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With the Kidzanians


I hosted an event for Kidzania yesterday. Kidzania doesnt open in Bonifacio High Street until February 2015 but as early as now they launched their Educator’s Pod. Since Kidzania is positioned as ‘edutainment’ or educational entertainment, they met with different schools and teachers. Kidzania is designed as a real-looking city  with the ultimate role-playing opportunities for kids from four to fourteen years old. Even I got to play dress up at the event.


With the Kidzania management team and Rightzkeepers mascots


So here I am as a vintage flight attendant. The outfit evolved from my hat. I searched all over for a pillbox hat but fell in love with this fascinator from Evita Peroni. Then I found this suit at The Black Shop. I used to have a gazillion suits when I was a newscaster and weather girl for ABSCBN. My scarf is Yves Saint Laurent. (I have all these gorgeous silk scarves that I never get to wear. Because, well, in real life who wears elegant scarves?). Black pumps are from Massimo Dutti from three years ago. Oh and my smallest Jewelmer pearl studs.


I had my makeup team groom me at home. So yes, I travelled mid-afternoon with high and hard hair. My makeup was done by Ria Aquino; hair by Eddie Mar. That Evita Peroni fascinator is love.  I want to wear it again!


My peg. Mom as a PAL #flightattendant in the early 1960's. Back then their uniforms were Italian tailoring. #vintageflightattendant #vintage #cabincrewstyle
Here is my peg. My own mother. She was a stewardess in the sixties, back when Philippine Airlines was the top airline in this region. It was the “golden age of travel” for Filipinos. That photo was taken in Sydney, Australia before she retired from flying to marry my Dad. I grew up fascinated by these photos of my mother in her glamorous uniforms. Her hair was always perfectly coiffed.


By the time we were born, Mom wasn’t flying anymore. Back they didn’t allow married women to be FAs. But aviation remained our world. My dad was a pilot and we lived in an air base. I have always loved vintage stewardess style. Come to think of it, maybe this era influenced me in my grown up style. Women were way more elegant in the 60’s.


More vintage PAL from my mom's flying days when PAL was Asia's best. She's second from left. Lol at the subhead of this article. #vintage #vintageflightattendant #aviation #aviationstyle #philippineairlines
Cover of Free Press. It was a dream job back then. My mom is second from left. She is still good friends with her FA friends. And even in their 70’s they are all still so beautiful.


From Free Press. Mom is on the left.


PAL flight attendants in 1963.


When they weren’t flying this is what they wore. Where did all the elegance and glamour go? Can’t we all look this polished again?


More vintage flight attendant fashion inspiration here…


What was your dream job when you were a kid?



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  • Lalaine Feredo Freeman

    Hi Daphne, I’m not sure if the first comment I posted went through (Disqus was making me jump through so many hoops that I gave up and closed the window. If it did, please disregard it and use this one instead).

    In my original comment, I was saying how the 60’s were such an elegant and refined period, when people minded their manners, dressed properly and didn’t air their dirty linen in public (ah, the pre-Facebook days, LOL). Sad to say, the demeanor, decorum and dress sense of a lot of people these days leave pretty much to be desired. I used to interview and train new hires in the call center industry back in Manila, and I recall shaking my head at the lack of good manners and poise exhibited by many of the youth. Being loud, crass and crude seems to be the norm these days. 🙁

    Anyway, I love your blog and I look forward to your future posts!

    • Anonymous

      Thanks Lalaine.

  • Karla F. Santos

    I so agree with “where did the glamour go”. People used to wear shoes. Nice, tailored dresses. For the longest time, fit flops were just tsinelas and were not seen outside the house, except the beach. Even I didnt own fit flops until Havaianas came along. Hehehe.

    • Anonymous

      you’re so funny. haha. fit flops is a brand. you mean flip flops (generic chinelas). proof that you really didn’t wear them before. haha. I still don’t. my outside slippers are birkenstocks.

      i’m bothered by church attire. but that’s a different story altogether. haha.

      • Karla F. Santos

        Church attire meaning the veil? Or wearing tsinelas to church? But you’re right, it might be a different discussion. And yes, I meant generic chinelas… Hahahaha!

  • maya

    i love the furniture in your mom’s old photo! I would definitely put them in my lanai today. Maybe change the upholstery of the padded seat, and put a wide, glass top on the table. 🙂 Oh the 60’s.

  • Topaz Horizon

    I have a very relaxed style but now with everyone owning a camera and posting photos on social media, I’ve made a conscious effort to look put together. I find it so strange when people throw parties or have lunches, etc and then hindi man lang nagsuklay or nag-powder ng nose or naka-shoes! Tapos they’re the ones so gung-ho about taking pictures and posting on FB and IG.

    Anyway! You look so much like your mom. A finer, more delicate version =) You are both beautiful!

    • Anonymous

      thank you!

  • Donchrisgene Torres

    hi ms daphne,

    I’ve been watching your show ever since you hosted F, to Us Girls to Urban Zone and I’m a fan. I design and own a shoe brand Sole Divas Purse Shoes, locally made matching flats for Mother and Daughter. I’m wondering if I can send you and your pretty daughters a few pairs to try on. I would love hearing from you. Thank you so much and more powers! =)

    Ms Donn Torres
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  • carlotta

    the very first time i rode a plane, i thought the FAs were so glamorous that i wanted to be one when i grew up. but life happened and as i got older my interests changed and alas, i grew up to be nowhere near as glamorous as the FAs i met, not even my mum (she was also a PAL FA in the late 60s-early 70s). i think she despaired that her only daughter is more siga than her sons. hahaha. the strangest thing is, i am now in training to be an FA, so you can just imagine the “hardships” i experience in learning how to look and act kagalang-galang. 🙂

    • Anonymous

      how cute. good luck!!!