Beautiful but…


Over the holidays, I discovered this rare French fragrance company in Rustan’s Makati. They have a beautififul fragrance section where the old cafe used to be. It’s so pretty there you’ll be convinced to buy a special non-commercial scent. I was.

While searching for a scent for Patrick (he doesn’t like commercial scents), I ended up in the feminine side. I found Eau De La Couronne by Rue Rance 1765 in a small shelf. I was initially attracted to the “oldness” of the display. Not old as in forgotten and decrepit. It was very old world and luxurious. The bottles were engraved and decorated with grosgrain ribbons. Everything seemed very exclusive. I took a whiff of Eau De La Courronne and instantly fell in love. It was the perfect scent. Nothing too deep like a French old lady’s perfume (which I also like). It was a mix of fruity and floral. And the scent was unrecognizable. The price tag was hefty. Almost P6,000. Gasp! It was their last bottle. And I went for it.

The other scents from the same Rue Rance line were heavier and muskier. I liked them all, especially the one called Josephine. Apparently it was commissioned by Emperor Napoleon Bonaparte for Josephine. Can you imagine?! I was tempted to go for it, same price as Eau de la Couronne, but they had a lot of Josephine bottles left and the Couronne was standing alone. So I went for Couronne because of my “first love” instinct.

A review from Fragrantica – Rue Rance Eau De La Couronne is constructed as a fragrance with accentuated fruity accords above floral heart and hot amber. It features red orange, lemon, melon, black currant, apple, jasmine, violet, freesia, lily of the valley, sandalwood, iris, musk mahogany and amber. Its flacon is also made of glass and decorated with gold.


Too precious.


I was in a buying mood. And I thought I deserved a gift to self. So I didn’t do my usual method – spraying the scent and letting it sit and develop after a few hours. Because, like I said, they had only one bottle left and it was the height of the Christmas rush. So I bought it instantly.

Here’s my verdict. It may be the most beautiful scent I own (next to Daphne [Guinness]). But sadly, the scent dissipates into thin air after an hour. Leaving no trace! My baby’s water-based cologne from Mustela even has longer staying power. I feel so gypped. Maybe I should have gotten the Josephine or the Laetitia. But still. For a French perfume company with pedigree that goes back to Emperor Napoleon, I think something went wrong with the Couronne mixture. It’s just… too weak.




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