Bench Universe



I’d never seen a Bench underwear show before. Knowing that this year is a very special one being the brand’s 25th anniversary, I mentioned it to Kristine Lim of Suyen Corporation. Since we are all family now (hehe), she sent me three tickets in the Lower Box. I brought Ingrid and Isabel. All three of us were Bench underwear show virgins.


With Ingrid Go and Isabel Gatuslao. It was a hoot being with these girls. MOA Arena is huge. Even though we had great seats, it was hard to identify who was walking the ramp. (I’m making a lousy excuse of course. We just really didn’t know who was who. Everyone looked stunning and that’s all that mattered.) Here are some I’ve identified. Please correct me if I’m wrong.


Enchong Dee descends from above and jumps off a suspended row boat…


… and gets on stage this way.


Models. (All photos taken using my Olympus OMD).


Kim Chiu just being pretty.


Kim Chiu and Jake Cuenca


Diether Ocampo and bike.


Richard Gomez


I see Richard Gomez, Diether Ocampo…


A closer look at Diether’s abs.


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The Farm Organics online store



This is so cool.

I just did my week’s grocery shopping at The Farm Organics’ online store. I bought organic beef in different cuts and beef jerky. And they should be delivered to my house by Tuesday. Deliveries in Metro Manila are done every Tuesdays and Thursdays.


The Farm shop
Check out their easy to use shop at


The Farm jerky
Before going to bed, Patrick reminded me to buy beef jerky. We both love this product. Easy snack.


This is always good to have in the fridge, ready-to-eat Roast Beef. All you have to do is heat it. It even comes with yummy mushroom gravy.


The site is easy to navigate and even easier to check out and pay. The only down side is, you get really hungry while looking at the roast beef photos.



Labor Day Sale at Anthropologie



Fringed Hem Sweater skirt
Summer is over in the northern hemisphere! Bring out the sweaters. Doesn’t this girl look like Brave? Fringed Hem Sweater Skirt $128.


I’ve always loved the change of seasons. I miss having four seasons. But I can’t complain. We wear open toed shoes all year round here. And good news, most summer styles are now majorly marked down. Anthropologie has an additional 25% off already sale clothing this weekend. Valid 8.31.12 – 9.3.12


Juggling Figures Skirt
Juggling Figures skirt. Now $89.95 from 168.00 and with this weekend only’s 25% off it’s just $67.


Shutter Ridge Wedges
Shutter Ridge Wedges. Now on sale at $79.95 was $158.00 and with this weekend’s 25% off it’s just $59.96



Peony Slip Dress
Peony Slip Dress Now on sale at $79.95 was $158.00 and with this weekend’s 25% off it’s just $59.96




Bounce? Or Sway?



Hair is my biggest beauty concern. If left alone, I could go through life without ever having to brush my hair. But thankfully, I get a lot of help. Alex Carbonell gives me the easiest haircuts. I get occasional salon treatments. And for my TV life, I get professionals to style my hair.

I was going through my photo files and realized that nowadays, I can categorize my hair into two looks — either “bounce” or “sway”. Just like in the new Pantene Nature Care campaign.

Here are some photos from past Cocktales episodes:
























That’s a lot of photos! Whew! I hope you’re not sick of me yet. Haha.


The reason I dug up those photos is because I recently signed on as Procter and Gamble’s Beauty Brand Ambassador (Digital). Yay! Big moment for me! So proud to represent the brands. Plus I get to work directly with P&G on a creative level. The rest was easy because I had been using Pantene for a while now.

A bit about Pantene Nature Care Collection… “It brings a fusion of natural ingredients and Pantene science to provide the right level of conditioning for hair that is full of life. Trusted Pantene Pro-V technology is combined with nature’s own cassia flower resulting in the Cassia Complex.  To harness the power of cassia, Pantene scientists applied advanced scientific techniques to heighten the protective and strengthening powers of cassia. At the rinsing stage, it provides an invisible layer of natural protection on hair, helping to prevent daily damage. Pantene Nature Care enhances hair’s fullness and effectively delivers the right level of conditioning ingredient deep into the hair.”


Pantene Nature Care Fullness and Life is what I use when I want volume and bounce. With this my hair is still manageable with no “buhaghag”.

“Pantene Nature Care Fullness and Life Shampoo gently cleanses hair while delivering conditioning benefits to each strand. In addition to the Cassia Complex, it contains avocado oil, grapeseed extract and bamboo help moisturize and revitalize hair. The shampoo works in harmony with the Pantene Nature Care Conditioner which helps to keep hair manageable, prevent frizz and maintain hair fullness. The Nature Care Conditioner comes with a new dual-surfactant technology, which creates a unique ‘airfilm’ that separates the hair strands for effective and even deposition of conditioning ingredients.”


The Pantene Nature Care Smoothness and Life variant is for when I want my hair smooth and straight but never limp.

“Pantene Nature Care Smoothness and Life collection restores hair’s natural health, smoothness and life form through a combination of the brand’s signature Pro-V technology fused with a nourishing mix of nature’s wonders including Cassia Complex, aloe vera, calendula and ginger. This innovative formula penetrates into the hair’s cortex and fortifies the hair shaft from root to tip maintaining optimal moisture balance in hair while reducing friction between every hair strand therefore achieving smooth, shiny hair that is still full of life and movement.”

Its shampoo contains Cassia Complex for a higher deposition of conditioning ingredients that facilitates the delivery to very single hair strand to provide further protection to strengthen hair against damage and boost its luster. Combined with the Pantene Nature Care Smoothness and Life Conditioner, get smoothness with volume for the perfect sway.


And the Intense Hair Mask is for my once a week home treatment.


How about you? Do you like to bounce? Or sway? Tweet me at @DaphneOP with hashtag #PanteneBounce or #PanteneSway



The Scholastican Bracelet



The Scholastican Bracelet. To raise funds for scholarship,
I went to St. Scholastica’s College Manila for elementary. Early this year, my would-have-been batch celebrated its 25th anniversary. I enjoyed reconnecting with childhood friends. I didn’t, however, get involved in the many activities they had while preparing for homecoming. I got to join the dance last minute though (yes! the dance performance). And it was so much fun! The next batch, Class of ’88, is celebrating their homecoming by raising funds with this Scholastican Bracelet.


The Scholastican Bracelet X1545 is made of an expandable steel bracelet with charms. Proceeds will go to the SSC Manila Batch 88 Scholarship Fund. You can see Mother Lily Monteverde and Mitch Valdes wearing theirs. (Photo from


Celebrating Scholastican sisterhood. For more info, visit where this photo is from.


Size: Bracelet diameter (not stretched) is 6.5″ inches. Price: PhP 1,500.00 (USD 34.87). Yes, it is very much like the Links of London Sweetie Bracelet bracelet but different in material and construction.


Jenny Lao-Pastor of Batch 88 collaborated with Silverworks and came up with these charms — a little Scholastican fondly named Cecilia Hall (after SSC’s famed auditorium St. Cecilia’s Hall) and a ring engraved with the word Scholastican.


You can also order online at the Silverworks website.