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I very rarely write about food. It’s not my favourite topic. Don’t get me wrong. I love to eat. I eat everything except innards and exotic stuff. I enjoy expensive meals and good wine. But I just don’t like writing about it for the simple reason that I don’t have enough words in me to describe food. This coming from someone who hosted a TV show that was 1/3 about food. I used to dread doing food reviews for F. So whenever I get invited to restaurants now, 95% of the time I decline. I am not a food blogger.

So when Charisse Chuidian and Erika Aquino of the Mandarin Oriental Manila emailed me scans of the August 2011 of Esquire UK, with a heading that included “Filipino food” I shelved it for a few days. I told Erika I’d read it after the hullaballoo about Lily’s birthday had passed. I read it last night, and whoa! I was floored. Amazing article about Filipino food written by Tom Parker-Bowles, who happens to be the son of Camilla, Duchess of Cornwall.

I sent it to my brother, a major foodie, and this is what he sent back, ” ‘I swallow it down and bite into the egg. It’s beautiful, regally rich and pungent. A soft-boiled egg in a mink cape, packing a gold-plated AK-47.’ — Food porn… Even Tony Bourdain did not describe balut this way!”

Everyone must read this. Click on the photo, then click again for a readable size.










I love how Tom described Gaita Fores as “small and sexy.” How wonderful! And Imelda as “part Dame Edna, part Liz Taylor with a hint of Cleopatra and your granny too.” So true. I have shared a few meals with her. This is such a great article, I will stop writing about it because… I don’t have enough words. Everything he wrote was so true. From the gut.



Source: Mandarin Oriental Manila with permission from the author. And Esquire UK.

All pages are readable, just click on the photo scan and click again.



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