Cocktales: Mitos Magsaysay and Xandra Ramos Padilla



I shot Cocktales yesterday. After a whole week of hanging out at home, waiting for the storm to pass and monitoring school cancellations, I had the chance to get all dolled up with fancy hair and makeup. I love that my life is all about being a school mom with a part time job. Haha. Feels great. Especially since my little job gets me to hang out with fascinating people.


Our guest this Sunday (9:30pm on Aksyon TV), is Rep. Mitos Magsaysay. It was interesting seeing her sans-issues and without the “Dragon Lady” persona during hearings. Notice the short skirt and platform wedges!


After asking about her crying over not getting her pork barrel, we moved on to the lighter side. I chose this photo because I want to freak out my Dad. (Dad, look what I’m doing with my lips. Haha. Inside joke.)


In between takes, reviewing lines with Vic Agustin and Cita Revilla. Must mention my fashion choices. This dress is from K&Company. I must admit it took me a while to appreciate it when I first saw it on a hanger at the shop. It turned out to be so cute! I wore them with a black onyx necklace I made seven years ago. The cuff is Marni x H&M. Shoes from CMG. The dress comes in a few colours and prints.


We shot these two episodes at Jill’s at The Fort.


Watch out for next Sunday’s (August 12) episode, featuring Xandra Ramos-Padilla of National Book Store and Crossings Department Store.


We talked about her business of running the biggest bookstore/school supplies chain in the country, on top of managing The Ramp at Crossings. Must thank our executive producer Giselle Ordinario for taking behind the scenes photos with my Olympus OMD.


Xandra’s and my outfit seemed to have complemented each other. She wears The Ramp with Rock Coconut necklace from Missoni. I’m wearing a fluorescent dress (like a highlighter yellow green) from K&Company. It has peekaboo slits on the arms. Fun! My necklace is a simple fabric handicraft from India. Without thinking, I just wore my purple stacked heel shoes. It felt great wearing bright colors during a gloomy day.


Watch Cocktales, Sunday nights 9:30pm on Aksyon TV 41.


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