Cocktales, new shoes, and my hair



We had Pie Alvarez, Mayor of San Vicente Palawan as guest in Cocktales last week. She’s just in her early 20’s. In fact, she ran for mayor while she was still finishing her degree in Babson College, Massachusetts. She was also working in a Chanel store then. Now she runs a municipality with pretty beaches.


Here is the part I talk about my outfit. It’s a K&Company jersery dress. I wore it with my Rose, Lily, Margarita necklace. Hard to see, but the flowers are big. I made these based on the names of my three daughters. I’m wearing colourful shoes from CMG. They sent me a couple of pairs through PR Frank Briones.


You can catch the replay of Pie Alvarez’s segment this Sunday at 12 noon. Cocktales also airs internationally via the TV5 Kapatid International network.


Remember the thing that happened with Bureau of Customs and my one pretty book? (Here.) My friends suggested we invite the Customs Commissioner over as guest in Cocktales. So we did.


It’ll take more than one Commissioner to reform the Bureau of Customs. Mr. Biazon says there’s a need to update the laws and mathematical formulas.


We discussed the perception about the bureau and the things he’s tried to do. And I just found out that the study of customs taxation is actually a degree in university here.



This peplum dress is from K&Company. I wore my charm necklace with it. This is the necklace that started my interest in collecting antique hand-painted charms. My shoes were also a gift from CMG.


My hair.

Have you noticed in the photos above that I’ve darkened my hair again? I want it to go back to its natural colour. Alex Carbonell of Studio Fix gave me Irridescent (ash violet) Brown by Schwarzkopf.

I also got an Express Blow Out, the latest in-salon innovation which reduces 95% of the frizz and curl. I’ve never gotten my hair rebonded. And I never aspired to have long straight hair. I’ve always been okay with my bouncy  hair. But sometimes, the frizz got out of control. So I wanted smoothness and ease. I was tired of blow drying my hair everyday.

Unlike the regular keratin therapy that takes hours, express blow-out only takes one hour and its effects last up to 3 months. It’s been three weeks since my Express Blow Out and I love how easy its been. I leave my house with wet hair. When it dries, it’s smooth and silky. No frizz at all.

Check out Express Blow Out in Studio Fix.



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