This house in the country



I was going through my archives and found this house that we featured in UZ a few years ago. It was one of my favourites then. And I still love it now. This has actually influenced us to plan for our own (imaginary) country home some day.

This property was huge. It was the family’s weekend home. The owners had some farm animals, a beautiful courtyard, amazing antiques and the most comfortable kitchen. I loved how the structures felt perfect in its locality yet they reflected a mix of styles like  tropical, Filipino, mission-style and Mediterranean architecture. The plants were thriving. The art collection, superb. Charming place.


From that Farm House we featured in UZ
Lush greenery surrounding the house, personally tended by the owner.


From that Farm House we featured in UZ
Entrance to the private quarters.


Wide walkways
The house was set-up with different “pavilions” connected by this wide walkway. It was stunning.


More from that Farm House we featured in UZ
A pop of colour in the dining area.


From that Farm House we featured in UZ
The bedroom of one of the sons.


From that Farm House we featured in UZ
The living room


Master's bathroom
Master bathroom


Who is the artist?
Who is the artist? Is it Santi Bose? Ventura? Anyone…anyone?


I love this painting
I fell in love with this painting, and I still don’t know who the artist is.


There was a mini-courtyard surrounded by the bedrooms.


I want this courtyard.


The upper deck


From that Farm House we featured in UZ
There was a breezy play room on the second floor of the main house, accessible from the upper deck.





The Urban Zone story



Here’s something my old UZ team (Manny Segunto, Denmark Alejandro and Maila Cuevas) made for me. I know a lot of you miss Urban Zone on television. So I will try to show you some fresh new webisodes of awesome house tours here in I hope you stay tuned for those…

I’ve missed UZ and I know you Urbanistas are still wanting… This one is for you.




Host & Producer: Daphne Osena Paez
Segment Producers: Denmark Alejandro & Manny Segunto
Researcher: Maila Cuevas
Videographer of interviews: Paolo Ruiz
Location of interviews: Marriott Hotel Manila
Clothing sponsor: K&Company



Finally, the Daphnes under one roof



Daphne x Worldbex is at the East Wing L-14


Here is a quick snapshot of my booth from Nina Santamaria’s new iPhone. She is just discovering the life-changing aspect of the iPhone. Yay. Nina’s interior design firm helped me put together my booth. Who knew you needed an interior designer for a 3m x 3m space? I thought I was just going to arrange my furniture. But then I realized I needed walls… and a floor!

Grupo Santamaria rescued me last week. Just before we all left for the weekend – we were off to Taal Vista Hotel (such a pretty view) and Nina was off to go surfing. In a matter of hours she got me a reliable contractor who built this wall and put together my floor.

My new colours for Daphne chairs came out well. I’m not sure I will carry all the colours when I release them thru my new retailer (can’t wait to announce that…). I love the purple one. The orange and yellow are getting good reviews too. That wardrobe is actually for kids. I adore it. And also  that chest of drawers. I hope you like my colours. My current Daphne Linens are all here. They are regularly sold in SM Homeworld and Our Home. It’s such a treat to see all the products in one space.

I developed my own wallpaper too. Amazed at how The Purpose Store did it. I’m looking forward to the possibility of creating more.

There’s a pretty little announcement in my booth as well. When you visit, please linger and watch the video. My Urban Zone team – Manny, Denmark and Maila, with Paolo Ruiz who shot the video – put together an awesome AVP of Urban Zone. I will post it in You Tube after World Bex. But if you’re curious to know what will happen to UZ, please drop by the booth. Thank you to Mike Pena (architect), Jason Buensalido (architect), Cynthia and Ivy Almario (interior designers), Nina Santamaria (interior designer), Mark Madolaria (interior designer) and Isabel Gatuslao (graphic artist) for supporting the next step of UZ. Your testimonials mean so much to us!

