Attempt at hair tutorial



Once, I uploaded this on instagram. I got a lot of questions asking how to use these things. They are metal coils for hair. These particular ones are from Goody. Please don’t ask me where to buy them. They are sold wherever Goody products are sold, practically everywhere. (EDIT: And no, these were not sent to me by Goody.)


I use them to hold my hair in a loose chignon. Here’s a messy version, during the judging of UP Interior Design competition. Someone in twitter asked me how I did my hair here. She said it was very “Hamptons.” Haha. Cute, but I had no idea what that meant. If it means I look like I didn’t care about my hair (like I always do), then that’s success! I honestly don’t have time to have my hair done everyday.


So yesterday during a UZ shoot, I attempted to do an instructional video. Denmark shot me using my iPhone. This one came out super messy though because my hair is extremely layered right now. It’s not supposed to have that starburst effect. If you twist your hair around carefully, you’ll succeed. The video sucks, but you’ll get the idea. Seriously, these coils – just two of them – can hold your hair up in a bun even without an elastic band. Each box comes with two coils, priced under P500.



If you are a fan of perfect Manila hair then this product is not for you. If you’ve been using those claws, this is a better and more invisible way of putting your hair up.



Louis Vuitton’s new expanded store in Greenbelt 4



Last Friday, October 14 was all about Louis Vuitton. I attended the press event in the afternoon as well as the evening events. Fans and regular clients of LV will be happy to see the new expanded store in the same original location in Greenbelt 4. My initial impression was, “whoa, you carved out a part of the basement?” The store now has two floors and a mezzanine.

Here are photos and captions from the official press kit.


The Louis Vuitton store in Greenbelt 4 now features a unique façade inspired by the House’s signature Damier pattern; a showcase of Louis Vuitton’s flair for combining innovative retail concepts with the mark of savoir-faire.


One of the new features of the store is the addition of a lower floor extension. This floor houses the women’s universe featuring leather goods, shoes and accessories. The highlight on this level is a special wall showcasing the brand’s Rare & Exceptional pieces, once again showcasing the brand’s craftsmanship. Iconic bags such as the Lockit and Brea in exquisite crocodile-skin, are on display.


The store’s main entrance opens up to a remarkable travel area and expansive leather goods section featuring well loved icons and show pieces as seen in the fashion shows. A few stairs up lead you to the mezzanine floor dedicated to a wide array of men’s leather goods, shoes, and accessories.


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Steve Jobs



No need for words. Scenes from Apple New York.

I got these photos from our friend Billy Tashman of the Sofia Inn.







Thank you, Kol



I’m crushed.

I posted this story just three days ago. Today I got the news that Kol Rustia died early this morning.

Kol was born with Trisomy 13, a fatal genetic syndrome and was diagnosed to live three months. Against all odds, Kol turned 14 last May. His dad, Jeff, was planning this awesome benefit to raise funds for The Kol Hope Foundation for Children, to support children with disabilities through Easter Seals Canada and the Hospital for Sick Kids. The Kol Hope Foundation supports children born with chromosome disorders and Trisomy-related disabilities.

Kol lived every single day of his life on life support. He breathed through oxygen. He was fed through a g-tube. He couldn’t walk or talk. But his smile and his will to live has become a source of hope and love for other children like him and their families. Kol was and is very much loved by everyone around him – most especially his dad, Jeff.

The Kol Hope Foundation hopes to give kids with Trisomy-related disabilities a chance to go to summer camps and provide them with basic needs such as wheelchairs and respite care. The Kol Hope Fund at Hospital for Sick Kids supports the genetics department and the valuable work they do in investigating the mysteries of genetic disorders and ultimately finding effective treatments and cures.

Jeff, our thoughts and prayers are with you in this difficult time. Kol was born an angel. And we borrowed him all these years. You showed him so much love. So much. Now he is in heaven, with no pain or suffering. And just like his beautiful life full of meaning, Kol was called by God called on Thanksgiving weekend. A precious gift.

Friends, please visit The Kol Hope Foundation.

The Most Glamorous Filipino Ball in North America


I got an invite to The Most Glamorous Filipino Ball in North America on November 11, 2011 at the Four Seasons Hotel in Toronto. This is the brain child of Jeff Rustia, Vice President and Co-Chairperson of Kol Hope Foundation for Children. Jeff is the father of Kol Rustia whom the foundation is named after. Kol was born with Trisomy 13, a fatal genetic syndrome and was diagnosed to live three months. Kol is now 14 years old. I had the wonderful opportunity to meet Kol when he was just a toddler. Jeff is a great old friend of mine.



Jeff Rustia, a BPM:TV VJ is the host of Club Fashion TV, 60 BPM News, and 50 Most Fashionable Music Videos. He was given the Philippine Presidential Pamana Ng Pilipino award in Malacanang in 2006. Jeff was recognized for being an “exemplary visionary and role model for Filipinos in Canada and around the world.” Jeff owns and leads a successful award winning, international, TV branding and Design agency, trusted by the world’s largest television networks. Check out Front TV.


Jeff is an old friend from school. We met at the University of Toronto. He just went up to me and said, “Are you Filipino?” He was my first Pinoy friend. We clicked right away. He recruited me to join the Filipino Club. I attended a few events. But in the end I was too involved in Pi Beta Phi and that became my world. Jeff moved to Asia (all over) after university, did the most amazing things in Channel V and MTV in the 90’s. By the time he moved back to Toronto, I had moved to the Philippines. We kept in touch. He created his own branding and production company. Next thing I hear, he’s a media mogul. Whenever he visits Manila, we get together. This was when I was pregnant and I took him to Chef Laudico, where he loved the “couture” Filipino dishes.


This was last year when he took me to lunch in Toronto and I fried under the sun in his convertible. He said he’d cook dinner for me. Turns out he arranged a dinner party inspired by our meal in Chef Laudico Manila.


This was the invite to the dinner he hosted at his house. It was in honour of the “Most Beautiful Women” in his life. Yes, Jeff loves getting people together. And he’s very good at it. The message read – “from a Broadway Star, A TV Host, to a Lobbyist, A Financial Whiz, an Entrepreneur to a Writer, an Actress, and even an Opera Singer and many more wonderful professions, the talents of some of the “Most Beautiful Women in my life” are unique and diverse.”


His beautiful dinner table. He asked each of us to bring a favourite quote from a book so we could share. In the end of dinner, that long space in his living room became a catwalk. We all ended up doing a fun fashion walk off and the real party began.


Jeff dreams of seeing Filipino cuisine being celebrated around the world. He says, it’s time for Couture Filipino food. He served stylized fried chicken adobo, laing and lumpia.


That “Most Beautiful Women in My Life” dinner. It was a lovely time… Unforgettable. I should do this for my amazing girl friends.


Me and Jeff towards the end of that fabulous dinner party in his apartment.


On November 11, Jeff is pushing his Filipino pride even further by hosting The Most Glamorous Filipino Ball in North America. I would be there if I could. Jeff’s such a great ambassador of Filipino cuisine and fashion. I love that he just took on this cause and merged it with raising funds for Kol Hope with just his vision and the support of his awesome friends. If you’re in Toronto at that time, I urge you to please try to support this cause. It’ll be fantastic! The Four Seasons’ head chef will cook adobo!


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