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If you’re anything like me, your house is constantly in a stage of redecorating. I never get done. As soon as I think my space is fine, something always looks wrong. And most of the time, clutter takes over. My new kitchen hasn’t happened yet. Though I’ve pretty much found all most of the suppliers I want to work with. I still haven’t found a way to get my kitchen sink over here yet. I promise (myself) to get this started right after Christmas.

Meanwhile, I keep buying design books. I know, I know, Patrick always tells me to just browse through net and find pegs there. But you know me and books. I love being surrounded by them. I like touching paper. These picture books aren’t so much about ideas anyway but basically more for inspiration.

Here’s what I found in National Book Store in the course of a few months. Most of the books are still in the stands. In case any is sold out, you can always just reserve a copy and order through their customer service desk.


Design Sponge at Home by Grace Bonney. I’ve been reading her blog forever. It has been my go-to site for anything home.


Like most successful blogs, it all started with a need to express oneself and the desire to connect and create a community. Jonathan Adler wrote the foreword, and he called Design Sponge a game-changer (eww, buzzword). But it’s true. Prior to Design Sponge, interior design was stiff, formal and snooty. Now it’s very democratic and organic.


It shows highlights from homes she’s featured over the years. These are homes that don’t scream “designer” design. Homes of people who express their own personal style in the way they live. Funny how it all started with a Brooklyn vibe. Whenever I get frustrated with my creaky uneven wooden floor planks I tell myself – pretend this is a Brooklyn brownstone.


I’d say 70% of the book is about ideas on how to do it yourself. I am however very un-crafty. So I doubt I’ll be doing any of the projects. But there are enough ideas that can help you when you’re sourcing through segunda mano shops.


Creative Walls by Geraldine James. Beautiful book, physically. I love the linen cover.


Lots of gorgeous layouts on how to display tchotchkes. And heavens knows I have a lot of that in this house.


The Well-Dressed Home by Annette Tatum. I think younger people would get a lot out of this book. Simply because when you’re in your teens and 20’s and still (possibly) living with your parents, not too many really focus on their spaces and how they live. But I say, if you spend so much on clothes and shoes, you should at least have a decent room to house your stuff in. Start with bed linens (yes that book is resting on Daphne Linens, hee hee). Honestly, fashion isn’t just about having nice clothes. It’s how you live.


So this book starts off with inspiration from fashion and the runway and shows you how you can translate it in your home.


Undecorate by Christian Lemieux. Love this.


In keeping with my own personal choice (for practical reasons) of designing my own space, Undecorate has put together a set of homes that, again, ooze with personal style. Nothing too decorated. Nothing contrived. And I like how Lemieux’s products, Dwell, are subliminally strewn across the pages. Smart.


I also placed an order for Vicente Wolf books through National Book Store. I’m waiting for those to arrive.

How about you? What design books have you recently discovered. Share.




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