Come visit the booth. I will for sure be there on Saturday March 17 and Sunday March 18 from 2pm to 5pm. I had planned on being there everyday but I have things to attend to today… it’s my birthday! I have an exclusive interview with the Campana Brothers! Gasp!!!! And tomorrow, my two daughters have moving up day at preschool. This answers your questions on how I balance my life. Priorities.



Grupo Santamaria
Suite 221, LRI Business Plaza
210 N.Garcia St. (formerly Reposo)
Bel-Air, Makati,
Mobile 0917-8252061 and 0922-8137361

The Purpose Store (wall paper)
Unit A-10 Makati Home Depot
2248 Chino Roces Avenue
Makati City
Tel 478-9047 and 623-4455



My booth at WorldBex





This experience has been incredible. And I still don’t know what the outcome will be.

Ever since I agreed to put up a booth at World Bex (Building and Construction Expo), my life has never been the same. I’ve increased my involvement with my product development. Last week I was at the factory of my furniture line, choosing colours and developing new shapes. Last night I was sanding some inexpensive black frames and spray-painting them metallic silver. It was a success. But now I can’t breathe well and I have cuts in my hands.

My booth is being put together by a professional contractor. Interior designer Nina Santamaria of Gruppo Santamaria helped me with my booth design. The Purpose Store created my wall paper. My UZ team prepared a nice AVP that’ll loop in my booth. Isabel Gatuslao created my print collaterals for me to handout. It all looks great in concept. But I won’t know how it’ll come together until tomorrow. I won’t post the perspective drawings just yet. I’ll do that once the booth is up.

Oh I wish I found a baker who could do mini cupcakes or cookies with little Daphne chairs. I wanted to have them on March 14 to give to media and on the weekend to give to Urbanistas and Daphne readers. But I didn’t get to do that.

I hope to see you this weekend, March 17 and 18. It’s open to the public then and admission is free. Anyone who’s planning to build or redecorate should come to WorldBex. I’d go even if I didn’t have a booth. We have a leaky roof and we really need to get that all fixed. Plus my kitchen. That renovation has been of epic proportions… I need to source more suppliers.

See you this weekend! Come say hi to me at the DAPHNE® booth.



House of Gene Flancia, Architect



I was the UST Architecture department yesterday. They invited me for a talk-show format speech. I love speaking with students. I get so wide-eyed as they do. Yesterday’s event was particularly overwhelming. We had a full house. So many UZ fans! Thank you.

One of the UST professors, architect Gene Flancia, was at the event. And I remembered that his house was one of those that I loved. It was streamlined, modern, “successfully” tropical (not all tropical homes are created equal) and beautiful. He built on 1/3 of the property and left the rest open and green. I also loved how he used the existing surroundings to his advantage like the leafy canopy of the tree across the street. And most importantly, he built a glass house that wasn’t a heat trap.

I love conversing with architects. It would be a shame to paraphrase their thoughts, so I will publish our email exchange in quotes. Here are some photos from that Urban Zone shoot last year.


House of/by Gene Flancia (architect)
Mr. Flancia built his house on the edge of the property to allow green open space in 2/3 of his land. “It’s cool that you take interest in my house. They say that one of the most challenging design projects for an architect is his own home. I found this to be partially true because a lot of people are expecting much from what you are going to produce, based on what they have seen as you design for others. It is more challenging if you have a strict budget and you will be spending your own money.”


House of/by Gene Flancia (architect)
“So with a tight budget at hand, I started constructing the house three years ago and finished it within a year, I went for the simplest lines that will exhibit a lot of design character, tropical, easy to maintain despite its sculpture white color.”


House of/by Gene Flancia (architect)
“I actually was flattered when you told me you can discern its sophistication in its design simplicity, despite its predominantly glass walls. I did that so I can appreciate my tropical garden. I am able to enjoy tons of natural light and use its shades and shadows as a design tool. You noticed that it’s not so hot either despite all the glass, it is because of the generous eaves that I have on the south west solar exposure and a lot of sliding glass doors and awning windows.”


House of/by Gene Flancia (architect)
Living room


Click “More…” to see this elegant tropical home.