I don’t normally fall for viral campaigns. And I do not drink soft drinks at all. But I just had to share this.

I cried non-stop from beginning to end.

Very very touching.





The new LV site



Confession. I lost sleep over this last night. I meant to do just a quick post about the new Louis Vuitton website but I ended up traveling through every page of it. They had me at the “Travel to India” part. Incredibly beautiful. Each shot captured the golden light of India. I especially loved the shots in Amber Fort. It brought me back.


Louis Vuitton




Louis Vuitton has launched a brand new digital platform which reveals as never before the many dimensions of the House in an exciting, ever-changing format of exceptional richness and visual appeal. As the spearhead of an innovative and integrated digital strategy, the new louisvuitton.com not only offers users unprecedented opportunities to stay connected with Louis Vuitton, but also to share their discoveries with their friends via their favourite social networks.

The pioneer of the art of travel, Louis Vuitton has made the new louisvuitton.com a journey in itself, for which the transformed home page, with its moving cloud of images ready to be accessed in a click, is an enticing point of departure.

From here, visitors can explore five main sections, foremost among them NEW, NOW, Louis Vuitton’s exclusive on-line magazine, which will be constantly enriched with up-to-the-minute news and features, all illustrated in a sophisticated way. The entire content, which includes disruptive articles and angles about the House, interviews with international personalities who are friends of Louis Vuitton and reportages on House events, can be viewed in full-screen format, while prominent internet innovators recommend their own favourite destinations on the web in a special section entitled “Digital Discoveries”.

The JOURNEYS section offers rich and varied corporate content, from history to craftsmanship, artistic collaborations to store architecture, the Core Values advertising campaign to surprise encounters. Users can click on a chequerboard of images, loosely inspired by the historic Damier canvas, to access each item of interest, while this section also includes a link to the Amble website, Louis Vuitton’s digital companion.

COLLECTIONS presents the entire product range in a completely new way, thanks to immersive moving images and offering for the first time multiple search possibilities – by category, line, colour or collection – as well as feature-rich fact sheets and 360° images for each product, renewing the online shopping experience. Individual product pages are accompanied by various links to different sections, for example about savoir-faire, enabling users to discover the fine craftsmanship of Louis Vuitton in just a few clicks.

The STORES section provides comprehensive, at-a-glance information on Louis Vuitton stores worldwide, including – in addition to directions and opening hours – details of the services and product lines offered by each store, as well as news of upcoming events.

Last but not least, MY LV is the visitor’s own dedicated personalised space, through which he or she can access favourite content, including bookmarked news and wish lists, and information on past purchases, further reinforcing the personal and intimate connection with Louis Vuitton.



Louis Vuitton was the first luxury brand to develop a fully integrated digital communication strategy, titled “The Art of Travel by Louis Vuitton.” It all began with the launch an official Facebook fan page and an official Twitter account in June 2009. Today, the digital initiatives have expanded, with 6 international Twitter accounts with over 452 thousand followers, a Foursquare account with over 154 thousand friends, and a dedicated YouTube channel.

The Facebook page has become the official online destination for all things Louis Vuitton, and the commitment to only feature pure editorial content has attracted over 4 million international fans to date. In October 2009, Louis Vuitton was proud to have been the very first luxury brand to broadcast its fashion show live on Facebook. Last year, this experience was enhanced with exclusive 360° views of each style that walked down the S/S 2011 runway and with an exclusive interactive backstage access at the F/W 2011-12 show.

This year Louis Vuitton has gone even further and has launched their first iPhone application Amble, which focuses on the Louis Vuitton travel experience. The free application helps users document their travels and discover new hotspots around the world, combining user generated content with the savoir-faire of Louis Vuitton.



My family, doing what they love



These are things they do that make me miss being with them. I wish they were just next door. All photos in a span of one week in Toronto.


Saturday night.
I posted this photo during cocktails with my husband. Here’s what my mom said…




It’s great to see them enjoying life together. They’re off to Cuba this weekend. Hence, the mojito talk. This photo was shot by my nephew Arbie Santos, my cousin’s son. He’s visiting Toronto. My folks took him around the usual spots. Niagara Falls was “usual” to us. My dad flew the chopper over the falls for many years. Lovely rainbow.


