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2012JANUARY Clickr magazine


It feels great to be starting the year with a magazine cover. Clickr, a TV lifestyle guide, put me on the cover this month. They shot me just before Christmas while I was shooting for Urban Zone. So yes, you have seen this outfit somewhere. I like the cover. It’s fresh. It’s a real smile. I look very friendly. Nothing fierce haha.

It is sweet because Clickr is a magazine about TV shows. Their previous covers had been network stars like Kim Atienza, Boy Abunda and Karen Davila. So for a non-network, non-star, non-primetime host like me to be their cover, means something. These days I’m getting most interviewed about my blog, my products and my advocacies not so much about my show. I have forgotten that first and foremost, I am a TV creature. And Urban Zone, despite its airing at the ungodly hour of 1:30AM, has made a huge impact in the industries of design, architecture and real estate. Thank you Clickr, for recognizing us.




Clickr is available in all major bookstores and magazine retailers.



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