Beware of fake Daphne chairs




It has been brought to my attention that there is a furniture maker and retailer that claims to be an authorized seller and maker of my Daphne chairs (particularly the ones in the photo).


1. Daphne Furniture® is sold at Rustan’s Makati. This particular design retails for P15,000.

2. All Daphne Furniture® bears a brass plate with my brand’s name on it. Those without the brass plates are fakes.

3. Another outlet that carries Daphne Furniture® is La Brea in LRI Design Centre, Reposo Street. Heima in LRI also has a few Daphne® chairs (same as above) though I’m not sure they still have any in stock.

4. Daphne Furniture® is not sold online. Should you be interested in purchasing from overseas, my partners can make arrangements. You can email

5. Daphne Furniture® is made by a top Filipino furniture manufacturer with decades of experience in manufacturing and export. My partners are well-respected in the furniture industry with all the necessary certification and accreditation. They are alarmed by this development and have reported it to proper authorities.

6. The “®” in my brand means that it is a licensed trademark. Anyone who uses it without my authorization (or misuses it) can and will be sued.

7. Liars will go to hell.



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  • irene macatimpag

    The chairs looks gorgeous! Are those chairs still available?