Auction for Action – the event

Here are some highlights from the May 25 event. A big thank you to Ayala Malls’ Greenbelt 5 for donating the venue and to Margarita Fores’ Cibo for sponsoring the food. I didn’t bring a camera so most of my photos are from my phone. The smaller shots are from the official photographer of UNICEF.

I hope you’ve checked out the pieces online. I am really amazed at how well-received the auction is. I know a lot of people are waiting until the last day before bidding. I’m new to eBay so I don’t have a strategy. All I know is that the items are all beautiful. It’s hard for me because this is like an actual list of my favourite things.

Just a reminder – 100% of the proceeds go to UNICEF programs for kids. All these excellent artists have donated their beautiful pieces. Most are hard to get in reality. You’d have to wait for a while before acquiring these pieces. So have a look at the stuff again. There are links all throughout this entry.

Vanessa Tobin Ito Kish
UNICEF’s Country Representative Vanessa Tobin and Ito Kish. Ito created three cute floor lamps called “Tweet” – a play on his new fascination towards Twitter. The lamps can be bid on separately. Here’s one.

Gutierrez and Liz Uy
TV Host Raymond Gutierrez and Preview magazine’s Liz Uy

Angela Travis Issa_
Dr Rico Quimbo, artist Reg Yuson, UNICEF’s Angela Travis, breastfeeding advocate Issa Abeja. Reg’s two Mozzarella couches are being auctioned off separately. Here is the red one and here’s the black. The sofas are made of poured foam, a highly technical process. It isn’t as simply-made as it may look. Mozzarella was just shown in Singapore and they did very well there.

Vanessa Tobin Artist Ling Ramilo Daphne Paez
UNICEF’s Vanessa Tobin and George Belardo, artist Ling Quisumbing-Ramilo who created this beautiful piece called General Assembly specially for the UNICEF Auction for Action.

Artist Ramon Orlina and Australian Amabassador
Artist Ramon Orlina and the Australian Ambassador. Mr Orlina told me he wishes he had given a much bigger piece. The height of this piece is under a foot tall but it has a lot of intricate cuts. It’s only been three days and the sculpture already has 25 bids. It is beautiful. Check it out here.

Bianca Gonzales Daphne Osena Paez Azkals Issa
Fellow UNICEF SAC Bianca Gonzalez, me, Azkals’ Neil Etheridge, breastfeeding advocate Issa Abeja and Azkal’s manager Dan Palami

Janina Dizon
Janina Dizon Hoschka, wearing a similar pink shell necklace as the one she donated to Auction for Action here.

unicef ingrid
Ingrid Go, Janina and Irene Lavina. Ingrid donated a necklace from Accessory Lab. This is a stunning piece that you can wear in many ways – formally or casually. Check it out here.

Paul & Daphne Syjuco
Paul & Daphne Syjuco. Paul donated this beautiful tumbled rock crystal necklace.

Kristine Dee
Kristine Dee’s pendant sold within the first 2 minutes the site went live (4 pm last May 25).

Azkal's Neil Etheridge
Well, hello!! Azkal’s goalkeeper Neil Etheridge. Like I said, we are auctioning beautiful pieces of art and design. LOL. No, you can’t have Neil but you can get a once-in-a-lifetime experience of hanging out at the dugout of the Azkals during the next World Cup Qualifier. Plus you get a football kit too. Neil also plays for Fulham in the UK. There are two Azkals packages in the auction. Check them out here.

With Tim Yap, Tessa Valdes and Mark Gueco
Tim Yap, Tessa Valdes and Mark Gueco

Tessa and Tim
Tessa and Tim, checking out the Ebay site.

Patrick loves Reg Yuson
Patrick loves the Mozzarella sofas by Reg Yuson. (We are fans of Reg Yuson.) Actually we want one of the R. Muck sculptures. Thinking of hanging one on the wall of our formal living room. Thinking… Here it is.

Me and Patrick
When most of the guests had left…

Click the photo to go directly to the Auction for Action site. Bidding goes on til June 4.

