Cath Kidston bags





01 Safari cotton backpack

02 Aubrey Rose backpack

03 Button Spot small leather cross body bag

04 Garden Birds bowling bag

05 Field Rose cross body bag


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  • cheekeegirl

    Love Cath Kidston’s bags

  • Tim Ramos

    Hello, might there be a way to order these here? I’m looking for a good bag for my wife, but ordering abroad always has the added hassle and cost associated with having the item go through customs. Thank you very much!

    • Anonymous

      Hi Tim

      There are some resellers online and in some stores. But I cannot vouch for their authenticity… there are a lot of fakes.

      There’s a shop in Singapore, if that helps.


      • Tim Ramos

        Aw. That’s too bad. Thanks for the reply though!