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I can’t believe I haven’t even written about the story of the DAPHNE® & National Book Store collaboration yet and the products are over halfway sold already. I’m sort of in a panic because I actually want to hoard as much of these products as I could. They make the perfect gifts. And I love using them myself. Now that I said that, I will try to troop to National Book Store tomorrow and try to stock up on my favourites (all).

Meanwhile, as promised,  I’m sharing with you some of the photos by friends, followers and readers who have posted with the hashtag #DaphneandNBS. I remember doing this when the DAPHNE x Bench Home Scents came out and many of you posted your unboxing and use of the bottle. I looooved that! And now you are doing the same with the Daphne & National Book Store stationery.

Thank you for sharing a bit of your world with me. I love seeing how you use my products. Yay to Daphnefication. Haha. Keep them coming!


DOP NBS @ricaperalejo.ph
From Rica Peralejo’s instagram @ricaperalejo.ph


DOP NBS @krislerismania
We are in good company, with Sen Miriam Santiago’s book. From @krislerismania


DOP NBS @cristallebelo
From Belo’s @cristallebelo.


DOP NBS @theabakescupcakes
From @theabakescupcakes


DOP NBS @sle117-2
It is amazing to see my products alongside the greats like Orla Kiely and Cath Kidston. Photo from my friend Elna in London or @sle117


Elna wore my Daphne tote in London Fashion Week! @sle117


1DOP NBS devideveyra
From Elle Decoration’s Devi De Veyra


DOP NBS @marrylerojo2
From @marrylerojo


DOP NBS @charrypotter
From @charrypotter


DOP NBS @marrylerojo
More crafting cuteness from @marrylerojo


DOP NBS @delladeleos
With lovely rings and a cute pola by @delladeleos


DOPNBS-Kristine Margareth Santos Aba-a
From Kristine Margareth Santos Aba-a


DOPNBS- Kristine Margareth
And here is Kristine Margareth’s little girl, totally DAPHNE-fied.


DOP NBS @juicehut_manila
From @juicehut_manila


DOP NBS @isalcaraz
From @isalcaraz


From Ivonne Capistrano, a teacher in the US.


NBS cheng flores
The Lily pouch from Cheng Flores via FB.


DOPNBS Ry-Anne at Singapore
From Ry-Anne, traveling to Singapore.


DOPNBS Ginger Roxas Arzt
My friend Ginger Roxas Arzt uses the whiteboard calendar for her menu planning. So do I.


DOP NBS @mangofreeze
Detail of our journals by @mangofreeze


DOP NBS @deynakim
Lovely desk by @deynakim


DOP NBS @aapatawaran
Manila Bulletin’s @aapatawaran uses my pen! And that’s some real poetry folks.


DOP NBS @iamtiramisu
Precious baby doodles by @iamtiramisu


DOP NBS @hazelcaballeroscott
Now if I woke up to a scene like this everyday…. wow. By @hazelcaballeroscott


DOP NBS @elainecarag
Ok where did that baby Groot come from. I want! Haha. From @elainecarag


DOP NBS @dulcesia
Looks like Dulce’s daughter likes making her own plans. From @dulcesia.


DOP NBS @apolonski
Organizing pouch. Photo by @apolonski.


DOP NBS @catcantada
Loving everything in her bedside table. From @catcantada.


DOP NBS @beadladymanila
My daughter Sophia is going nuts over @beadladymanila’s polymer creations. She wants to learn how to make these little cupcakes.


My hummingbird bag made a cameo appearance at an ABS-CBN soap opera.



Share your #DaphneandNBS photos in Instagram or FB… I will post them again. Thanks everyone!!


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  • Elna Loberiano

    Great photos! My favourite is the “Daphne-fied” little girl. So adorable. 🙂 I love the whole Daphne&NBS collections. After getting loads of them (thanks to my sweetest and kindest cousin, Lynn Syliangco) I’ve asked my sis-in law to get me some more stuff. Like you said, they make the perfect gifts. Interesting enough, I was at the Philippine Embassy a few weeks ago and a handful of ladies there have noticed my Daphne bag and they asked where I got it from (they could care less about my cute little Chanel bag which no one ever noticed haha). Anyways, I decided that my girl friends in London will get some of Daphne&NBS collections on their birthday this year. And yes, I am so flattered that I’ve been included. Thank you, Daphne. 😉

    • Anonymous

      OMG Elna, I am soooo giddy!!!! Thank you!!!!

      • Elna Loberiano

        Actually Daphne, the first week I had my Daphne bag I went to Cath Kidston Portobello Road (going to Portobello Market is part of my weekend jaunts) and there was an English lady who approached me just as I was heading out the door. She asked me if my bag was Cath Kidston or Caroline Gardner’s. When I showed her the Daphne logo and told her about you and your NBS collections she said, “oh, I would not have thought your bag was from the Philippines. I love the print.” She told me that one of her friends has a Filipino nanny and that she will ask her to get her a Daphne bag and some of your NBS collections. I regret not getting her contact details. I should have asked for her email or mobile. Anyhow, next time I know what to do…I’ll give them your email and/or website. 🙂

        • Anonymous

          Oh my goodness. Thank you.

  • Mrs. Panda

    one of the reasons why i can’t wait to go home on May 🙂 i need to go to NBS and hoard my Daphne goodies! 🙂 🙂 for now, i’m torturing myself with the photos online 🙂

  • Anonymous

    hi! ms daphne, i just want to share my experience kanina sa nbs sm north. i ask the staff kung saan yung mga items na daphne, tinatanung po nila kung anu daw yun. sabi ko iba-iba kasi yun may bags, may pouch, may ballpen and book organizer, etc. tinuro po ko sa isang staff tingnan ko sa bag section kung may brand na ganun, sa mga pouch naman da po sa kids section, then tinuro ako sa iba-ibang staff di po talaga nila alam ying brand nio. sabi ko bakit po sa ibang nbs nasa isang lugar lang yun dapne sama-sama. saka bakit di nila alam. tinuro ako sa gift wrapping daw po ako magtanung. until nakita ko yun customer service duon po ako nagtanung, saka lang ako nasagot ng makita sa record nila yin brand nio.

    • Anonymous

      Sorry to hear that. I will let NBS know.

      This line was launched in January. So by now not all products are available. They did well on the very first month. Thanks.

  • Anonymous

    i think its sold out in most locations. we still have the desk organisers, 3 ring binder, pens and notebooks.

    • Jane Ponce Lambojon

      oh! that’s explains why. I was at Glorietta branch last week, and true enough, I was only able to get the journal and pens 🙁