I got this eyewear storage box as a gift from Evita Peroni. It is not for sale (yet) at their stores. I think they should sell this. It’s a great way to keep favourite sunglasses within reach.


Skip this if you don’t care about eyewear. I had been promising a post about my stash of sunglasses for years now. Finally I’m showing some of them. I can’t say I collect sunglasses. I don’t really “collect” anything. One day I just realized that I had more eyewear than any person should have. But I couldn’t get rid of any because each is special. I also treat eyewear like jewellery, not only because some are quite precious, but also because I choose base on my mood or what I’m wearing. My main reason for wearing and loving them is really for protection from the sun. It’s the best anti-aging mechanism for crows feet if you’re prone to them. With shades I don’t squint. I can’t drive without sunglasses.

But just like with every thing, I have favourites that I wear to death. Some have ended up getting lost (calling my Prada and APC faves). Some have broken. Most of these actually never see the light of day. I am snooty about eyewear. They can’t be cheap and just fashiony or else I get dizzy. Kinda like 3-in-1 coffee vs espresso. I’d rather not.

Other people use perfume scent to trigger a memory. My sunglasses do the same. There are special occasions associated with some of these specs.


Gift from Giovanna Gentile Ferragamo when I interviewed her in 2001. Memorable because I was just recovering from an (ruptured) ovarian cyst surgery but I didn’t want to miss the interview in F. So I proceeded with the interview while still recovering. These were the first aviators I liked. I’ve always had Ray Bans but they never seemed to fit me (before I knew that optical shops could adjust temple bands). These ones fit perfectly. It has leather arms and sweat band. And the most perfect shade of pink lenses. Back in 1998-2002 my personal “theme song” was La Vie en Rose. Some of you may remember why…


Imagine, they’re 10 years old. They feel and look good as new. A true classic. I love these Ferragamos. They also came in the yummiest naturally tanned leather case.


I had always been very selective about my eyewear. I can’t tolerate cheap eyewear. I get a headache. At first in never dawned on me to check Evita Peroni’s eyewear section. I initially dismissed it as just a fast-fashion brand. Turns out they have a line of hand-crafted eyewear they call “Just a Luxury.” These were the first ones I got.


At Evita Peroni, look for the “Just a Luxury” line or ask the SA’s for the “handmade” pieces if you are like me – finnicky. Their regular sunglasses are priced at approx P2000. Handmade ones are around P4000 and up. While the Luxury line is P7,000 and up.


I wore them in Fatehpur Sikri, India.


I don’t have a photo of me wearing this Christian Dior pair. I’ve probably only used these twice. But they are so adorable. Made of the lightest and softest plastic. I don’t know how they achieved this, but the frames are almost paper thin.


Another Evita Peroni luxury pair. I don’t normally go for crystal embellishments (except for the last photo below). But this pair surprised me. The wide side arms are good for blocking out light and harmful rays. The lenses have a light purplish pink ombre tone. These are good for overcast days when the sun isn’t so bright but you know there’s still glare. Even indoors if you must.


Chanel sunnies are always perfect and covetable. I wore these in Amber Fort.


I love details in parts where no one else sees them.


YSL. Gift from Patrick back in 2004. I wore these to death. They now have marks on the lenses where the tip of the arms touch the shades. These were oversized and lovely. The temple arms are huge. I felt very protected from the elements when wearing these. And the lenses weren’t too dark, wearable indoors while in transition from outside to inside. Now retired.


Petit Trianon, France 2005. I was tired and cold.


Toronto 2007. Watching Toronto vs Chicago football (soccer). We got sunburnt. I thought I’d get a sun stroke.


Waiting for a table at Bathazar’s in NY with my inlaws, while talking to my friend PJ over the phone.


Another Dior. This is part of the metallic group from the early 2000’s. I have a bunch of those in my stash. This is special because it looks more experimental than the rest.


Chanel again. I remember buying these at the airport in Bangkok after I spent a few days shooting a beauty commercial in 2009. I was 5 months pregnant with Stella then. I didn’t get to shop much because I needed to be in top shape for my close-ups. So at the airport, I treated myself to these. I can only wear these on extemely blinding sunny days. Or when I really want to hide my eyes. The darkness of the shades is quite opaque.


Max Mara. More than the shape, it’s the lenses that make this special – polarized. It takes a bit of getting used to. My dad swears by polarized lenses. But then again, he’s a pilot.


Significant. I wore these Dior shades around the time of our wedding. It was a gift from  Dr Vivian Sarabia. These were my favourites for many months. Nicole Richie had these back when she was still hanging out with Paris Hilton. Before she became fashionable. LOL. Now retired.


See the date, 2002. This was at Popo’s garden in Tagaytay. He was showing me how he’d do the centrepieces at our wedding. Popo is Popo San Pascual, one of my favourite artists. Behind me is Pinggoy Generoso my good friend and former director.


Another La Vie En Rose sunglasses. Looking at life through rose-coloured glasses. These are from Prada. Like the Ferragamo aviators, these are a classic. Sometimes I feel like they have a 70’s vibe with the way they’re shaped. But it’s cool. I like irony. I got these way back when I only had one daughter. They’re from Les Lunettes de Paris, a boutique of Ideal Vision.


My best pair right now are these classic aviators from Ray Ban. I finally found the perfect Ray Bans last year. The shades change colour depending on level of sun. The frames are made of ultra light metal, it’s like wearing nothing. I can wear them all day, even indoors. I believe these are gold-plated because they were from the expensive line. I wish I knew the model but I can’t find the literature that came with the package. Davao 2011, took a trip, just me and my mom.


I had  a bit of  a scare last night while photographing some of my sunglasses. I thought I lost these Lanvin sunglasses. It was an awful feeling. Glad it was just under a blanket.


P.S. I keep my sunnies in their hard cases when I’m using them. Never ever throw them inside your bag or leave out of their cases. Always keep them in their original cases when in transit.




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