Cath Kidston in the Philippines



My girls at the opening of the first Cath Kidston shop in the Philippines.


The official launch, December 5, 2014. Photo by Migs Pastor.


I was so happy that Suyen Corp. asked me to host the launch of Cath Kidston. Photo by Migs Pastor.


I’ve been buying Cath Kidston products for quite some time. I remember my first purchase had to be coursed through my friend Elna in London. I was so amused by the vintage prints captured by the brand and given a modern twist. When I relaunched my blog into, Cath Kidston became my first advertiser. Up to now, they are an official site partner. So I really know this brand quite well.


Cath Kidston
My purchase through my friend Elna in London back in 2008. She had to send it through another friend of hers.


When Cath Kidston became my advertiser, they would send me products to review and blog about. They sent me this lovely tea pot with four cups and saucers. They sent it via post back in 2011. This is me unboxing the parcel.


I used the tea set in a table setting I styled for Metro Home magazine in 2011.


Stripes & spots today. #cathkidston
The Cath Kidston head office in the UK also sent me this very cute Overnight Bag as a gift. It is the same one the Duchess of Cambridge used on her trips during their honeymoon year. See photo in link. This is my carry-on whenever I have short domestic trips when I go on missions.


Me in New Orleans, wearing Cath Kidston plimsolls in 2013.


With one of my first bags. This was at the Standard in New York City in 2010


Ended up looking like I was dressed for Sabbath temple
In Brooklyn, 2010.


Condo by Dominic Galicia
At an Urban Zone shoot in a condo unit designed by Dominic Galicia.


My favourite bag
While I was pregnant with Stella. This bag remains as one of my favourite shapes and prints. I just love, love, love that vintage cowboy print. It reminds me of the old curtains in my brother’s bedroom when we were kids.


The launch was a nice little intimate gathering of friends of Suyen Corp.


Children were invited to participate in the lovely crafting activities.


Here’s Lily sewing some embellishments on the felt rag doll.


They had a calligraphy artist write names on beautiful Cath Kidston card paper.


Stella was with me before the shop opened. She was so giddy to be there.




Lily was my designated photographer for the day.


This shop carries all the product lines of Cath Kidston – bags, kids, kitchen, fashion, shoes and more.


Probably the only event where I brought all three daughters.




I already have a Cath Kidston apron given by my friend Lylah. The thing with this brand is you can’t just stop at one… you end up getting more in other prints.


For the bakers…


Tea towels!!!


What’s tea without a tiered serving plate. This is on my wish list.


Kai Lim and Pauline Juan. Photo by Miguel Pastor.




cath women
For the Bag Lady


cath kitchen
For the Happy Homemaker


cath kids
Cath Kids


The Cath Kidston shop is located at Bonifacio High Street in the same building as Active Fun. You can get 20% off your total purchase if you spend over P5,000 – only til December 7th.

For those in the US or Canada, or other countries with no Cath Kidston shop yet. You may buy the products online here



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  • Athena Jeunnesse Mae Tria

    omg! they are finally here!

  • cheekeegirl

    sigh! glad to have family members in UK that introduced me to these. I really attest to the products durability through the years.. I have the London bus design as my new bag and card purse.. I enjoyed seeing the photos Ms. Daph!!!

  • Grace D. Garcia

    can`t wait to be back home to visit and see cath kidston store. and buy also for sure. my CK bags are given by my best friend from japan. me and my daughters love Cath Kidston! 🙂