Yuengtian who very recently just got married and emcee Chal Lontoc, a very in-demand wedding host.


I’m brought back to the wonderful day of the launch, a quaint afternoon tea with a few friends from media. Since the launch, I’ve discovered more of the benefits of Vaseline’s Perfect 10 formulation. It is Vaseline’s first and only product that delivers the two-fold advantage of whitening and anti-aging in one. It reduces fine lines, lightens and nourishes skin, boosts radiance, reduces dark spots and gives UVA/UVB protection through a combination of ingredients known and tested to deliver tangible results.

I wanted to share Vaseline Perfect 10 with some of my friends. And Vaseline made it happen. Here are some Instagrams and Facebook photos from a few of those who received the gift packs. Thank you to my Vaseline family!



I also checked out the Vaseline Facebook Page, and was pleasantly surprised to see the video where Patrick gave me a surprise message. This was the one that made me cry — not because of the things he said, but because of the fact that he actually did this. We don’t normally do public couple things. Haha. The video is in this link for now…



Sorry for the cringe factor. I really did get giddy and emotional with this one. Haha.

Moving on, click here to take your Vaseline skin test. I’m sure you’re all Perfect 10s. And please like the Vaseline Facebook Page for more interesting features in the next few days.