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I’ve been quietly using Fairydrops mascaras for a month now since the distributors sent me a set to sample. I couldn’t blog about them yet because the items were not yet in stores. In fact, when I showed it in Instagram, a few readers went to Beauty Bar and looked for Fairydrops… but they weren’t there yet. Well, now the full range is in Beauty Bar. But like many Japanese cult beauty products these may sell out really fast.


Wow Fairy Drops are finally at Beauty Bar. Amazing mascara! Must blog soon before these sell out... #japanese #makeup #mascara #fairydrops
Here is the display at Beauty Bar. Currently, all items are still in stock.


Here’s my loot at home. Yowza! I’ve had time to road test all the mascaras. Fairydrops also has BB Creams, Loose Mineral Powders and Lip Glosses. I will focus this review on the mascaras.


Fairydrops press copy 6
Either of these two Fairydrops mascaras is the Holy Grail of mascaras according to many beauty bloggers. And with good reason.


If I were to choose only one, this would be it!! Fairydrops Platinum Mascara (Film Type) in silver packaging. This is so good! No mess or smudge and the lashes remain soft to touch, no brittle feeling at all. It is water resistant, contains a volumizing powder, wax and fibre. It contains 5 kids of treatment essence that prettifies and repairs lashes (hydrolyzed collagen, squalene, sodium hyaluronate, jojoba seed oil and panthenol). It has a curved 3 teardrop shaped mascara wand which catches and lifts the shortest eyelashes. Water resistant but easily removable with warm water. P1195.00


There is another Platinum Mascara in pink metallic packaging, also P1195.00  This one is totally waterproof. But you have to use oil-based makeup remover to clean it off. This waterproof version is also sweat and tear proof, good for marine sports. I’m not a big fan of oil-based makeup removers and I’m not so exposed to sweat nor tears, I go with the Film Type (in silver metallic packaging). Both silver and pink give the same doll-like lashes. Oh have I mentioned that Fairy Drops formulation and want are patented in Japan and the US?


The pink wand is the Volumizing Burst Macara. This does everything the silver wand does minus the added treatment of the metallic wands. This variant is pretty awesome. It goes on thick and leaves a film-like coverage but it doesn’t smudge at all. And lashes also remain soft to touch. Easily removable with warm water, which I really like. Retail P950.00


This is the purple Volumizing Burst Mascara in a waterproof formulation. Also P950.00. Does everything the pink wand does except that you have to use an oil-based eye makeup remover. The pink and purple wands have a straight teardrop wand, also patented.


Creamy Treatment Base Mascara, P795. This does what the Platinum Mascaras do, except this is just a base. It contains the same 5 treatment ingredients as in the Platinum Mascaras, claiming to retain moisture, soften, hydrate and add volume to lashes. Use this as a base before using the Volume Burst.


eye (2)
Before and after


The fascination with doll-like eyes is big in Japan. We see it in their art (anime) and everyday (many cosmetics). It took a Japanese TV personality to create Fairydrops. Aya Yasuda, the CEO and Founder of Fairydrops, was an anchorwoman in a local TV station in Los Angeles. She longed to have the same big, photogenic eyes her Caucasian co-workers had. She figured out that it was the long, upward sloping eyelashes that made newscasters have these beautiful eyes. So she experimented on mascara wands, cutting and reshaping them to see which brush could make her eyes look the biggest on TV. She eventually went back to Japan and started her own beauty company, Aya Inc. And now Fairy Drops is patented in the US and in Japan.

The Fairydrops creation story is a bit funny to me because I can sort of relate. I was once a newscaster and eyes were always my issue. My problem was the opposite — too sharp. Now I’ve figured out how to work with my features. It takes a lot of experimenting and trying of different products until you find the right one. For TV I prefer to wear false lashes. For events and amped up “daily” life, I am currently using Fairydrops (the one in the silver packaging specifically).


Fairydrops is exclusively distributed by Beauty Box Corp. and is sold in all Beauty Bar stores – Trinoma, Rockwell, Greenbelt, Shangri-la, Eastwood, Galleria, Gateway, ATC, Podium, MOA, Midtown, Cebu and soon Bonifacio High Street. For promos and updates, check out their Facebook page.


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