Cover from over ten years ago



When Patrick and I got married, we were both working in television. I was the host of “F” and he was a journalist covering war, disasters, and politics. He was the creator of “The Correspondents” and many award-winning shows in ABS-CBN. We decided from the start that we wouldn’t be playing the couple thing in magazines and features. That whatever press I got, I would just represent myself. And the same for him. So we never agreed to photographs as a couple or family.

Then in 2011, when we already had three daughters, I had gotten to know the editors of BC magazine. They proposed a three-cover feature in the theme “eat, pray, love.” The concept was amazing. And I was able to convince Patrick to appear in photos. We had no idea that the hugging photo would make it to one of the covers. We had a few good laughs.

It’s been over a decade since this epic shoot in our house. I guess it is pretty fair to post pages of the magazines here. I haven’t re-read the article/interview. I’m sure I’ll cringe. But the photos are lovely. The kids have grown up a lot. Looking at these photos makes me miss having little ones, with their toys scattered around the house. I remember during this shoot, Lily was feverish and coughing. And yet she didn’t want to miss it. So she woke up from her nap and posed for that cover pic. Then we went to the park, a picnic blanket was strewn on the grass, toys were brought to the playground, and Lily instantly felt better.

Thank you to Tom and Tanya Favis of BC Magazine. I’m so grateful for this and for our friendship.















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