Also please check out and “like” Unicef Philippines’ Facebook Page. Learn more about UNICEF’s projects with children – education, nutrition, child’s rights, anti-trafficking and many more. You can also find different ways of helping. Thank you.


I found the cutest and most comfy flip flops slippers flats. They are a notch higher than rubber flip flops and some colours are actually quite fancy. They come in 40 different shades. I went nuts.

I have problems walking around town in rubber flip flops. I only use them at the beach or by the pool. When I run in to get a pedicure, I feel like I must wear something fancier than rubber flip flops. TKEES are perfect for those days you want comfort and practicality but still need to look a little amped up.

Let’s just say this photo did it for me…
32 Angelina Jolie Coco Butter

Then I got obsessed with finding the perfect skin tone colour. I wanted that nude feet look that Angelina pulls off so well during her off days. Well, it wasn’t so easy finding the perfect colour after seeing their palette. Check this out…


TKEES (t-keys) are a fun and easy way to express yourself! We think of them as “Cosmetics For Your Feet.” They are available in over 40 different shades, and emulate cosmetics in terms of color and attributes defining specific categories.

Glam up those feet by the pool, at the beach, at work, at a party, anytime is the right time. Highlight that perfect pedicure, or simply grab a different shade whenever you so desire. Go from laid back to sexy in one fell swoop! Finding the right shade is as east as slipping your feet into another pair. No nail polish remover required to change the mood of your feet. Simply slip on and slip off. Go from relaxed to luminous without the headaches.
TKEES will make you feet smile! (Source: TKEES Press Kit)

Just like real cosmetics they come in different categories, ten to be exact. They have liners, foundations, highlighters, shadows, lipsticks, blushes, glosses, creams, polishes and lipglosses.

swatches lipsticks swatches found

French Pedicure 2, Polish

Licorice from the Gloss category. These are made of patent leather.

Velvet Fog. The Creams are made of suede.

They don’t come in half sizes. I’m usually a 7.5 to 8. But my feet are really narrow, so I had to go down to a 7 to keep the fit more snug.

racks- glosses
Here’s the range of the Glosses.

rack- foundations
Foundation is my favourite palette. In particular Sunkissed and Coco Butter.

angelina j
Angelina Jolie in Coco (Liners)

16 Jennifer Aniston Coco Butter
Jennifer Aniston in Coco Butter (Foundations)

15 Blake Lively Sunkissed
Blake Lively wears Sunkissed (Foundations)

blake l
Blake also wears Basil (Shadows) but I’m not sure. A lot of shades are almost similar to each other. Patrick wanted to leave me at the store because it was taking me so long to decide between Sunkissed and Coco Butter. (The experience is a lot like shopping for nail polish or lipstick).

More Angelina because we love her. She also wears Sunkissed.

In the end I chose Coco Butter Foundation P2,299, Truffle Cream P2,399 and Dusty Rose Blush P2,299. The thing about TKEES is that not only do they look great, they’re very comfortable too. The soles are quite soft. What is it with Brazil and comfy shoes?

TFS Outside
TKEES are available at The Flat Shop, Connecticut Arcade G/F, Greenhills Shopping Center. Or check out their Facebook Page.

Michael Cacnio

This is a major reveal. Michael Cacnio, a very well sought after artist, created a special piece for UNICEF. Michael is a 2006 TOYM awardee. His sculptures all evoke a spirit of childlike play. Some represent games we used to play as kids. Most, distinctly Pinoy. Like tumbang preso, patintero, kite-flying, riding a banca, playing in a bahay kubo. His works are highly in demand. Most of the new homes I visit in UZ have at least one Cacnio

Michael Cacnio sculture
One of the homes I visited had a vast collection of Michael Cacnios. These were the smaller ones. They had some commissioned to represent their family.

Michael Cacnio
We have one Michael Cacnio. A kite-flyer. I want another one. A boy on a bicycle — for Patrick.

Next week's house feature in  UZ
Another house I visited had a Cacnio, Benji Reyes and Romulo Olazo.

