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I’ve barely unpacked from my India trip last week and had to pack for a three day trip with UNICEF.  Packing and unpacking is my least favourite activity. I’m never a light packer. And in India I tried to hoard fabric and stuff. So our bedroom looks like a stockroom right now. I’ve committed to cleaning up everything today. I’m looking back at what items I brought to India. A few of you asked about my wardrobe… Note that I am not the most practical packer.


Some of the things I brought with me to India…


I knew I would wear K & Company‘s new collection as soon as we did the photoshoot. Lovely colour-blocking in 100% cotton. When in India, wear natural fibre. Avoid blends and polyester etc. Too hot. I’m most comfortable in dresses, so it’s not a problem for me to travel in dresses. Plus we had a vehicle at all times. The only walking we did was in actual sites. And even if I had to walk all day I could still do it in cotton dresses. Footwear is a different consideration.

I brought a big fan from Beabi. I love these things. So light and so big. You get the biggest wind. Been using these fans for the longest time. You can use them as a sun shade too. But because the heat in India was unbearable that day we went to Fatehpur Sikri, I used an umbrella/parasol instead.

Before leaving, everyone warned me to bring socks for the Taj Mahal. I brought these BioFresh socks with anti-slip rubber dots in the bottom. It comes in a pack of three. Inexpensive. So I figured, I’d just throw them out after the Taj. They are available at the Biofresh online shop.

All books will tell you that you can’t wear shoes to the Taj as it’s a sacred site. Some travellers also warned me that it would be risky to leave the shoes in the shoe area of the Taj because sometimes it gets stolen 🙁 So I came prepared. I brought these foldable ballet flats (they come with a bag) I got from the Gap, thinking I’d just pack away my shoes and keep them in my purse.

As it turns out our tour guide got us disposable shoe covers. So we didn’t have to give up our shoes or wear socks. I got to keep my high platform wedges on. Yup, I wore crazy shoes at the Taj… thinking of my visuals before comfort. More on that in my next story.


For my next trip, I used my new Cath Kidston overnight bag. The same exact one used by the Duchess of Cambridge.


I had to bring a lot of my gadgets – laptop, ipad, DSLR, compact camera, chargers and more. I also brought my own coffee and French press because I didn’t know what to expect there. And I need coffee to function well. Instant coffee isn’t real coffee, haha.

I was pleased to use my new Cath Kidston bag. It was a gift from the cool people of Cath Kidston in the UK!! And it’s the same bag that the Duchess of Cambridge used on her trip to Canada! Same shape and design, in a new colour called Spot Slate. They had just launched it in their new Autumn Winter 2011 catalog, and they said I was one of the first ones to have it. Cath Kidston’s Spot Overnight Bag retails for $110 and is available to us here in the Philippines by clicking that link.


The Cath Kidston overnight bag of Catherine, Duchess of Cambridge, as seen in her trip to Canada.


My Cath Kidston overnight bag as seen in NAIA Terminal 2. Ha!


I love it! Thank you Cath Kidston! It’s so roomy, perfect for weekend trips or sports. I will use it as my UZ bag as when I do shoots, I bring a gazillion pairs of shoes. The oil cloth is easy to clean. Now I want the Spot Wheeled Holdall to go with this. My Samsonite wheelie broke on me in India. Ugh.



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