Daddy does homework



I have been up to here with work everyday. My two elementary school-aged kids have exams this week. I’ve been helping them study.

One night while slaving away making worksheets for Lily, I realized that searching for clip art and formatting charts were not that easy to do. It was almost midnight and I had just done one subject. Then I remembered that Patrick used to love to doodle. So I packed up and went to bed.

The next morning, I talked to Patrick and said, “It’s not really efficient for me to be creating reviewers by computer. It is stressful. Can you just sketch some drawings so Lily can fill in the blanks?” I added more to that actually, “Can you please be like Robredo and do homework? Wish you’d take care of Filipino and Math too.” But that was pushing it. Time is an issue.

So over morning coffee, Patrick doodled and came up with these. The artwork is all original, but the concepts were lifted from old worksheets and tests.










The kids and their real tutors were thrilled! Hand-drawn worksheets!

This morning, both Lily and Sophia asked their dad to make more drawings for them. Soph asked if she could show the drawings to all her classmates. His 10-minute sketches trumped my 2-hour labour of detailed worksheets.

It doesn’t really take much for dads to be awesome to daughters. I guess I’m okay with that. Even if my efforts seem under appreciated at the moment. I know that having an amazing dad makes daughters become amazing people.



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