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Looks like this week is a week of contests. We just finished the Versace sunnies. I’m about to announce the mechanics for LASIK from American Eye. But before that, we have something fun and easy in between.

I usually don’t participate in Facebook Like contests. But this is really cute. For some reason, my brother in law Trevor got nominated in Babybot’s fan of the year contest. He could win $500 worth of baby/kiddie gear from that store. Who doesn’t want free stuff right? So anyway, Trev was winning then got overtaken this morning. So I did a few Twitter and Facebook shout outs and we recovered the lead. But we must not be complacent. Another team is working just as hard. So to make it worth your while, I’m throwing in a mini raffle as well.

First let me introduce you to Trevor Holmes, my sister Hanni’s husband. Say hi to him if you see him in Toronto. There have been very cute instances of Osena family sightings in Canada. And you lovely Twitterfolk never fail to amuse me by tweeting me when the sightings occur. Very cute…


Here’s Trev and my bag.


Hanni and Trev during our trip to HK early this year.


My kids with Uncle Trevy and little W in Oakville, Ontario.


So here’s how the Babybot contest works.

1. Go to this page and click LIKE to get in to Babybot. You have to do this in order to vote for Trevor in the next step.

2. Vote for Trevor Holmes by going to this page and clicking LIKE in Silent But Deadly.

3. Everyone who “likes” Trevor in Silent But Deadly will get a chance to win 1 set of Daphne Linens (exclusively available at SM Homeworld and Our Home.) I will select a winner at random based on the names that have “liked” or voted for Trevor.


I’m giving away this set of Daphne Linens – fitted sheet with pillow cases.


This is a fast and easy raffle/giveaway. I will announce the winner on Saturday night. By the way, just by joining this like-like Babybot thing, you could also win $50 from them.

If you’re wondering why I’m doing this, it’s because a) the contest is silly and funny; b) I’m too involved I can’t back out, LOL; c) we love Trevor and we want him to win (C’mon, he has to beat the shirtless dad and the one who defected to America, LOL.). Just to show how crazy we sisters are, look at what Pauline made… a song via a free iPhone ap called Songify. I found it so funny, I couldn’t breathe. But that’s just us, we’re silly.

Anyway, go “Like, like.” Have fun!!!



EDIT:  Contest is over. Trevor won. Thanks so much for humouring me! Your support is overwhelming. One set of Daphne Linens on its way to a lucky winner!





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