For Auction for Action, Michael created this special piece called “Ang Munting Pangarap.” This piece speaks to me in so many ways. Isn’t it everyone’s dream to build a house? This is the concept behind Urban Zone. On a personal level, I love tree houses. Michael’s work has so much meaning. There’s the child-like aspect of playing and flying a kite, aiming high and dreaming while having your roots firmly planted in the ground. I love the symbolism.

Sculpture by Michael Cacnio
title: ANG MUNTING PANGARAP (A Little Dream)
artist: Michael Cacnio
size: 30 x 18 x 24 inches
year: 2011
estimated value: P125,000.00

At 4pm today, click on the Auction for Action button and you will be led to the UNICEF site in

square 250x250 v2

Happy bidding!

Auction for Action: Jewelry and Objects

One more day before we go live in We’ll be at Greenbelt 5 tomorrow as some of the pieces will be on display for one night only. Everything will be done through the Unicef eBay site – so every one can bid on any of these beautiful items. Here’s a quick post about the jewelry and beautiful objects up for bidding. I will be doing separate posts about each item in the coming days.

u-kristine dee u-paulsyjuco u-janina dizon u-celestina u-daphnejewelry

u-accessory lab
Topaz in silver bib necklace from Accessory Lab

Adam Ant and Mich Dulce
Adam Ant and Mich Dulce (Photo by RJ Fernandez)
Mich Dulce – milliner, designer and corsetiere has hand made a miniature version of a hat that she made for Adam Ant in 2010. Adam wore the full sized version for live performances throughout that year and this. Adam has signed and customised the hat (pictured below) and has also donated some of his tour merchandise including T-Shirt, signed poster, badges, wristband and a plectrum that he used at his recent 100 Club performances in London in support of the auction. The winning bid will receive the boxed hat plus the items listed along with a hand written note from Adam and Mich.

Here’s the link to the site. Just click on the image below and it’ll take you to the auction site. It goes live on Wed, May 25, 2011.

leaderboard 728x90 v2

One more day!


Our unforgettable (duck) dish at ToTT’s

Tott's at The Excelsior
Ingrid and I had lunch at ToTT’s at The Excelsior.

Tott's at The Excelsior
We had a fantastic view of the harbour. There, we met Wendy Lee, Director of Communications of The Excelsior, Hong Kong.

James Williams
Wendy introduced us to the hotel’s new Chef de Cuisine, James Williams. Chef James brings with him a passion for fine food as well as more than 20 years of international experience, including working in some of Brisbane’s most acclaimed restaurants, Restaurant II and Seasalt. Prior to joining The Excelsior, Hong Kong, he also headed one of Brisbane’s most popular cooking schools, the James Street Cooking School. Chef James prepared a special menu for Ingrid and me.

Tott's at The Excelsior
I started my meal with a very refreshing berry shake.

Tott's at The Excelsior
Pesto bread.

Tott's at The Excelsior

Tott's at The Excelsior
The chef poured pumpkin soup around the shrimp. I love pumpkin soup.

Tott's at The Excelsior
A small bite of seafood cannelloni…

Tott's at The Excelsior
…with smoked salmon.

Tott's at The Excelsior
Here’s where everything went blurry for me … a whole platter of duck in all its glorious forms. From left to right, foie gras, duck breast, crackled duck skin, duck confit and poached duck egg. Sounds better in French, Foie Gras, Magret de Canard, Confit de Canard, and Oeuf de Canard.

Tott's at The Excelsior
Foie Gras and Magret de Canard.

Tott's at The Excelsior
Oeuf de Canard. I only had a bite of this. It was two steps close to heaven.

Tott's at The Excelsior
Confit de Canard. This was so so good.

Tott's at The Excelsior
Another view of Chef James’ special dish.

15.ToTT's - bar
I’d love to go back to ToTT’s at night. Looks very chill. The view is fantastic. (Photo source: The Excelsior press kit).

16.ToTT's - veiw from Roof Terrace
The Roofdeck. (Photo source: The Excelsior press kit). For more info on The Excelsior, Hong Kong, please visit their site.

Links charm bracelet
To remind us of our fantastic duck dish in Hong Kong, Ingrid and I bought ourselves a duck charm to add to our bracelets.