I hope you all had a happy Easter.

This season marks many new beginnings for me. Here is the first one – a new show within the TV5 network. I’m joining veteran news journalist Vic Agustin and co-host Cita Revilla in the lifestyle, society and business talkshow, Cocktales. The show’s title comes from Vic’s business/political column.

We’ve just done one episode and I already love the work, the team, my co-hosts. I was just thinking how much I miss a live talkshow format then this offer came about. Talkshows are so much fun to do. It demands a different skill and method of storytelling. Though Cocktales isn’t live (it’s taped), it keeps me very challenged. I hope you can try to catch it and eventually make it a habit to watch the show every Sunday night at 9:30 pm on AKSYON TV (Uhf 41, Cignal 1, Skycable Digibox 59, Destiny 7).

Here’s the promo plug for last night’s episode. In case you missed it, there’s a replay the following Sunday at 12noon. I hope you can watch it and let me know what you think. (Apparently the video doesn’t show up in some cases. I apologize. I uploaded it on Flickr. There’s no YouTube channel yet. Please try viewing it in your laptop.)



Those wondering about Urban Zone, please watch this video I published last week. Thanks!