Consuelo Art Exhibit



Just wanted to share a video in relation to my earlier post about Consuelo Foundation.

Consuelo Zobel Alger was born in the Philippines in 1914. She grew up in a prominent Manila family whose ancestry dates back some 400 years to the Spanish conquistador Ponce de Leon. Consuelo is the sister of Mercedes Zobel Mcmicking, the ancestors of the Zobels of Ayala Corp. She was a well-educated woman who spoke 6 different languages. She and her husband did not have children. When she died, she left her entire wealth to charity.

This art exhibit which runs up to April 18 at the Ayala Museum is a tribute to Consuelo Foundation, which for 25 years has quietly invested more than $75 million in child protection and social development programs in Hawaii and the Philippines.



“The beautiful art works are made by the hands of 500 of the Foundation’s beneficiaries from as far north as La Trinidad, Benguet to as far south as Pagalungan, Maguindanao. “These children and young adults have had wounds of misery and despair, borne out of their painful experience of abuse, neglect, exploitation or even incarceration. But through the love, care and healing poured out to them by you — our cherished partners and staff through Dona Consuelo’s act of grace, they leave us these genuine and tangible images of joy,” Carmela Andal–Castro, Managing Director

To know more about Consuelo Foundation, click here.



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