Lily and Stella’s joint birthday party



Lily’s and Stella’s birthdays are just two days apart. Every year we’ve given them joint birthday parties plus smaller individual celebrations at school. This year, we decided on just one party, a joint one. As usual, I procrastinated. I planned everything in 10 days. Yikes. Needless to say, this isn’t one of those huge theme parties.

Lucky that my tried and tested party planner, Events By Daisy, was available and ready with ideas. The challenge was to come up with a party that had very little decor (I didn’t want to spend on decor, haha) but reflected the themes that each girl wanted. Stella wanted a fairy party and Lily wanted a fairy tale. We also didn’t want a major production or show because this was to be a small party with just 20 children – cousins, neighbours and a few friends. I handled the giveaways myself – tote bags filled with snacks and useful goodies plus the two Booths Republic. Everything else was from Events by Daisy.


As always, the 3D Me booth was a big hit. Kids got their photo taken, and within minutes each kid got their face on a stuffed animal pen.


For more information on 3D Me by Booths Republic, check out their Facebook page.


Another very useful and cute giveaway, iStickers. These are fancy and waterproof. Check iStickers in Facebook here.


I did away with designer and custom-made cakes. I just ordered from one of those chain bakeries. So Stella got her Pixie Hollow cake.


And Lily got her fairy tale princesses cake.


Kids always love balloon art.


We had a lovely party host who had the sweetest voice. She told stories and sang songs for the kids.


Age-appropriate games.


Events by Daisy took care of the prize buffet table!


Among the prizes are some books…


Magic wands…


And pixie dust.


Because it was snack time, we had very easy food. In addition to the fried chicken and kiddie spaghetti we had pizzas, burgers, fish fingers and two types of pasta.


A big plate of sushi. My kids love California Maki.


It’s amazing what a few balloons can do.


The princess and the fairy had so much fun. Their thank yous (letters, drawings and words) won’t stop.



K&Company is now in Alabang Town Center



K & Company Resort 2011
I love my imaginary K&Company life where I lounge around in lovely dresses in a lovely daybed like this one  in our friend Alicia’s lanai. Haha. Here’s a bit of good news…


K & Company Alabang
K&Company in Alabang Town Center is in the Ground Floor across National Book Store in the same alley of GNC.


K & Company Alabang
One side has the most comfortable and well-made jersey dresses.


K & Company Alabang
The other side has the prints and corporate dresses.


For updates and latest collections, please “like” K & Company in Facebook.



My Bench™ home fragrances



It has been almost a week since the DAPHNE Home Scents for Bench™ were launched. I haven’t written about the event yet because almost immediately, real life took over. I was allowed to be in cloud nine for a day, then everything fell into place like nothing happened. My kids started school. I’ve been busy establishing a morning routine with them. And I’ve focused on dropping them off and picking each one up every single day. This is the life that I want.

Just to shake things up a bit, Patrick brought the two older kids to Bench and Dimensione over the holiday. They were giddy when they saw the display of DAPHNE bottles along side chinos and T-shirts at Bench. Lily insisted to buy a bottle. I lined up and paid for it. The sales associate was speechless. It was a very cute moment.


Daph POP Final


I’ve been getting a lot of tweets and Instagram links from those who’ve bought and tried the scents. So far, all very good reviews. There are three scents – Acres of Lavender, Homemade Lemon Tart and Mint Jasmine Infusion. I’m really so proud of how they all came out. The Bench teams who developed the product and worked on the launch are so awesome.


Here’s the video that was shown at the launch. It tells the story of how the scents were created, and how the collaboration came about. The video was shot and produced by creative duo Jujiin Samonte and Paulo Castro.



More photos and highlights of the launch, coming soon. Sorry for the hangover. I don’t think I’ll ever get over this! Haha. Have you tried the scents yet?



The RAMP Crossings




On May 22 at the SMX Convention Center, watch as The Ramp, Mundo and The Ramp Kids, the in-house cult fashion brands of style-setting store, Crossings, further cement their sartorial standing with a sophomore show at Philippine Fashion Week. To be directed by Robby Carmona and styled by Daryl Chang and Andre Chang, the show promises to veer from safe and traditional ready-to-wear pairings. The Ramp will feature a visual melange of prints and patterns in playful and sophisticated silhouettes to create a Mixology of Style. Creative Director, Mario Barrientos and designer Macel Pangan, worked with paisleys, Zebra prints and cleverly contrasted these with sleek lines, peplums, flirty cutouts and thigh-high hemlines. For Mundo, double knit tops and cotton ensembles are awash in pastel and stripes, producing an effortlessly chic, weekend vacation look.

Take a sneak peek at the Fall / Holiday Collection of The Ramp Crossings’ with this teaser video created by Melvin Mojica, Jujiin Samonte and Paulo Castro.

For info and ticket giveaway promos like
The Ramp is now available oneline at







I didn’t forget Mother’s Day. I was just busy living it instead of writing about it. We had a huge weekend. So happy that my parents are here. It made mother’s day feel even more special with my Mom around. In keeping with my love for old photos, here are some more…


Mom in Hong Kong
Mom as a stewardess for PAL, back when it was fantastic in the 60’s.


She represented Philippine Air Lines at an aviation convention in Hong Kong
She’s so lovely


My 1 year old birthday party.
Mom and me at my birthday party.


My mom in Manila Bay
Mom and I think it’s me (or my brother) in Manila Bay.


Stella and me
Stella and me by the same bay.


Happy mother’s day to my amazing mom, Rose, who taught me everything I know about being a mother and complete woman.

– how to make each child feel like she is the best and favourite because each child should feel that confident;
– how to support each child in choosing what she thinks she wants to do while a mother secretly hopes and prays the child will succeed in that chosen field/task;
– how to cook each kid’s favourite food and that a sprinkle of brown sugar always makes spaghetti and lasagna taste better;
– how to listen to three (in her case four) voices at the same time and pretend you hear them all;
– how to make your home beautiful and comfortable for all members of the family even if there’s clutter (to this day, we love going to my parents’ house);
– how to love and respect a husband so daughters will know how it is to be loved well and hopefully choose a good partner in the future;
– that it’s important for a mama to look and feel her best because it helps her become a better person and better mom;
– that a woman should have/earn her own money;
– that a woman should see the world before she gets married;
– that it’s better to order food than stress out over cooking party food (but she baked our birthday cakes and made apple pie from scratch anyway);
– that moms must find some quiet time to meditate and talk to God.


There are more lessons. Up to this day, I’m still learning from her. Amazing woman. Happy Mother’s Day, Mom!