Meanwhile this is my older brother, Cyrus and his 10 year old daughter Isabel. He is quite the sportsman. Loves the outdoors and all – hunting, fishing, skiing. About ten years ago, he and my dad took me kayaking in Algonquin for 5 hours. I haven’t forgiven him for that. Now thankfully, he has a son and daughter whom he takes hunting for pheasants. This photo is from Arbie too.


“Please don’t judge my brother. He is not a book.” Hunting is a regulated sport in Canada. And he’s a great shooter. They’re having pheasant for family lunch this weekend. Did I mention that he’s a awesome cook too? Photo by Arbie Santos.


Hanni and Friends in New York
My younger sister Hanni took a couple of days off from work and family and went to New York City with her girlfriends. A great escape from work and motherhood. I love this idea. We all deserve a break like this. Hanni went with her closest friends who date back from high school – Raquel M, Hanni, Anna P, Charlotte D, Agatha M. She insisted they drop by Balthazar’s because it’s her Ate’s favourite in NY (that would be me).


Meanwhile, my brother in law -Trevor Holmes, Hanni’s husband – is participating in this year’s Movember. He normally doesn’t have a mustache. Here’s Trevor’s the spiel:

It’s Movember, the month formerly known as November, dedicated to growing moustaches and raising awareness and funds for men’s health issues, specifically cancers affecting men. Please support my efforts by making a donation here. We only have a month to grow and support these Movember moustaches, so please come along for the ride.

Thank you for donating at http://mobro.co/TrevorHolmes/d and for helping me change the face of men’s health. Go the Mo!


And this is my newest nephew, the son of my youngest sister Pauline. Remembrance Day is such a beautiful and solemn occasion. I love this photo. This very distinguished veteran got up from his wheelchair when my sister asked for a photo. I have a soft spot for veterans being a daughter of a military officer. Remembrance Day always reminds me to be thankful to all the men and women who fought during WW1 (and WW2 also).


This is just a portion of my family. I have three more nephews plus my brother-in-law Mathieu and my sister-in-law Julia. I miss them all.





UZ: Interior designer Sophia Ojeda-Llige



We shot this house a couple of weeks ago. It just went on air last Friday Nov 11. This house belongs to a young family who inherited the property from their grandparents. The old house was a bungalow that was beyond repair. The new owner decided to tear it down and build a brand new house with a Modern Asian/Filipino feel. The architect, John A. Pineda, and the interior designer, Sophia Ojeda-Llige saved as much of the old materials as they could and reused them in the new structure like carved Narra balusters and dividers and huge doors. They also used solar tube panels for skylights in the upper level.

The house was built for entertaining and hosting huge family gatherings. As part of the deal, the owners promised to host Sunday lunches every single week for their extended family. There is a beautiful large kitchen with generous counter space to hold all the buffet menu. Frameless glass sliding doors connect the living area to the dining room and then to the lanai. I’m loving the indoor-outdoor living thing happening in this house. Sophia Llige did a great job using a lot of the owner’s heirloom pieces and giving them a younger fresher feel.

Unfortunately we don’t have any photos of the master bedroom’s en suite. It has this huge glass window theatrical rolling blind thing going on. It was incredible. Hope you enjoy the photos. Most shots were taken by Manny Segunto using my old Ricoh.

Don’t forget to click “More” in the end.




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Olympus PEN E P3



And she's finally here. My #Olympus PEN EP-3. gorgeous.

I got my Olympus PEN E P3 last week. I’ve taken it out a couple of times. I have to say, this is the best and most beautiful camera I have so far. And it’s so powerful. Fastest auto focus. I haven’t really gone anywhere interesting in the past week, so I have nothing inspiring to shoot. And the kids have been on and off with a fever.

I’m also still on the look out for a nice leather case. Because I’m so picky, I haven’t found one. The kind of skin matters and so does the stitching. Calf skin and vegetable tanned preferred. Also I want it to be a removable full cover. Is there such?

I’ve been asked if the E P3 is now available. Yes, Olympus retailers should have them in stock by now. Let me know if you have trouble finding. Also those with the E P1 and E P2, I urge you to test the E P3. This is the upgrade of all upgrades. Difference from the E P2, this has touch screen auto focus, the fastest auto focus of all micro four thrids, built in flash and basically more power.

Promise to post photos from the PEN soon.