F girls at ANC Mornings



We had a big day yesterday. Huge. Our private little F reunion turned out to be quite an event. Ginger Conejero of ANC read my tweets about our get together and she invited us to ANC Mornings. It was the first time all four of us got together ever. Cher and Amanda didn’t have an overlap period during the show. So it was a really special day – to have us all in one place, one couch again. Here’s the uploaded video on You Tube. Please share it with your friends.



I will post behind the scene photos of our special day. But I will have to sleep this off tonight. I’m coming down with a nasty cough. And I didn’t sleep the night before because I was anticipating the reunion.

For now, a big thank you to the following –

Sofitel Philippine Plaza for hosting the F photoshoot
Jewelmer for providing us with luxurious south sea pearls during the interview and the shoot, thank you Mia Macapagal
MAC Cosmetics Team for doing our hair and makeup at ANC and at the photoshoot
Jake Versoza, our amazing photographer
Millet Arzaga, our stylist
Hindy Weber-Tantoco, Rajo Laurel, Louis Claparols, Joey Samson and Richie Ortega for providing us with gowns for the photoshoot


My twitter was filled with sweet and nostalgic tweets about F. I’m curious, what’s your favourite memory of F?



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